Tyler Garret from Rock Solid Off Road Fabrication and Tom’s 4x4 Superstore will provide insights on engine and axle swaps for Jeep Wrangler JKs and JLs. The discussion will include factors that determine whether to opt for an LS or Hemi swap, as well as when to choose Hellcat over 392. Additionally, the podcast will cover the essential requirements for Super Duty axle swaps. We’ll also feature your #FrontierSpotting e-mails and commemorate our 5th anniversary.

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Lightning (0s):

Well, I feel like this is going to be a great episode of the Truck Show podcast. How you feeling about it?

Holman (6s):

What are you talking? Did you start the show? Yeah. Look,

Lightning (10s):

Look. See the big record button right here? Split

Holman (12s):

Up red? I can’t see it from over here.

Lightning (13s):

Oh really? Well we’re

Holman (14s):

Recording. There’s eight microphones. A laptop Yeti full of pens. I get it. I get it. By the, who else has a Yeti Cooi? What, what is that? A Tumblr Tum Tumblr. They’re just using it to house a, a knife, scissors highlighter.

Lightning (30s):

Are you saying we’re spoiled?

Holman (32s):

I, I guess, I mean, I just feel like

Lightning (35s):

There’s a better use for this Tumblr. Yeah.

Holman (37s):

Drinking. But apparently we use it for pens. I just

Lightning (40s):

Is what? It’s, it’s cuz we have a couple of ’em and the other one is, well it could be used for whiskey behind you. By the way, that is quite a whiskey collection you have there.

Holman (47s):

Yeah. I haven’t,

Lightning (47s):

Some bourbons and some whiskey. Yeah.

Holman (50s):

Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s most of the stuff that we, that Mike and I were drinking and I just haven’t rotated it out yet.

Lightning (55s):


Holman (55s):

So I was really excited cuz the, oh, you’ll be excited about this. Well, first of all, the other chairs came in for the studio, but we can’t use them tonight because they’re pink.

Lightning (1m 6s):

Why are

Holman (1m 7s):

They pink? Because the picture online didn’t match the picture in person. So

Lightning (1m 11s):

Are twos to color Correct? Their monitor?

Holman (1m 13s):

I, well, no, they’re just totally different. It’s not even close. Hmm. You look like brick, you know, brick red And they came out, did you

Lightning (1m 19s):

Buy them out from hello kitty.com? Yes. I don’t get it.

Holman (1m 22s):

Yes, yours has a little cartoon girl cat

Lightning (1m 24s):

On it. Okay,

Holman (1m 25s):

Good. I’d rock that. I know you would, the thing you will be happy about is tomorrow the minis split goes in.

Lightning (1m 30s):

Oh. So we’re gonna have some heat and or air conditioning,

Holman (1m 33s):

But either or. Okay. It’ll do both. All right. So that’s sitting in the garage right now. And then gotta get a, gotta get a little shelf over there for, for some books and whiskey.

Lightning (1m 45s):

All right. Well, enough about whiskey on this episode?

Holman (1m 48s):

No, no, no, no. What? How dare you. Enough about whiskey?

Lightning (1m 51s):

Well, it’s not the whiskey show. It’s the truck

Holman (1m 53s):

Show podcast. Yes. So do you want me to stop talking about guns and meat too?

Lightning (1m 58s):

A little bit? Well, that’s

Holman (1m 59s):

Lame. What are we gonna

Lightning (2m 2s):

Talk about? We’re gonna talk

Holman (2m 3s):

About uni body pickup

Lightning (2m 4s):

Trucks. No, Tyler Garrett from Tom’s four by four Superstore because he swaps, oh, you know, I’m not gonna spoil it. All

Holman (2m 12s):

Right. I

Lightning (2m 12s):

Almost blew it. I’m gonna surprise you with it

Holman (2m 15s):

As is.

Lightning (2m 15s):

He puts big engines in par for the course. Little vehicles.

Holman (2m 18s):

All right, then let’s, let’s start with something that you said last week.

Lightning (2m 23s):

Are you talking about the most popular sport that’s sweeping the nation?

Holman (2m 28s):

Nobody. I’m talking about people responding to you claiming that if they found a frontier in the wild, you would give them a sticker.

Lightning (2m 36s):

You’re talking about hashtag frontier spotting.

Holman (2m 39s):

All right, so we’ve got one here with

Lightning (2m 41s):

No credit for frontier spotting.

Holman (2m 43s):

I’m the one who came up with that.

Lightning (2m 44s):


Holman (2m 45s):

So what am I supposed to give myself credit? I just, I just stole it. All right. Frontier spotting. Here’s one from Jake. P says, Hey, you goofy Goobers just started to make my way through the latest episode and saw Frontier parked outside my local Friedman’s home improvement. A few episodes ago, I, I posted a review on Apple Podcast, but a Porsche got cut off. What I meant to say was, keep doing the Lord’s work. Thanks, Jake. P he says, also keep up the good work mounting those parameters.

Recording (3m 11s):

Monitor p

Holman (3m 13s):


Lightning (3m 14s):

Show hasn’t even officially started. We’re already mounting our parameters,

Holman (3m 16s):

And sure enough, there’s a frontier in a parking lot, but he does not leave his, his address for us to send him a sticker. So no sticker for you. All right. Got this one here from Jay Romi. Says, does a picture of a frontier from within your own frontier while listening to your podcast count? Yes. Jason. Yeah. I I think that’s like a frontier inception or something like that. So

Lightning (3m 39s):

Got hashtag frontier spotting.

Holman (3m 40s):

All right. So he sent, he sent that. But again, no address to send a sticker. So no sticker for you. All right. And are

Lightning (3m 48s):

You the soup Nazi now? Yeah.

Holman (3m 49s):

No, no soup for you. Sticker Nazi. So Jeffrey Brown says, Hey guys, here’s a picture of a new frontier from a work truck that I took while listening to the podcast. Of course, it was well stopped at a stoplight. And of course he’s got a picture here. Sure enough, there’s a new frontier driver is, that’s it. Hashtag frontier spotting. And also no address of no sticker on for you

Lightning (4m 9s):

Guys. You gotta give us your address. Where am I gonna send it? How about you to physically write your address on the envelope?

Holman (4m 14s):

Tyler Manzel was listening to the latest episode when I took this photo, and from the dashboard of his vehicle is a new frontier. There it is. Driving down the road and of course, no physical address, so no sticker for you.

Lightning (4m 28s):

Hashtag Frontier Spotting. Please include the address in which I should send it. All

Holman (4m 33s):

Right. And Scott Hiro says, Hey guys, love the pod. I’ve been listening since episode one. I’m sending you a picture of a new frontier I saw this morning. Also picks of a Volvo I lifted at work at Ratchets. Offroad. They got a Volvo. Looks like XC 90 lifted up a wagon. That’s pretty rad. But even Rader would be the frontier that’s in his rear view mirror. Of course, no address. So Lightning can’t sign sticker. So no sticker for you. So thank you. I mean, everybody

Lightning (5m 2s):

Right back please and give me your addresses. All right, I will. Legitimately, I have a stack of, of

Holman (5m 8s):

Stickers. You think they just didn’t do it cuz they didn’t believe us. I mean, I

Lightning (5m 11s):

Think that’s, I mean, it’s possible. It’s valid. I have lied a lot about sending things. Yeah, it’s, but I’m telling you, I actually have the stickers and I will send the, well, I won’t, my wife will, you

Holman (5m 20s):

Know what I feel they’re gonna, here’s what I feel bad about is our, our friend up in Canada who sent us all the can Canadian snacks. I still owe him some stuff, but I got laid off right after all that stuff happened and I was not able to send them. So he’s listening now going, you a Holes owe me some stuff from America. So I’m gonna have to add that to the list of, I’m fine with that out

Lightning (5m 38s):

Because I’m fine with that. I can afford delicious

Holman (5m 40s):


Lightning (5m 41s):

E even with Snack customs. What’s like an extra dollar or two or something? I whatever.

Holman (5m 45s):

We gotta send ’em a shirt and

Lightning (5m 46s):

Though we

Holman (5m 47s):

Got you. Anyway, all you guys are listening to the Truck Show podcast. And if you’re listening to the Truck Show podcast, you gotta have a truck and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a Nissan truck. All right, so do what these folks did. Well, at least the ones driving the trucks in the photo that our listeners took through their other trucks, whatever. Listen, you need a truck, a Nissan’s a great truck, head on down to your local Nissan dealer. You can check ’em out in person or head over to nissan usa.com where you can build and price. The Nissan Frontier is one of the best looking mid-size trucks on the market. Super durable and reliable. And if you need something bigger, they’ve got the Titan and the Titan next to you with the industry’s best five year, 100,000 mile warranty. And that truck that you’re sitting in while you took a photo of the Nissan Frontier, that truck, hello?

Holman (6m 28s):

I need a, I need a flow chart. The truck you’re sitting in while you took the picture of the frontier, assuming you’re sitting in a diesel, then you need something from wherever. No, no, no. It could be gas, it could be gas, it could be gas, it could be a turbo gas for that matter. Oh, okay. Yeah. Alright. So if that truck that you’re in really has a case of the slugs, like it just won’t get out of its own way. Right? You hit the gas pedal and you like, you can count to a hundred before you get to 60 miles an hour. Yeah. You need a bank’s pedal. Monster gets rid of the turbo lag mush pedal gone and becomes as responsive as a truck with a throttle cable right to the carburetor. How about a truck that weighs a thousand pounds less? It feels like a sports car when you’re done.

Holman (7m 9s):

Easier to do burnout. Monster. Accidentally, potentially. Yes. Okay. Yeah. All right. Go to banks power.com, type in your year making model and see if there is a patented pet monster for your truck or car. And if you’re a business owner and you need help with your website or with your social, either SEO or just getting the word out, you wanna head over to full moon digital.com and talk to our friend Derek and and his team. They can help you optimize your website, your seo, your social, so that your message gets out and get a whole slew of new clients Like we are here at the Truck Show podcast. We have new clients. Yep. Oh really? And I’m gonna say it’s all thanks to Full Moon Digital. Okay. I like that.

Intro Recording (7m 46s):

The truck show. We’re gonna show you what we know. We’re gonna answer What? The truck, the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lower net, everything in between, we talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show the truck showroom. Rome. It’s the truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman

Holman (8m 26s):

Holman. How you feeling about calling Chattanooga, Tennessee? I’m not into it. No. Just abort the whole segment. Yeah, basically because this guy’s trying to make other guys have Jeeps as cool as mine. And I like, I like having, it’s not really fair. Really? I like having the coolest one. Okay. I don’t wanna spoil it. Okay. I won’t spoil it. I think you’ll like him. Maybe you won’t. I’m not saying I’m not gonna like him. Okay. I’m just saying that he, he’s goes against everything that my hard earned cash has has given to me. You Oh, that’s true. Exclusivity. That’s

Lightning (8m 56s):

True. You will lose, well, listen, you will lose some exclusivity to him. Yes. But he’s on the other side of the country.

Holman (9m 1s):

Oh. It’s

Lightning (9m 2s):

Like if you’re, if you’re driving through Chattanooga or

Holman (9m 4s):

If he was, well, I might be, if,

Lightning (9m 5s):

If he was shipping Jeeps and other high performance trucks here, you’d feel like, ah, get your stuff outta my backyard. But I think he’s, I don’t know. Well, let’s find out. Let’s dial Mr. Tyler Garrett.

Tyler Garrett (9m 25s):


Lightning (9m 25s):

Tyler Lightning Holman Truck Show podcast. How you

Holman (9m 28s):

Doing? What’s happening?

Tyler Garrett (9m 30s):

Oh, I’m doing well guys, how are you guys in this evening?

Lightning (9m 33s):

Fantastic. Thank you for staying up with us. We’ve got a quick jingle to play, so don’t move

Jingle (9m 38s):

What’s in the shop? What’s in the shop segment? We’re handsome guys.

Lightning (10m 1s):

I feel like I’m, I’m kind of turning against that, that particular intro shot talk. Do you like it? I I still like it. You like it? Yeah, I don’t, how do you feel about it, Tyler?

Tyler Garrett (10m 9s):

It’s a little catchy. Yeah,

Holman (10m 11s):

See? Exactly.

Lightning (10m 12s):

So Tyler, if you, I don’t think you know, Tyler didn’t even know that the show existed until, unfortunately this afternoon when I called him Tyler. Every single guest gets their own unique intro that fits

Holman (10m 21s):

Their well. That’s not why Now you make it sound like we made that just for him. No, no. Okay. That’s not true. What you’re trying to say is that we have 20 intros and we’ll find the one that fits you best. Now why don’t you

Lightning (10m 31s):

Play the Accurate Yes.

Holman (10m 32s):

Why don’t you play the other one that you wanted to play for him,

Lightning (10m 34s):

Entrepreneur, whatever you want. Well, I feel that Tyler’s an entrepreneur, so we’ll play that one. Hold on. What does

Entrepreneur Jingle (10m 39s):

It take? Entrepreneur? What does it take? Entrepreneur Quit Your Is Entrepreneur.

Lightning (10m 59s):

I feel like that one fits him better. You know, there, there will always be another crappy job Tyler could go do. He’s, he’s talented and handy, but

Holman (11m 5s):

I heard he doesn’t do crappy jobs. I hear he does amazing jobs. That’s

Lightning (11m 8s):

True. Yeah, that’s what I hear. So Tyler Garrett, you are at, well there’s two businesses, Tom’s four by four Superstore. But more importantly, I think why we care is you are like Mr. Hellcat Swap guy and you have rock solid fabrication of rock solid motorsports down there in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Tyler Garrett (11m 27s):

That’s correct.

Lightning (11m 28s):

How did you get started? What’s the quick backstory for our listeners to understand where you came from and how you know what you’re doing?

Tyler Garrett (11m 38s):

So if we go way back, I am currently 33 years old. My grandfather was a mechanic for a company called South Central Bell. And that was a phone company in Cleveland, Tennessee. And they turned into BellSouth, which turned into at and t and everybody knows who at and t is so sure. Anyway, since I was about five years old, my grandfather would, you know, he would be off from work early and so he would pick me up from school and he had a shop at his, on his farm. So I would go there and just piddle around and play around in the shop.

Tyler Garrett (12m 19s):

And so I’ve literally grown up just tinkering and working on stuff. And when I was a little bit older, probably early teenager, adolescent, somewhere in there, my uncle got a subscription to Peterson’s for Wheel and Off-Road Magazine and my grandfather would use Jeeps on the farm. And so I would play with Jeeps on the farm and then my uncle started getting those magazines and he would give ’em to me and I would read them and it really got me itching to build a Jeep. So when I turned 15, I decided that I wanted to start building one of the Jeeps that he had for the farm.

Tyler Garrett (13m 8s):

And you know, just a basic build. I was young, didn’t have much money, you know, I had a job summer job, but just did you know, basic stuff to it. And I actually still have that today. It is now has been through several renditions. It’s a full tube chassis, Willie’s buggy and nice. Anybody that’s, that has watched the Reign of Rock series on YouTube. There’s a shootout and I’m part of it. It’s the Green Willy’s buggy that’s on there. You’ve, you know, a lot of people have seen it and it’s easy to find if you wanted to go looking for it, but still have it and I’ll never get rid of it. But it’s a 46 Willy’s is what it started out as. And now it’s a full tube chassis buggy.

Tyler Garrett (13m 48s):

That’s, that’s where I got to where I’m at. Just really been working on stuff my entire life, literally and, you know, just kind of turned into a full-time job.

Lightning (13m 56s):

And so at what point did you start Rock Solid Fabrication where you were making rock buggies and Jeep parts and such?

Tyler Garrett (14m 3s):

So in 2009 I decided that I wanted to start a business building Jeeps for other people. And really, I guess what fueled that decision more so was, you know, I didn’t really have a lot of of money to pay other people to work on my stuff for me, but I knew that, you know, if I had the tools I could, I could do it. So I decided, well, if I’m gonna buy the tools I need to at least make money with the tools. And so I bought really nice tube bender and a, you know, plasma cutter and a really nice welder. And in college and high school and stuff, I took a lot of engineering classes and learned drafting.

Tyler Garrett (14m 47s):

So I, you know, I’m really good with drafting software, I’m really good with geometry and, and math and that kind of stuff. And so I started making, you know, really high end intricate parts that worked really well. And you know, there’s a lot of engineering that goes into stuff like that and people, you know, the average person will look at a bumper or you know, a suspension set up and like, oh, that looks cool, but they really don’t know, you know, what all went into that and what it took to create that and the final product and you know, how many times, you know, how many revisions you made to get there. And so I was always really good at that. And so in 2009 I started Rock Solid fabrication and you know, I was doing a little bit of everything from race, car chassis repairs mostly, you know, we had a dirt track not too far from us.

Tyler Garrett (15m 34s):

And so, you know, people would crash their car and they would hit me up to fix it or whatever and I’d, you know, replace tubes that got damaged or whatever and fix the chassis and we’d do jeep work. So custom bumpers and you know, custom lift kits. I didn’t do a whole lot of, of Bolton stuff back then. So, you know, we were building our own long arm suspensions and doing full width axle swaps and Jeeps and stuff. And you know, really for the time it was pretty advanced and you know, I look back on what I was doing then and kinda laugh at it now because it was, and you know, by today’s standards pretty amateur, it’s so, you know, the, the passion just continued to grow and I was able to build a really good name for myself for turning out quality work.

Tyler Garrett (16m 17s):

And as that business grew, another guy kind of started more of a retail business in town and you know, Jeeps and trucks. And so in 2013 he asked me to do some contract work for him. So

Lightning (16m 37s):

Was this, was this Tom’s tom of Tom’s four before Superstore? Yeah.

Tyler Garrett (16m 40s):

Okay. Yes, exactly. So started working with him and that became more of a full-time gig. And so I would run, you know, the rock solid fab on the evenings and weekends and, you know, spare time and you know, do custom fab work and stuff at night. And then sometime around the middle of 2018, Tom started showing interest in moving and wanted to move to Montana. So he bought some property there and you know, really, I, I had progressed into a full-time employee there at the, at the time and was a shop foreman. So I was over all the employees in the shop side of the business and ran, you know, just kind of took, you know, took control of that.

Tyler Garrett (17m 26s):

And so in a way I just kind of fell right into the position of moving into an owner. You know, I’d already had ownership experience with the rock solid fab deal and had done really well with it and was able to bring that to the table. So that was my contribution to the business and we merged the two together and, you know, I also kind of felt obligated to, to the other employees that were there because if Tom left and nobody bought the place, then it would just close. And so I didn’t wanna see that happen. And of course the other employees didn’t wanna see that happen either, so I just took the steps to, to keep the place running.

Tyler Garrett (18m 6s):

And we have pretty much tripled in size and in gross sales. Wow. Since, good on you. Since 2019. I took ownership July 1st, 2019 and since then we have really changed the whole view of the business. I wouldn’t say it was bad before, but I mean it’s just,

Lightning (18m 30s):

Hold on, hold on a second. They’re,

Holman (18m 31s):

They’re cheering, they’re cheering for you? No, I’ve, I’ve got a question. Hold

Lightning (18m 38s):

On. There’s a guy in the

Holman (18m 39s):

Back yet it really, really burning question in my mind. Okay. Do they ever walk in and ask where Thomas,

Tyler Garrett (18m 46s):

You know, it’s funny cuz people come in and they’ll be like, this one guy called last week, and I guess, you know, back in the day Tom let him have like an open account where he could just put stuff on it and pay and pay as he wanted and, and

Holman (19m 2s):

And you pointed a sign that says Under New management.

Tyler Garrett (19m 5s):

Yeah, yeah. Is my account still open? And I’m like, what are you talking about? Who are you? And he’s like, well, yeah, just, just ask Tom. He knows. And I’m like, you don’t know that Tom is not here anymore. I haven’t been here in years.

Holman (19m 18s):

Well I wanna talk to your boss. Yeah,

Lightning (19m 20s):

Well, well, so I,

Holman (19m 22s):

I think you guys should all wear shirts that the name is Tom on it. And then that way when people ask for Tom, you can just tell him the spirit of Tom is alive and well.

Tyler Garrett (19m 31s):

So funny thing, we actually had a shirt for a while that literally says, I’m not Tom.

Lightning (19m 37s):

That’s all

Holman (19m 38s):

It said on

Tyler Garrett (19m 38s):

Very nice. I’m not Tom. Very nice. That’s it’s pretty funny.

Lightning (19m 41s):

And hold on to give you some quick backstory here. Tom’s four by four superstore, they carry brands like a e v never heard of her Amp, airlift. Backflow. You don’t know any of ’em? Yes.

Holman (19m 52s):

Bank’s never heard

Lightning (19m 53s):

That one either. Diana Track Baha Designs Best Time

Holman (19m 55s):

Dyna Track is not a quarter of a mile from my house.

Lightning (19m 57s):

A r b Edel Brock r cv fa

Holman (19m 59s):

We’ve never had any of those people on the show

Lightning (20m 1s):

Ever. I’m just saying. So it’s not like a little tiny shop in the corner of Chattanooga. Like it’s legit store, huh?

Tyler Garrett (20m 7s):

Yeah, we have a, about a 1200 square foot showroom. We have seven bays in the shop, seven lifts we do in-house alignments. We have a hundred Hawkeye elite alignment machine. So we’re doing, you know, real, real high in stuff. This is definitely not amateur hour when you walk into our shop. It’s, it’s very professional and you know, that shows in the quality of work that we do. And you know, if you, you check out any of our social media pages, we’re always posting builds and stuff on there, what we do and, and you know, I like to say that we’re very well rounded. We do everything from a simple bolt on lift kit wheels, tires, and lights to, you know, full-blown custom builds.

Tyler Garrett (20m 50s):

And we have our own product lines, some really cool stuff that we’ve introduced as well. I, we, okay, I don’t know, I I know you guys are into Jeeps as well.

Holman (21m 0s):

I I I’m not a big Jeep guy. I don’t have a 42 G P W or a 3 92 in the driveway.

Tyler Garrett (21m 6s):

Yeah, I heard about the 3 92, so we got one of those as well. It’s pretty awesome. But one cool thing, you know, everybody likes to swap one ton axles into their Jeeps and a big popular thing is to use the oh five up Super duty axles. Well, the problem on the new JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator, they have a, for lack of a better term, very smart, very advanced a b s system and the sensors are not compatible with any other vehicle other than a RAM 1500, the new ram. So our first shop JL was a 2019 and we bought some axles from Fusion to go in it and I got the Reed super kingpin knuckle set up 1550 R cvs, you know, just really went all out, checked all the boxes.

Tyler Garrett (21m 58s):

The problem with that set of axles was there was no solution for a front a b s and our tech industries was working on some custom unit bearings at the time that were supposed to fix the problem. And, you know, it was covid times and they could not su secure a good bearing manufacturer that could make anything that was actually gonna last. So they had, you know, three or four batches of bearings that were just no good and they wouldn’t sell ’em. So here I was stuck with a set of, you know, very expensive axles that didn’t even really work right in the Jeep because there was no a b S. So I reached out to a lot of companies and, you know, tried to figure out how to jointly come up with a solution and really nobody was willing to work with me, honestly, you know, it was gonna be too much trouble, too much of an investment.

Tyler Garrett (22m 51s):

And so me being, you know, engineering background, I was like, well there’s gotta be an easy way to, to do this. So I actually came up with a design that is a tone ring that presses onto the backside of the wheel hub. And so it’s just a, you know, round ring and it slips over the back and then the rotor goes over the top of it. There’s an adapter bracket that’s machined out of billet aluminum and it plugs the Ford a b s hole in the unit bearing while also mounting the Jeep a BS sensor so that it can read that tongue ring that presses

Holman (23m 28s):

On dude, that, that is, I I have friends right now in the industry who are working on other products with similar issues with tone ring abs sensor incompatibility. That is not an easy hurdle to overcome that. I mean, that, that is, there’s a lot of work knowing from experience, you put a lot of work into making that happen.

Tyler Garrett (23m 47s):

I I thought about it for weeks. I mean, how, you know, how can I make this work? And the older sensors, you know, they don’t really know direction per se, they just know that it’s counting teeth, you know, as it is rotating, it’s counting the teeth as they go by.

Holman (24m 2s):

Not the new ones. Well

Tyler Garrett (24m 3s):

The new ones actually no direction. So it knows

Holman (24m 7s):

There’s some encoding that’s on the newer, I think Bronco uses ’em and maybe even Toyota where yeah, they know direction and you, it’s not a simple swap for the toning like it used to be. When

Lightning (24m 19s):

You’re saying encoding, what do you mean?

Holman (24m 20s):

So that the sensor can pick up things like direction and so what, before you would just swap out the number of teeth and you can make a tone ring and you press it on and the sensor would count it. Well now the sensor and toning have to be compatible to each other. It’s not a generic, like, so

Lightning (24m 36s):

I wonder are the teeth like slanted a certain direction

Holman (24m 38s):

So it knows? No, I don’t know if there’s backwards, there’s, I don’t know if there’s a, if they’re magnetized or if there’s like a one tooth that starts the process or what. I don’t know enough about it, but I know that there’s nothing,

Tyler Garrett (24m 48s):

No, it’s, it’s more so in the sensor. So the, the way that the sensor itself is internally designed, it knows the direction that the ring is turning. So the ring itself is nothing special, it’s just teeth, but the number of teeth and the spacing of the teeth is critical. The complicated part was you couldn’t just mount the sensor in any direction because it had to see the wheel turning in the direction it was actually turning. So it, the sensor has to be mounted in a way that it knows you’re moving forward when you’re moving forward and it has to be able to count the proper number of teeth with the proper spacing in between the teeth.

Tyler Garrett (25m 28s):

So it’s a little complicated. And then to take, you know, a tone ring that is, we’ll say Mel, so the teeth are on the outside and scale that up while also inverting it. So making the teeth on the inside was rather complicated. And I spent, I, I guess about $1,200 having two rings machined and two brackets machined and put them on my Jeep to test it. And it was a hit right out of the box I made. They worked, didn’t have to change anything. I made like one or two little revisions just for, you know, a production quality part and patented the, the design.

Tyler Garrett (26m 15s):

And so now we sell that kit. I mean we’ve sold hundreds of those kits to people. I mean, all over the country. We’ve sent some to South America, east Coast Gear Supply buys them from us. So if you ever buy an axle from East Coast Gear Supply and get Super duty outers, then you’ve got our ABS kit. It’s pretty cool. And they were, I mean I, there’s they sell faster than we can make ’em right now. I’ve, I’ve learned to keep them in stock. So, but there’ll be times when, you know, we’ll have a hundred on back order. It’s pretty crazy to see something that, you know, I developed to get, get shipped all over the country. I mean, it’s nothing compared to what, you know, other companies do, but for me it’s a pretty big deal.

Tyler Garrett (26m 58s):

Another big milestone that we reached was we were the first company in the country to develop a replacement roll cage kit for the new JL Wrangler. So I know everybody knows Lauren Healy. Oh yeah, yep. He had a black JL that was a 2018 model sponsored by Nitto Tire. And he sold it and the guy that bought it got in touch with me to build a roll cage for this Jeep and built one. And of course nobody had ever done that. Nobody had ever taken a brand new JL and cut it apart and put a different, you know, roll cage in it.

Tyler Garrett (27m 39s):

And so built one put it all over social media and then a gentleman from Texas in Austin, he called me and was like, Hey, I saw that roll cage you built, I want one too. So that’s how it started. Well, I said, I can’t build you one and ship it to Austin, but if you’ll bring me the Jeep, I’ll build you one. He brought the Jeep like the next week. I mean he just said, all right, I’ll be there. And he showed up with it. So I had taken a bunch of notes when I built that first one and I thought, well that was a good thing I did. And so I made the second one, and this time I thought, well, the hard part’s already done, I need to move into, you know, production on this as well.

Tyler Garrett (28m 23s):

And so I had a gentleman come and 3D scan it and we took all that data and basically build a 3D model in solid edge or, and I think the first model was building SolidWorks, and then my manufacturer that builds my cage kits, he converted that to solid edge and that’s what he uses to bend all the tubes and stuff. He, they have a tube shark that they use and so he bends everything and then I’ll just pick ’em up on pallets and, and that’s, that’s that. So I mean we were first to market by a year. I mean it, we, we’ve had, we’ve probably had 15 or 20 cage kits on, you know, out in the wild right now and we’re always adding new stuff.

Tyler Garrett (29m 7s):

So I have four different variants of that kit. And then there’s options as well. So like a rear cargo shelf and you can retain the factory seatbelts. And that was another big thing is the new Jeeps are just so dark. Like they’re just really advanced. And so you’ve got, you know, a lot of sensors up top and you have to retain all that stuff. There’s microphones, there’s RFI antennas for your keyless and all that, and that’s all kind of mounted to the factory cage and you, you know, you have to keep all all that if you want to make sure everything still works

Holman (29m 44s):

And not have lights on the dash and

Tyler Garrett (29m 45s):

All that. Yeah, exactly. And you know, a lot of people say, well, I don’t care, but to me I do care. Yeah. Because it’s, you know, these jeeps are not cheap.

Holman (29m 53s):

Well, and it’s easy to do it. The, it’s easy to do it that way rather than doing it the right way. That’s fine. If the end user doesn’t care and they’ve got lights on the dash and the thing doesn’t work, I would care.

Lightning (30m 2s):


Holman (30m 3s):

Would drive me crazy. Well, that’s what I was gonna say, is it like, why, why not do it the right way? And that way it shows the acumen you have for making modifications. We can give you everything you want and not take anything away. I think that shows, you know, exactly way more about your, your ability as a business than it does to just start cutting wires or not have a GPS antenna on top or your Sirius XM doesn’t work or, or whatever. There’s nothing wrong with having those features. And like you said, the, those vehicles are really, really advanced from the factory.

Tyler Garrett (30m 32s):

I, I hate compromise. I mean, in some instances there’s no way to get around it, but, you know, I try to minimalize it and I always try to plan ahead and we do a lot of work with people that just, oh, I don’t care. They say that and I’m, and you know, I’m never gonna need that. And I, and I say, well, you say that today, but these things are, these are ever evolving projects, they’re never done. And so think about where you might be a year from now, you may completely change your, you know, the direction of your build. Anytime that we do something for a customer or a client, we, you know, always try to plan ahead. We, we try to make sure that we’re not shooting ourself in the foot, so to speak, with future endeavors.

Tyler Garrett (31m 16s):

I guess that’s part of the engineering background is just making sure that we’re thinking, you know, four steps ahead of where we currently are. That way we don’t have to backtrack.

Lightning (31m 25s):

Well, speaking of engineering, let’s get into engines because you’re, you’re doing roll cages, but that makes you sound more like a quote unquote fabricator, but you’re dealing with electronics and engines. And from our earlier conversation today when we were just chatting about you doing an interview, you alluded to the fact that you were doing six four swaps prior to the Hellcat swaps. So tell us a little bit about how you got into the swaps and the electronics and making it all work.

Holman (31m 54s):

Right. Well, and, and on that line also, you have a great video on YouTube where you kind of talk about the difference and reasons of why you would do a Hemi Bay swap versus an LS Bay swapped. And I think that that was really interesting. I think people who wanna do a swap and they’re torn between the two, I think you’ve got some insight that would be great to, to to hear.

Tyler Garrett (32m 11s):

Yeah. So, okay, so modern, modern Jeeps and any really any modern vehicle, they all communicate off of a CAN bus, which is central area network and, and there’s different bus, you know, some of ’em are pci, some of ’em are land bus, they’re, they’re different communication protocols, but just for simplicity’s sake, everybody refers to it as can bus, but you know, older vehicles, you know, like you hit, hit the button on the dash for the air conditioning and there’s actually a wire that runs from that button to a pressure switch and then to the compressor and it turns it on. Well, modern vehicles are not set up that way. When you hit that button, it sends a signal to the body control module that sends a signal to the ECM that then looks at the pressure sensors and decides is it okay or not to turn on the compressor?

Tyler Garrett (33m 0s):

And if it’s okay, then it turns compressor on, right? So it’s much more complicated, you know, in that YouTube video we talk about, or I, you know, I spoke on why to not do LS and modern Jeeps and that’s because, you know, the, the language that the General Motors, you know, LS platform speaks is not compatible with the language that the Mopar stuff speaks. So they’re basically speaking, you know, foreign languages to each other and they, they can’t talk. So there are some companies that make aftermarket modules for, you know, basically interpreters. They, you know, take the signal from one and convert it into the signal for the other and then back and forth.

Tyler Garrett (33m 45s):

So that’s, that’s how that communicates. But the thing I don’t like about that is the fact that now you have this proprietary module that if it were to ever go bad and let’s say that company went belly up, it was out of business, you’re just sol like, you’re not gonna be able to just go to AutoZone and buy another one. And so that’s what I don’t like about it. Older Jeeps, you know, anything really oh, four and older before CAN protocol became the standard. They don’t really, it doesn’t really matter in those because there’s easy workarounds for anything that you would need to do. But in 2005 when they actually implemented CAN bus, that’s when it got complicated.

Tyler Garrett (34m 29s):

And so our general rule of thumb in the shop is anything oh five and newer, we only do hemis in, if it’s a, you know, Mopar and then anything older than that we can do either or. When we first started doing V8 swaps, we worked with American expedition vehicles and we would buy their HEMI conversion kits for the J JK platform. And we probably did about 25 or so of those kits and we’re kind of a outside the box thinking business. So we didn’t, you know, while six four s are cool, the a e v tune on the six four platform was really mild and they did a lot of things that I didn’t like.

Tyler Garrett (35m 10s):

The exhaust manifolds, for example, that they use are, they’re really restrictive design and you lose some power there. So we were one of the first shops to develop a header package for that. And then we were the first shop to tune an A E V ecm. So we worked closely with HP Tuners on that and was able to get into it and do a custom cam package for a six four with headers and you know, full exhaust and custom tune and picked up about a hundred horsepower over what the AV package was out of the box. So yeah,

Holman (35m 50s):

You gotta remember avs trying to do OE style, right? So they’re trying to keep it as reliable and stress free as possible while giving you the power and all that kind stuff. And, and even av, I mean there was probably what Burnsville a v Dakota 5 67 shops back in the, you know, late 2000, early 2010s, I don’t, I guess maybe even, yeah, you know, second generation JK where nobody really had everything dialed where you could put a big HEMI in there and you could put a a six four, but because the transmission tuning wasn’t great, they made a lot of noise, but they just didn’t really feel fast. And sometimes exactly in the early days it was actually better to get a five seven truck hemi with a manual because you get way more out of that than you would from a six floor automatic until people started getting smart to the tuning and stuff like that.

Holman (36m 40s):

So there was always potential left on the table, I think because especially companies like AV who are trying to make it as durable and reliable to OE standards versus some of the aftermarket shops that are trying to give you the most power possible as a toy.

Tyler Garrett (36m 53s):

Oh, a hundred percent. You know, we, we did ’em both ways and, but it just really kind of set us apart, you know what I mean? Like any, it was like any shop could put a AV six four swap in your Jeep, you know, that’s just a it’s a kit. Yeah. But then what set us apart was being able to take that kit and improve upon it so that we still had the reliability that a V was known for. You know, they use tier one suppliers for all the parts, all the CNC bent AC lines and the CNC bent exhaust and the transco lines and all that stuff. That was all OE manufacturer parts and they’re just super nice kits.

Tyler Garrett (37m 34s):

I mean, the quality was second to none. You know, we would take that and just tweak it a little bit. It’s

Holman (37m 40s):

Kinda like if

Tyler Garrett (37m 40s):

You make just a little bit better, it’s

Holman (37m 42s):

Kinda like if you were to get a 3 92 today and then take it somewhere to get it tuned and headers and exhaust, right? You’re still starting with that kind of OE platform and it just makes for a really good base vehicle to start with because hundred percent, you know, that it’s, there’s nothing janky about it. And there are, there are other manufacturers out there doing swaps and I saw some of the junkiness that went into shoehorning.

Tyler Garrett (38m 4s):

Yeah, I’ll have fixed mini

Holman (38m 6s):

Yeah, I mean you, you would know for sure, but I mean just even like what they were using for a radiator or a fan, or to your point, you know, AVIA had these c c bent lines. There was not that on some other ones. And so yeah, you could get this kit and they’re all about the same price. I mean, it’s 25 to $35,000 to do it, but the quality of work from one to the other was not the same. And so exactly, you get in and you push the button or turn the key and you fire it up, they may sound the same and for the first year they may work the same, but when you, you start having those problems downstream and you can’t use a OBD two tool or a Chrysler scan, a star scan tool to figure out what the issue is, and then the parts aren’t available from, you know, the the manufacturer because they went outta business and all of a sudden, you know, you can’t just go to a dealership.

Holman (38m 51s):

That’s what sets it it apart is being able to service it down the line.

Tyler Garrett (38m 57s):

Absolutely. And so that we, you know, really liked using the AV kits and you know, unfortunately they don’t make ’em anymore. So we, we’ve had to move on to other manufacturers. But

Lightning (39m 9s):


Tyler Garrett (39m 9s):

Me ask you, you spoke on the three 90 twos.

Lightning (39m 11s):

Oh, Tyler, one second before you move on. At that time when you were building your headers, did a e v ever see them? Did they ever say and, and acknowledge how you were altering or potentially improving the kits?

Tyler Garrett (39m 25s):

No, so Paul was my salesman. He’s unfortunately passed away a few years ago. And so we lost a, you know, a great good good dude asset Yeah, with I, solid, solid guy. And he knew about it and thought it was great, but you know, I think that they kind of knew that the end was near as far as their, you know, hemi conversion stuff and it just, they never offered it as a package. But I think that more, more so goes back on what you were saying about using OEM parts and OEM reliability because I mean, let’s be realistic, a set of cast iron exhaust amount of folds are probably a little more durable and less likely to crack than a set of aftermarket hitters.

Tyler Garrett (40m 11s):

So that, that really goes back to, you know, they’re, they’re business model was a little bit different than what, you know, we were shooting for. And so now Kooks makes the swap pitters and they’re really high end. And when we do a JK conversion, we, we typically try to use those on ’em. We’ve never had any issues out of ’em, but it’s just crazy what all you can do with this. And you know, he spoke on the 3 92 jls and I was the first person in the country to do a cam swap in one. My buddy Seth from up in Johnson City, Tennessee, he, he bought one and a thousand miles into ownership.

Tyler Garrett (40m 51s):

He brought it down and we developed a CAM package for it and we still sell that today and we’re working with American Racing headers. They dropped a new set of long tubes for ’em. So we’re gonna be developing our next package for those. It’ll be a stage two deal with that. Basically takes our stage one cam package and adds the headers and a converter higher stall speed torque converter. And just a couple other little things. So we’re all, you know, we’re, we’re trying to be on the forefront of development and just, you know, having packages that work, you know, things that, that really benefit our customers, not just something that’s, you know, just cool, but it has to work, it has to function, it has to be to an OE quality standpoint.

Lightning (41m 39s):

Where is all this stuff fitting in as far as emissions compliance? We,

Tyler Garrett (41m 44s):

We stay a hundred percent emissions compliance. We don’t delete, you know, Cadillac converters or anything like that. We keep EAP systems a hundred percent intact. You know, obviously we’re not carb approved, but you know, everything that we do, we don’t delete anything as far as emissions. And that’s a big thing. I think, you know, even the people that like horsepower still wanna be green and you know, we are seeing all this stuff with electric vehicles coming out and you know, that’s not for me. But at the same time, I like to be clean. You know, I don’t, I don’t see any reason in damaging our environment when we can do as much, you know, make as much power with emissions as we can without, and you see that a lot in the diesel industry now as well.

Tyler Garrett (42m 29s):

You know, these companies are figuring out new ways to still make improvements in power and torque and reliability while still being emissions compliant. And that’s, that’s been an amazing thing. I know it’s been a really, really difficult thing for a lot of companies. I know that, you know, the E P A really cracked down hard over the past few years on a lot of diesel companies and it’s, it’s, it’s a terrible thing, but at the same time it has pushed us to be better at what we do. And so there’s, you know, never anything wrong with innovation and being, you know, becoming better, never settling for good enough. And so that’s, that’s my standpoint on it and you know, it’s, it’s built a good name for us.

Tyler Garrett (43m 17s):


Lightning (43m 18s):

When did you start hell cap swapping and what is the most power you’ve been able to put into a Jeep?

Tyler Garrett (43m 24s):

My first hell cap conversion actually started off as an A U V six four. The, the client ended up, we did one tons and 40 twos and then that, that six four, that won’t seem like a powerhouse no longer really felt like a powerhouse. I mean, it would move the Jeep fine, but it, you know, still was kind of gutless once those tires were on it and stuff. So I just was joking around with him one day and I was like, we oughta put a Hellcat in it. And the guy looked at me and he said, can we do that? And I said, well, yeah, we can do that. And he said, well, let’s do that. So

Lightning (43m 57s):

Very nice.

Tyler Garrett (43m 59s):

He, we, we found a good low mileage takeout from a wreck car and I said, you know, you’re gonna be bored with this. This is only like, and his six four was actually one of the ones that we had done a camp package on. I said, this is only gonna be about a hundred and 150 more horsepower than what you already have. And you know, you’ll like it at first, but you’re gonna get bored with that too. So

Holman (44m 24s):

Is that

Tyler Garrett (44m 24s):

Weird? Let’s step further.

Holman (44m 25s):

Like, I, I remember when I had the, our, our, when I worked for motor trade made the long term TX after a a year, the TX just felt normal and a raptor, how dare you and a raptor felt slow. And now that I have my my my 3 92, you’re

Lightning (44m 40s):

Gonna tell me it’s already feeling slow.

Holman (44m 42s):

I mean, it’s not slow, but it’s, it’s just used to it. I can lo fit and, and it, it like never goes about 2000 rpm. But you’ve gotten

Lightning (44m 49s):

Used to Kraken and heroin and now you move on to

Holman (44m 53s):

Fentanyl. No, fentanyl. No, it’s just, it’s just weird. Like I, I, you know, I have to temper myself and be like, it’s four 70 is more than enough. And really it just comes down to at this power level, I like the fuel economy. I don’t want less because I only have a 21 and a half gallon tank and I like to make it to Vegas on my tank. Right.

Lightning (45m 10s):

So tell us about this engine that you ended up swapping in

Tyler Garrett (45m 13s):

Just a low mileage heca and we did basically a 10% lower pulley, a 2 85 upper pulley intake headers, thousand cc injectors and custom tuning. And we were able to make j well it had a cam package also, so we made right out a thousand crank horsepower with that. And so he went from a 550 ish horsepower, six four to a thousand horsepower hell cap. And we had Eddie down in southern hot rod in Louisiana build us a war rocking Mike snag one transmission for it and put that in there.

Tyler Garrett (45m 54s):

And that thing is just a beast. It is by far the most badass JK that we’ve ever built. I mean it’s, it’s just an amazing build all, you know, all together. It’s got big long travel over I struts on it and custom suspension that we built in house. And I mean it’s, it’s just the whole build is just done right from one end to the other. And it’s, it’s really just been an honor to be able to put something like that together. But did that one and then, believe it or not, there was a school teacher that was ironically in the same little town as him. They didn’t know each other, she didn’t know about his Jeep, he didn’t know about her.

Tyler Garrett (46m 35s):

It was just a giant coincidence. But they had a, a JK on 40 threes that they were wanting to engine swap and they reached out to Ian Johnson. Everybody knows who I Johnson is. Oh

Lightning (46m 49s):

Yeah, he’d been on his shelf. Yep.

Tyler Garrett (46m 51s):

So they reached out to Ian and said, Hey, we want something that’s extravagant, we want something that’s reliable, but overall it just needs to be badass and you know, what should we do? And so he kind of pointed them in my direction and gave ’em my phone number. And so they reached out to us and at, at first they were wanting to do an LT five, you know, a new Corvette engine and that whole conversation of LS versus him, he came into play and I was like, just trust me on this. I can do, you know, do you a thousand horsepower hell cap package, it’ll be more, more reliable, you’ll have less trouble out of it and you know, everything’s just plug and play.

Tyler Garrett (47m 34s):

It all talks. And so they agreed. And so we did that one. So that was the same conversation came up or do you want 700 horsepower or do you want a thousand horsepower? And they agreed the thousand was much better than 700. So we did the same package on it as we had done on the first one. Fast forward a few more years and we got our 2019 JL Rubicon and it was gonna be my wife’s daily driver. And idea was, that’s

9 (48m 6s):

How it always starts. Yeah, here it goes. Here it goes.

Tyler Garrett (48m 8s):

Yeah. You know where this is going. Course exactly. Going course. So anyway, it was gonna be stock axles trust, you know, re geared axle shaft. We did RC v’s. Front rear 30 sevens and that was gonna be it. I mean, just basic simple Bolton build that could be, you know, reliable in the woods and you didn’t have to worry about trailer and you could drive it to and from and so on and so forth. And I guess last, well in the 2019, maybe it was the beginning of 2020, I got a, I found a really good deal on a Richard Petty’s garage built 4 26 hell cap base. Oh man, stroker.

Tyler Garrett (48m 50s):

And it came with a built a H p 95 from a Trico and I was able to do some horse trading and, and I, I can’t say what I got in it because everybody would like come hunt me down, but it was little nothing. And you know what better to do than to put that in our jl So yours.

Lightning (49m 14s):

You’re like, honey, look what I got.

Tyler Garrett (49m 16s):

Yeah, exactly. Like you’re gonna have a thousand horsepower. Cool. Well, I was, and I tried to be smart about it. We didn’t wanna kill reliability. So we bought those fusion axles that I spoke on earlier and put those in and did the Hellcat conversion. And we worked with Dakota Customs on that stuff. And keep in mind that Hellcat swaps in new model Jeeps are not something you see every day. It’s a relatively new conversion. And the way that we used to do it several years ago, we would basically run a Hellcat off of a six four ecm. And so it works, but the downside to that is no wide bands.

Tyler Garrett (50m 1s):

You also don’t have bypass valve control built into the ecm. You don’t have multiple map sensors or, you know, they’re, they’re T maps, so they measure temperature and manifold pressure. So you’re really limited on tuning and it’s not as reliable. And then, you know, the TX RAM truck came out. Well, it turns out that they work on the same communication protocol as the jl so it’s, I forget what it’s, what it’s actually called. But anyway, it’s the newest one. So that system is compatible with the Wrangler as far as communication.

Tyler Garrett (50m 41s):

So all your, your gauges and your radio and everything, they all still communicate. The B C M is all, you know, compatible. And so we started working on a conversion using that. We were probably, they did one as a test mule and then we were the next in line, like we bought the parts and worked with Dan out there on developing the kit. And we kinda, you know, brainstorm together back and forth on what would work and what wouldn’t work. And we’re always sharing ideas, Hey, I did this, what do you think about that? And back and forth. And it’s great to have a relationship with a, a company to be able to, you know, do it kind of your way and then provide feedback back and forth.

Tyler Garrett (51m 29s):

And so we’ve, we’ve helped each other out tremendously and it’s, it’s been a great relationship to have with those guys. But one problem that we run into when you’re on the forefront of product development is sometimes you run into hurdles. And I, I, I know both of you know all about that, but we had an issue with the wideband oxygen sensors not functioning at all. We had everything else online. They were, you know, everything was working. And long story short, it was just an issue with firmware programming. But that took five months to figure out. Hmm. And so, you know, my wife’s Jeep, that was her daily driver.

Tyler Garrett (52m 14s):

I tore it apart in the end of May with aspirations to have it finished up by April. I had the three six out the Hellcat engine in it and running in two weeks. So that was the easy part. And then it took five months to do to, to get to a resolution on the O two s and, and we got it fixed and everything works. And it’s fantastic now. But it, it just, sometimes things that seem so easy are just way more complicated than the average person really understand, you know, they’re in, Dan is in South Dakota, so I ended up making a trip up there with the Jeep and leaving the Jeep there ultimately, and to let them, you know, kind of brainstorm on and, and we got it figured out.

Tyler Garrett (53m 2s):

But, you know, people wonder, you know, you know, we get the questions like, why are these swaps so expensive? Well, it’s because they cost a lot of money to develop and, you know, we’re not making hundreds of thousands of these things. Like, you know, Mopar makes how many thousands? 3 92 Jeeps. I mean, they have to, to make it affordable. And so they’re expensive because it’s worth it. It you’re making Yeah, well, it’s worth it a hundred percent.

Holman (53m 28s):

That’s why they’re so expensive.

Tyler Garrett (53m 30s):

But you’re making a hundred kits, not a hundred thousand kits, you know, and it’s, it, it’s just the cost is more because of that. But, but that engine now, it has a factory supercharger on it with a 2 85 upper and a 10% lower and makes 1100 to the crank. Wow. And that’s all put gas 93.

Holman (53m 52s):

You like destroying transfer cases, don’t you?

Tyler Garrett (53m 55s):

Well, so that you bring that up. That’s the other benefit of using a TX operating system, is that it actually has tables for like basically extreme torque management in four low. Nice. And we can edit all that and dial it in to, you know, your, your preference essentially. But, you know, I have ours limited to 500 foot pounds of torque in low range. So basically 3 92 numbers just to keep from blowing transfer cases out of it.

Holman (54m 22s):

Yeah, imagine that.

Tyler Garrett (54m 23s):

And on the street, you know, you don’t really have to worry about it too much in two wheel drive, 2 41 is a really robust transfer case. So as far as like, you know, two wheel drive doing burnouts and stuff, you’re probably not gonna hurt it. But four low would be, that would be where I would be worried about it. So

Holman (54m 42s):

How do you guys differentiate yourself from some of the other guys out there? Like, you know, obviously America’s Most Wanted, those guys are friends of ours too, and they, they’ve got, you know, video swaps and all that Yeah. Jared out

Tyler Garrett (54m 51s):

There. Yep. Yeah, they, they, Jared’s a, you know, he’s got a really great thing going. What, what makes us different is the fact that we are able to do more aftermarket stuff. You know, Jared sells kits that are a hundred percent complete. You know, you can’t buy a kit that doesn’t come with an engine. So, you know, if you’re looking for a complete turnkey package where you make one phone call and say, here’s my money, I want a hell not conversion for my Jeep. That’s exactly what you’re gonna get. And you’re gonna get every piece. And the, the quality is awesome. They have a really great product.

Tyler Garrett (55m 32s):

We’ve done some installs from them and, and it’s fantastic. But for other guys who are kind of like me, where they got a really good deal on an engine, then they want to use that. You can’t do that with a m W. Right. And so that’s, that’s the kicker. And I get it. I mean, nothing against, it’s absolutely nothing against Jared at all because he warranties his product and he obviously can’t do that if

Holman (55m 59s):

He doesn’t know where the engine,

Tyler Garrett (55m 60s):

He’s not providing you with a brand new engine. Right. Of course. You know, he can’t, he can’t give you a warranty. So makes perfect sense. That’s just how his business works. But with, you know, Dakota Customs, we’re able to, you know, kind of provide our own parts and then get the kit from him. And there’s pros and cons to each. I mean, I’m not gonna say one kit’s better than the other, but like, there’s some, a little more custom stuff with a m w as far as, you know, he makes some really trick motor mounts and, you know, you weld these new mounts into the frame and then, you know, Dan has bolt in mounts that you don’t have to do any welding. So if you’re, you know, trying to do this at home, you can, you know, if you can’t weld, you can still do the swap.

Tyler Garrett (56m 41s):

And so there’s, there’s just little, little differences between the two and the, but the biggest being, you can buy bits and pieces or piecemeal your kit to fit your needs if you buy from Dakota. And if you’re looking for more of a turnkey package that’s dropping in and plug it up and you’re done, then you know, that’s where a m w really, Sean. So, you know, that’s great companies both.

Holman (57m 5s):

Yeah. It’s great to hear the differences from you guys and, and find out sort of, cause I know there’s guys listening who have always dreamed of doing a swap. There’s probably guys who are listening who have been saving money, and they, they don’t know the differences. They don’t know who to go with. So that’s, that’s a great overview of sort of the well and swap industry right

Lightning (57m 20s):

Now. And it’s nice that you don’t have to just shell out all the money. You can do it over time. You can literally do it in your garage the way he’s describing.

Tyler Garrett (57m 28s):

Yeah. And I mean, that’s the thing with bmw, it’s, they cater more towards, like, shops that are dealers for them. Sure. And so people that, you know, come into a shop and say, Hey, I want a hell out in my Jeep. They can buy a complete get from Jared that’ll have, you know, every single teeny tiny piece that you need. And you put it in and you’re done. And the, the kit comes with full exhaust, for example, I mean, front to back, but the guy that is on, you know, a double triangulated, four length rear and three length front and cool overs and all that. Well, that $2,000 a a w exhaust probably isn’t gonna work.

Tyler Garrett (58m 9s):

It’s gonna end up in the scrap pile. And so it’s just, there’s, like I said, pros and cons to each. And I feel like when you really start trying to customize the vehicle, and it’s not just kits bolt on stuff anymore, that’s where the Dakota stuff really comes into play. Because you could call them up and be like, Hey, I want the whole kit, but I don’t want exhaust because it’s not gonna work on my Jeep. And you can buy it that way. And so, you know, it’s just, they cater to a little bit different market and, you know, they’re both awesome. I mean, they, they’re both tuneable packages. So, you know, a w uses h HP tuners and you know, we, when we do kits and we work with Dakota, like I said earlier, we we’re pretty tight knit.

Tyler Garrett (58m 54s):

And we work together a lot. And so all of our kits that we do, you know, we kind of build them to fit our customers needs, but we’re able to tune those as well. It’s, it’s pretty, pretty much open to whatever you want to do.

Lightning (59m 6s):

Love it. Well dude, congratulations on the success. I’m glad that we had a chance to hook up. You’ve got a lot going on. Can you give us all the places that people need to check out? So your socials from Toms? Yeah. YouTube. Let’s, well, let’s break, break it out by like what they do. So the retail operation is Tom’s. So what’s Tom’s?

Tyler Garrett (59m 26s):

So Tom’s four is our just retail brick and mortar store. And then as far as our brand rock solid fab, when I, when we merged the businesses together, that became more of a parts brand and custom fab work. So pretty much anything that gets welded, that’s a rock solid fab part. And then we sell that brand through our Tom’s brick and mortar retail store.

Lightning (59m 50s):


Tyler Garrett (59m 50s):

Okay. And so that’s, that’s how it’s broken down.

Lightning (59m 54s):

So here’s the line. I think this is the correct phone number. Tell me if I get it wrong. 4 2 3 6 1 9 4 85 4 2 3 6 1 9 40 85. That’s the Chattanooga, Tennessee location. They’re on 40 36 South Access Road if you’re in that area. Or just go to Toms four x four superstore.com, give ’em a shout. And just, I think probably the best is just handle it over the phone because you can get your ride customized exactly how you want. If you wanna do a just parts or a full-blown engine swap, they can do it all. So I think, damn Tyler, you’ve been busy the last couple years.

Tyler Garrett (1h 0m 30s):

Yeah, we’ve, we’ve really put in the work, man. It’s, it’s been a rod. Well,

Holman (1h 0m 35s):

Look, we appreciate your time.

Lightning (1h 0m 36s):

Absolutely. We’d love,

Tyler Garrett (1h 0m 37s):

Yeah, absolutely. I appreciate you guys having me. It was, it was nice talking to you. I really enjoyed it.

Lightning (1h 0m 42s):

Congrats again, and we will catch up soon.

Tyler Garrett (1h 0m 44s):

Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it.

Holman (1h 0m 46s):

All right, brother. Have

Lightning (1h 0m 47s):

A good one. Thanks, Tyler.

Tyler Garrett (1h 0m 49s):

All right. Bye-Bye.

Lightning (1h 0m 52s):

Home. And I have a very serious

Holman (1h 0m 54s):

Question for you, and I have a very unserious answer.

Lightning (1h 0m 57s):

What’s new in trucks?

Holman (1h 0m 60s):

I don’t know

10 (1h 1m 2s):

What new in trucks. We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need to know what’s new in trucks. We

Intro Recording (1h 1m 10s):

Need to know lifted, lowered and everything in between. What’s happening in the world of trucks?

Lightning (1h 1m 19s):

Clean. Clean as a whistle.

Holman (1h 1m 21s):

I saw you look at the last minute at me thinking I was gonna do something different. It was funny.

Lightning (1h 1m 25s):

Yeah. Oh,

Holman (1h 1m 26s):

I wasn’t sure. I almost messed you up.

Lightning (1h 1m 27s):

Hmm. I

Holman (1h 1m 28s):

Like it. It turns out I do know what’s new in trucks. Do you wanna see the world’s ugliest F-150 lightning? I

Tyler Garrett (1h 1m 36s):

Mean, no,

Lightning (1h 1m 36s):

No, not really.

Holman (1h 1m 38s):

I mean, lightning for lightning or lightning against lightning. I, I choose you every time. Oh, that sucks. Yeah, it’s,

Lightning (1h 1m 47s):

This has gotta be really ugly cuz I am no

Holman (1h 1m 50s):

Treat. It’s a, it’s a retro,

Lightning (1h 1m 52s):

Oh God. What is that? That is Captain America’s,

Holman (1h 1m 57s):

No it’s not Captain America’s blue. What is that? It’s a white truck with a traditional Ford o b s red stripe. And the entire lightning grill is red and the seats are white vinyl with red inserts.

Lightning (1h 2m 7s):

Oh dear God.

Holman (1h 2m 8s):


Lightning (1h 2m 9s):


Holman (1h 2m 9s):

And polished chrome wheels.

Lightning (1h 2m 11s):

Who did that and why? And can I smack them upside the head with my wiener?

Holman (1h 2m 15s):

Oh, apparently there’s a, that would be salt and you’d be on a list where you’d have to report in probably on a regular basis. It was spotted at a Ford dealership in Wata, Illinois. Wait,

Lightning (1h 2m 27s):

Say that city again?

Holman (1h 2m 29s):


Lightning (1h 2m 30s):


Holman (1h 2m 30s):


Lightning (1h 2m 31s):


Holman (1h 2m 34s):

Nope, that’s my Sharon. It’s not even close. Yeah, it’s

Lightning (1h 2m 40s):

Why does it say why? And was the guy who designed it fired?

Holman (1h 2m 45s):

I, I don’t know. This is a baseline

Lightning (1h 2m 47s):

Or is he in prison? Pro

Holman (1h 2m 48s):

Work truck. And was

Lightning (1h 2m 51s):

It an April

Holman (1h 2m 51s):

Fool’s joke? No, no. I’ve, I it would be great if it were, it’s pretty what

Lightning (1h 2m 57s):


Holman (1h 2m 57s):

Pretty ugly. Apparently the truck starts at 57,869. But apparently

Lightning (1h 3m 3s):

Was that one is like 35

Holman (1h 3m 4s):

Bucks. Learned from the truck’s owner that the interior,

Lightning (1h 3m 8s):

The truck has an owner,

Holman (1h 3m 9s):

The interior and exterior upgrades put him back in total with the truck and the upgrades about $67,000 for that. What you talking about woods? I mean, I’m, I’m I’m not saying I love it cause I don’t No, you don’t. No,

Lightning (1h 3m 31s):

No. You’re cringing right now.

Holman (1h 3m 32s):

Yeah, it’s, it’s not great.

Lightning (1h 3m 35s):

What’s Okay, I have a question.

Holman (1h 3m 37s):


Lightning (1h 3m 38s):

You have to drive that or a pink Honda Ridgeline. Which one are you driving?

Holman (1h 3m 42s):

Pink Honda Ridgeline. Woo. I mean, it’s pretty ugly, dude. Wow. Yeah. Hmm. Yeah. Moving right along. Hey lighting. Did you hear? I don’t

11 (1h 3m 53s):

Watch the news because

Holman (1h 3m 54s):


Lightning (1h 3m 55s):

A kid. No. Nope. Don’t know. I

Holman (1h 3m 57s):

Play the whole thing. It’s so funny. It’s, it’s funnier when you play the whole thing. I mean, the whole thing’s funny, but I’m a kid and I don’t watch the news. Where did you find that? I don’t even know what that’s from.

Lightning (1h 4m 10s):

News clip.

Holman (1h 4m 12s):

That’s hilarious.

Lightning (1h 4m 13s):

I was combining some old news and found it.

Holman (1h 4m 16s):

So you might be surprised to find out that Honda is now making a new flatbed vehicle that has 500 more pounds of payload than a Honda Ridge line. Why would you That’s better,

Lightning (1h 4m 28s):

Right? Oh yeah, that’s better. Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah.

Holman (1h 4m 31s):

Yes. Okay. Unfortunately, while it looks like it’s the shape of a pickup truck, it’s, it’s, it’s not a, what

Lightning (1h 4m 38s):

Is it? Oh my god. That’s a scooter. Wait, what? It looks like a,

Holman (1h 4m 42s):

It’s like a kushman. It’s like a, a a a new Cushman. This is the Honda Autonomous work Vehicle prototype and it debuted with a 2000 pound payload.

Lightning (1h 4m 50s):

I saw this in a Pixar movie.

Holman (1h 4m 52s):

I think it’s kind of cool looking.

Lightning (1h 4m 53s):

I mean it does, it looks like, oh, like it’s got a face. It’s

Holman (1h 4m 56s):

Like more

Lightning (1h 4m 57s):

Oh that’s cute. It’s

Holman (1h 4m 58s):

More pickup than ridgeline 2000

Lightning (1h 4m 60s):

Pounds very often either.

Holman (1h 5m 1s):

No, you don’t say it. Not often.

Lightning (1h 5m 3s):

Look at that. I would. So I, you can’t stand or sit in it and or drive it cuz it’s autonomous

Holman (1h 5m 10s):

And it can go up to 10 miles an hour and 10 hours between charges.

Lightning (1h 5m 13s):

Hmm. So as truck owners, that’s not useful for us. This this vehicle thing,

Holman (1h 5m 20s):

It might be around your, your ranch or your shop to bring you things like Sure. A transmission and engine combo from a diesel.

Lightning (1h 5m 26s):

So do I have like an, a remote control like an RC car? Well,

Holman (1h 5m 30s):

I don’t know. All I’m saying is that Honda has something that’s got more payload than Ridge line that has a pickup bed on it. Yeah. This is more of a tray bed.

Lightning (1h 5m 36s):

It’s more of a flatbed. Yeah.

Holman (1h 5m 37s):

Yeah. I’m still going with it. Okay. Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 5m 40s):

No. Nope.

Holman (1h 5m 43s):

More info on the whole Lordstown debacle came out and it sounds like it only has enough money to make about 500 more electric trucks

Lightning (1h 5m 52s):

And then they lot of

Holman (1h 5m 53s):

Business and then they’re done. Oh geez.

Lightning (1h 5m 54s):

Why? Why even make them?

Holman (1h 5m 56s):

Because they’re trying to attract more investors. I would imagine

Lightning (1h 5m 59s):

At this point, who’s gonna invest?

Holman (1h 6m 2s):

I’m somebody who wants a deal I guess. I mean they’ve got a product, right? All the r and d stuff’s been done. They’ve got manufacturers, they just don’t have money for inventory. I

Lightning (1h 6m 10s):

Can’t recall is Lordstown public or not?

Holman (1h 6m 12s):

I believe they’re owned by Foxconn now.

Lightning (1h 6m 15s):

The Chinese company that makes all of our phones.

Holman (1h 6m 17s):

Yep. Yep. So yeah, Lordstown not, not doing great. Hey lighting, did you hear?

Lightning (1h 6m 29s):

Nope, I don’t think so.

Holman (1h 6m 31s):

GM Turbo, six cylinder truck engine project canceled.

Lightning (1h 6m 38s):

That’s the guy that spent like four years working on it.

Holman (1h 6m 41s):

Yeah, probably so. And GM’s no stranger to starting engine programs and killing them. The baby duramax is probably the best example in recent memory. The the 4.5 liter. So basically we talked about it in last show or a couple shows ago, how that 2.7 liter four cylinder was made with diesel technology in it to make it super robust. And so they were working on a six cylinder version of that four cylinder, which would’ve been about four liters and would’ve put it out around 500 horsepower and a little over 500 pound feet of torque. I think it’s gonna would’ve been more cuz if the four cylinders top is four 30. Yes. So maybe, well, could you imagine a 500 horsepower turbo, straight six that had like 700 pound feet of torque?

Lightning (1h 7m 21s):


Holman (1h 7m 21s):

Would be amazing, right? Absolutely. But I think they figured from what I’ve been gathering on the internet, we talked about how the sixth generation small block family, the V8 s have been moving forward. And with Ram having their twin turbo six, I think GM said, listen, we’re known for our small block V8 s we can make these things last into the future and we’re gonna go that direction. So

Lightning (1h 7m 42s):

I mean, GM is, their trademark is v8, you know what I’m saying? Like it’s, it’s, it’s their thing.

Holman (1h 7m 47s):

Yeah. Apparently they’re in the planning stages. You

Lightning (1h 7m 50s):

Think they say that is their thing? That is our thing.

Holman (1h 7m 53s):

No. Well, I, I don’t know. Apparently they’re in the planning stages of their new turbocharge six cylinder, the power plant would’ve been part of GM cylinder set strategy, which would’ve aimed to optimize engine development and production through economies of scale. Which is I think why they were basing it off the wildly successful four cylinder. But I, I, I think that, you know, the v eight’s is the right choice for me in it for truck. I just, I like the v8. Yeah. Although the straight, listen, if I, I’ve always said if I can’t have a v8, I would do a straight six all day long Love straight six. But your gm, does it feel right driving a straight, I mean, I guess maybe the three liter duramax is sort of that direction.

Holman (1h 8m 32s):

But I

Lightning (1h 8m 33s):

Think that

Holman (1h 8m 34s):

We, this doesn’t sound as cool as

Lightning (1h 8m 35s):

The VA don’t like it, but I think there are plenty of people that are happy with

Holman (1h 8m 39s):

It. I think there’s plenty of people who don’t care. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 8m 42s):

I guess that’s what I’m saying is

Holman (1h 8m 43s):

They don’t, they wouldn’t bought EcoBoost if they cared that much. Right. So I don’t know, maybe it’s a differentiator, but I’m happy to see the V8 stick around

Lightning (1h 8m 50s):

A while longer. I am stunned how many people love the LM two and the LZ zero, which is the three liter derm max. They love it. And I’m not That’s great. I’m not saying anything bad about it. I’m just saying I didn’t expect there to be that many people that enthusiastic about that platform. And I, some of it I think is because the truck is just, they did a really nice job.

Holman (1h 9m 15s):

Well the truck’s a lot better, especially the 20 threes with the new interior and

Lightning (1h 9m 18s):

Everything. Oh, the 22 and a half. And the current ones are gorgeous. They such a nice job. So they wrapped the engine in a really good package.

Holman (1h 9m 24s):

Yeah. But the engine is also way different because it’s a brand new clean sheet diesel. Whereas you’re looking at the EcoDiesel had been around since, you know what, the early two thousands.

Lightning (1h 9m 33s):

Yeah. It’s Aveor, right? Yeah. Italian

Holman (1h 9m 34s):

Engine. And you look at the Ford engine, which was what the old lion diesel from the uk, which they, they were good at what they did as a stop gap, but they weren’t anywhere near as modern, they weren’t as power dense, you know, per, you know, cubic inch or per liter. They didn’t have that, you know, from a instant pedal response and, and turbo lag. None of that was as good as the modern engine. The straight six. And the GMs is just an absolute pleasure to drive. It’s so smooth, it’s so quiet. The range on it. Like that’s a great road trip vehicle for sure.

Lightning (1h 10m 8s):

I don’t have much experience, so I will defer.

Holman (1h 10m 11s):

They’re awesome. Okay. Hey lighting, did you hear? No,

Lightning (1h 10m 15s):

I, I don’t believe so.

Holman (1h 10m 18s):

Turns out automakers are starting to drop AM radio from EVs, which on the surface you think, well why? And then maybe secondarily you think, well that’s not that big of a deal. But two things am interferes with or the electronics interfere with AM radio. So you get a lot of buzzing and noises from the electronics. So they’re doing it for that reason. But if you think about it, more than 90% of people living in the US can be reached by AM radio. So in an emergency AM has always been the band that you would use to get information out to everybody.

Lightning (1h 10m 49s):

But the thing is, most people don’t have radios outside of their cars anymore.

Holman (1h 10m 55s):

Right. So now it’s even more important to have AM radio in your car.

Lightning (1h 10m 59s):

Yeah. Interesting

Holman (1h 11m 1s):

Quandary. Because that might be the only, the only way. So anyway,

Lightning (1h 11m 5s):

Well listen in like some crazy nuclear war. All you people in your electric cars, you ain’t going anywhere Anyway. Us with our diesel trucks, we’re mountain. Well

Holman (1h 11m 15s):

At least until you can make,

Lightning (1h 11m 15s):

We’re gonna go up to the mountains, you know what I’m saying? We’re gonna be safe. We’re going to the high desert.

Holman (1h 11m 19s):

Find diesel again. Well

Lightning (1h 11m 21s):

We’re, I mean we have guns. We’ll go get diesel. But getting electric, I can’t, you and I can’t go fire up the, the coal burning power plant to generate electricity for our Tesla. Right. Put

Holman (1h 11m 30s):

Solar panels.

Lightning (1h 11m 31s):

We can go

Holman (1h 11m 32s):

Take weeks. But you could

Lightning (1h 11m 33s):

Do it. Come on. You do it and then we go hundred miles.

Holman (1h 11m 37s):


Lightning (1h 11m 39s):

It’d be no

Holman (1h 11m 39s):

Better than zero miles because you’re not near a

Lightning (1h 11m 42s):

Refinery. Better to get diesel. Listen, well wait a minute. Hold on a second. Oh geez. Hold on. Now it occurs to me, how do we get the diesel outta the ground if the pumps aren’t working?

Holman (1h 11m 50s):

There you go. Oh crap. That’s what I’m saying. Shoot. You just have to find a diesel

Lightning (1h 11m 54s):

Siphon. Hey Bob, come here. Suck the diesel out. You

Holman (1h 11m 57s):

Just have to find a a, a dude that has like a 50 gallon drums and just drive ’em around. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 12m 3s):


Holman (1h 12m 4s):

Yeah. But

Lightning (1h 12m 4s):

Then it’s gonna get all stack back of the story and algae in it.

Holman (1h 12m 9s):

Hmm. Yeah. There won’t be more auto zones for algae off for your diesel. Several former federal employees, according to the drive I’ve written, the Secretary of Transportation, Pete Budig, budgie Budgie

Lightning (1h 12m 24s):


Holman (1h 12m 25s):

Whatever the hell his name is. Yeah. Which isn’t gonna do anything cause I’m not sure he can read. But they are warning him of the potential consequences of AM radio discontinuation in new vehicles. And they advise that by dropping the radios drivers can be unreachable during times of local or national crisis. Which I think that’s huge. I think in the world of cost cutting and all that, you probably don’t wanna do the things that allow you to communicate. Cuz if the cell tower goes down,

Lightning (1h 12m 52s):

Bad plan, it’s sort of like on the, so as much as you don’t like am because it’s your grandfather’s medium, it might actually save your

Holman (1h 13m 0s):

Life. I like listening to it on baseball and stuff. I’m good with it.

Lightning (1h 13m 4s):

I don’t, I still listen to it. But I think it’s, it might be necessary.

Holman (1h 13m 6s):

It is necessary. It’s just like this, the Navy where they all these people learn how to navigate by gp, by gps. Well, GPSs can be spoof. So they started, what, two or three years ago, reintroducing, navigating by sextant on like modern, you know, warships because it was a skill that had been lost and it’s, it’s like manual transmission. Although I recently saw that something like 50% more manuals were bought in the last two years than Well

Lightning (1h 13m 35s):

I was hoping you would bring that up in your news. Yeah. But

Holman (1h 13m 38s):

So that’s a whole, alright, we’ll move on to that in a second. Hold on. All right. Anyway, so with the launch of the F-150 Lightning Ford reportedly Ax Am and the drive reached out to for and didn’t hear back. So Antoine Johnson, the current FEMA official has was quoted in the article saying, AM radio has been tested over and over again during the most devastating natural disasters and has withstood all of them. So anyway, it it sounds like plenty of EVs still have them. The Hyundai Ionic five, the Toyota BZ four X and the Chevy Bolt all have them. And according to Nielsen, 47 million people still listen to AM radio out of what, 300 million in the country?

Lightning (1h 14m 17s):

Yeah. I call BS on that. Really? Well, they’re over a hundred years old. If there are, I

Holman (1h 14m 21s):

There’s no way they matter. Just like you matter.

Lightning (1h 14m 23s):

No, they don’t.

Holman (1h 14m 24s):

They they do

Lightning (1h 14m 25s):

Though. They don’t matter. You’ve heard Eat all the old people. That’s

Holman (1h 14m 28s):

One of the greatest songs of all time. I wish. Where can people find that? You can’t because of the copyright

Lightning (1h 14m 32s):

Would be I know. No, you know, actually I

Holman (1h 14m 33s):

Sure you get sued over that.

Lightning (1h 14m 34s):

The copyright. No, no, no. No one got sued over that. That’s a local band. Eat all the old people.

Holman (1h 14m 38s):

That was such

Lightning (1h 14m 39s):

A great song. Look it up. Let me see. It’s on YouTube. Hold

Holman (1h 14m 41s):

On. I think it is on YouTube. Cause I, I found it before. You won’t be disappointed or you will, but it’s awesome.

Lightning (1h 14m 46s):

You gotta look it up on YouTube. You got to eat all the old people, shove ’em in an oven.

Holman (1h 14m 51s):

It’s outta context. Just, just listen to it. It’s, it’ll, it’ll definitely make you giggle a little bit.

Lightning (1h 14m 57s):

Eat all the old people by no time. There’s the lightning pick.

Holman (1h 15m 0s):

Is that your, your musical pick of the week? Yeah.

Lightning (1h 15m 3s):

Remember what I promised everyone? We’d have musical picks. Yeah. And then you I just

Holman (1h 15m 6s):

Bailed. Yeah. Just turned into Dr. Pepper.

Lightning (1h 15m 8s):

Well, okay, I’m gonna start it back up again. And the that’s the one that’s your leadoff need all the old, hold on. I’m gonna go to Spotify real quick and make sure it’s up there.

Holman (1h 15m 15s):

And I’m gonna go with Saline. Dion. What? No, I’m just kidding.

Lightning (1h 15m 19s):

Dear Lord.

Holman (1h 15m 21s):

So Manuel Cars have reached an all-time low market share in 2020 consisting of less than 1% of new car sales according to JD Powers. But that’s the floor. Since then, there’s been a rebound in 2022 manuals. Were 1.2%. And in 2023 now running at 1.7%. We’re going the right direction. Everybody

Lightning (1h 15m 44s):

Woo woo

Holman (1h 15m 45s):

Woo. I did my part in 2020. I

Lightning (1h 15m 48s):

Say millennials, right? Didn’t, they doesn’t say the millennials are behind this. I

Holman (1h 15m 52s):

Failed my part in 23, but only because of the vehicle I wanted wasn’t available with it. Right.

Lightning (1h 15m 56s):

Manual. Most of the vehicles that we want today are not available with a manual. So

Holman (1h 16m 0s):

Anyway, that rep represents a year-to-date rise of 12.2%. And the Wall Street Journal said that it’s because more people, younger people are beginning to intentionally seek out manual cars as opposed to just buying them because they’re the cheapest or most fuel efficient option. Which most cases they’re not the most fuel efficient option anymore because you’ve got six speeds versus 10 in a lot of vehicles.

Lightning (1h 16m 20s):

I wonder what your friend over at the manual Gearbox Preservation Society had to do. Macy. Yeah. I wonder if he actually was influential because his, we should call him Have his t-shirts have become like

Holman (1h 16m 31s):

A thing. A thing. I still wear ’em. Yeah. I don’t have the sticker on my non-manual vehicle. Although I st before everybody jumps all over my s Just listen. You

Lightning (1h 16m 40s):

Still have a

Holman (1h 16m 40s):

Manual? I still have a manual. I know the gws a manual, so leave me the hell alone. I got three pedals. All right. I didn’t sell my soul and sell myself out just because I could get a Jeep with a 470 horsepower v8. Although

Lightning (1h 16m 52s):

I did. Oh yeah, you did.

Holman (1h 16m 53s):

Might feel dirty about it. Yeah. Can I tell you something? This is a God’s honest truth. Five times outta 10. I forget to put it in park.

Lightning (1h 17m 5s):

And that could be dangerous. And

Holman (1h 17m 7s):

They also jump, jump into No, because it has an an auto thing where it’ll flash and it puts the celluloid does it anyway. It’s not connected to the trans. Okay. And there’s times where I push in the non-existent clutch pedal to start it.

Lightning (1h 17m 18s):

You just push on the brake or you pushing nothing. No

Holman (1h 17m 20s):

Air. The floorboard floorboard. Like I get in and I go to push down the clutch. It’s not air. I totally forget. Huh?

Lightning (1h 17m 25s):

You should install a dummy pedal just for like, Hey, make them your sanity.

Holman (1h 17m 29s):

No, I it’s just, it’s

Lightning (1h 17m 30s):

They make dummy pedals.

Holman (1h 17m 31s):

Well they make dead pedals. Okay. For those. But not, not a clutch pedal sitting there. But it’s just weird. Like I will catch myself and I’ll go the next morning and there it is, sitting and drive. Cuz I, I don’t, I’m not, I just not used to it. Hey,

Lightning (1h 17m 45s):

Don’t do that anymore. Super weird. Don’t do that anymore.

Holman (1h 17m 47s):

And the car will flash at you. The Jeep’s like, Hey dummy. Hey you dummy. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 17m 53s):

I’ve never, knock on wood, I’ve never done that.

Holman (1h 17m 56s):

Yeah. Well you probably haven’t had a manual in a long time.

Lightning (1h 17m 60s):

It’s been a decade. Yeah. Although I am, I, I’m getting the bug to buy a, a really, really inexpensive something. And I don’t know what, did you see what I drove? Did you see what Brian at SoCal Tint. Let me borrow.

Holman (1h 18m 13s):

It was a, let me explain. If you were around in the nineties and you knew what a crisscross jacket was from the band crisscross, it is a Ford Edge that looks like a crisscross jacket.

Lightning (1h 18m 29s):

You’re thinking of cross colors. So cross, there’s two brands. Benton Cross

Holman (1h 18m 34s):


Lightning (1h 18m 34s):

You’re thinking of the band crisscross.

Holman (1h 18m 36s):

That’s what I just said. Well, I know, but cross, I literally just said

Lightning (1h 18m 38s):

That, but hold on a second. But that’s different. Crisscross. They wore their jackets backwards. You’re thinking of cross colors, which is the clothing brand that did the crazy color on the, on the, on the Ford Escaper.

Holman (1h 18m 49s):

Maybe that’s what it is. I don’t remember. I just remember there’s some rap band that had those loud colors on something.

Lightning (1h 18m 54s):

Yeah. I mean, crisscross wore loud colors, but not like my car. Oh, okay. Like, this is absurd. So Brian, who owns SoCal Tint and 44 Industries where we have our, some of our rap stuff done are expelled there.

Holman (1h 19m 8s):

I just pulled up cross colors jackets. That’s it. It looks like, it looks like those top jackets. Yeah.

Lightning (1h 19m 13s):


Holman (1h 19m 14s):

With red and yellow and, yeah. See that’s

Lightning (1h 19m 16s):

Why I say cross

Holman (1h 19m 16s):

Colors. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right. Sorry, I, I apologize to the fashion sensibilities of crisscross the band. That’s, that was my aging memory failing me. And

Lightning (1h 19m 25s):

Do you remember they wore their jackets backwards? Right? And their pants backwards.

Holman (1h 19m 28s):


Lightning (1h 19m 28s):

Were the little kids bouncing around. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I go out there, I bring the TX out. Cause we’re gonna put on some 10 mill the thicker stuff the way that you did on the 3 92. So we’re gonna rip the bedsides off and we’re gonna go, didn’t just

Holman (1h 19m 42s):

Layer over. You ripped them when you started from

Lightning (1h 19m 43s):

Scratch. I asked him. Wow. I asked him, I said, what do you think we do? And he goes, we should start fresh. And then I called Chris at ex expelled and he goes, start fresh. I go, okay, that’s on you. I was just gonna put little patches on. He goes, yeah, if you’re gonna just do it, do it. Right. Okay. So that we are drop the truck off there last week and Brian says, oh, you know what, you can just borrow my Bronco bitching. Yes. He’s

Holman (1h 20m 7s):

Got a, a really rad lifted bronco. All the acre ma

3 (1h 20m 11s):

The acre ma, that you will need Acure ma.

Holman (1h 20m 14s):

And then I show up, he goes, here’s your here, here’s our loaner car. He goes, I picked it up for like five grand. And they were using it as a test to show what all these metallic wrap materials would look like. So they on panels pink against green against yellow, against red, against orange. That’s funny because when I went to panel different No, no, no. Listen, that’s interesting. Cause when I went to Brian and SoCal tin, I also got a loaner. You did a Bronco on 37. So you didn’t Yes I did. Are you serious? He handed me keys to his Bronco. No. So this is a super humorous to me that you got the old edge. Yeah, because he gave me a nice Barco. So you have no idea. People have been photographing me. They were photographing me on the 6 0 5 freeway here.

Holman (1h 20m 57s):

Cuz it’s so ridiculous. You, you’re now part of many memes. Do you know what I ordered on the way here on Amazon Mask. A clown wig. Seriously. A rainbow clown wig. I ordered something on Amazon too, but I’m not gonna tell you what it is because it’s for you in the studio. Oh no. Oh yeah. Should I be Yes. Worried? Yes. Really? Yeah. Is it a partition between you and I? Oh yeah, definitely. Not far enough. No. It’s just I’ll, it’s a visual cue. It’s a visual cue. Just a visual cue. Is it insulting the way I would No. It to be you. No, it’s not insulting at all. Okay. No, it’s just a, a visual cue. Just a visual cue. All right. That’s it for news.

Holman (1h 21m 37s):

We should get into some inbox.

3 (1h 21m 39s):

You email? Yeah, email. We, that’s you Email proofread. I email Send it. We email. Click it every email. Push it, push it. Real good. All right. Who’s going first?

13 (1h 22m 5s):

You can go.

Holman (1h 22m 7s):

Hey, you gave me a whole stack here. Damn, you guys have been busy. These are all coming into Truck show podcast gmail.com or were they to yours or to mine? Truck show podcast gmail.com. All right, so you guys know, you can go to truck show podcast.com and you can email us from that website. Travis Tok. I’m screwing up your name, sorry about that. Writes in about Nissan Frontier, built for light over landing. Found him. You have to see the license plate. That’s our, that’s the frontier. Remember? I, I said find him on Instagram because that’s the dude who bought, who built the new Frontier over landing style that I’m like, we wanna get that guy on the horn or check out his trucks and he found it for us.

Holman (1h 22m 51s):

Okay. So hello Lightning and home. And during a recent open house at an outfitter called Spirit of 1876 in Castle Rock, Colorado. I saw this incredible looking frontier. I’m curious what you think personally. I think it looks great. I wasn’t able to talk to the owner, but I will see

Lightning (1h 23m 5s):

This truck again and I will get their contact info for you. And he did, he found it on Instagram and we’re going to have to reach out.

Holman (1h 23m 12s):

He followed up way better than than we ever do.

Lightning (1h 23m 15s):

Damn, that thing looks good. Did you see the photo?

Holman (1h 23m 19s):

Yeah. It’s awesome. That’s the one that he sent me and I was like, dude, who I need to know more. It’s one of the nicest bumper

Lightning (1h 23m 24s):

Frontiers. Whose bumper is that? I wanna know who’s,

Holman (1h 23m 27s):

Well, we, we have

Lightning (1h 23m 28s):

A bedrock. That is

Holman (1h 23m 29s):

Easy. We have a thing. We have a thing. Go down that road later. Okay. Have a thing. Okay. Alright. I got this one here from Eli Helm says, shake my head. Dear Light Bug. And Hornet found this while scrolling through Facebook. It feels like an EPA trap. And check this out. This is an ad on Facebook and I want people to understand that this stuff is happening. Explosive Diesels is the name of the account and it’s sponsored. It says, get the original h and s Mini Max Elite kit for your oh six to 12 Ram Cummins. Oh, three to 15 P powerstroke and oh seven to 14 Chevy Duramax plugin. Play Tuner comes with dpf, D e F and EEG r delete tunes.

Holman (1h 24m 10s):

And it literally says delete kit all over it. Just so you guys know, don’t fall for this stuff.

Lightning (1h 24m 18s):

This is Well, when you say Fal fort, what do you think? This is

Holman (1h 24m 21s):

The government. This is somebody from the EPA who’s trying to entrap you into buying those products. And then you’ll get in trouble. It’s too good to be true. You think that some company explosive Diesel, and then they’re ad in giant block letter says delete kits and the things they’re bringing up is all the stuff that’s been fined in the past that people are like, oh, I sure wish that was here. Like this is, this is, dude, this is not cool. You think this is real?

Lightning (1h 24m 49s):

Do you want my real opinion? Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Holman (1h 24m 52s):

Yeah. I don’t think so.

Lightning (1h 24m 54s):

I have had conversations with guys who do this stuff and they know how illegal it is and they believe that they can get away with it because they put up, there are a couple of these companies, I won’t use them.

Holman (1h 25m 12s):

Where’s, where’s the tuner coming from?

Lightning (1h 25m 13s):

I, I won’t the, so the, the

Holman (1h 25m 14s):

Tune? Nope. They’re showing a mini Max tuner. Yep. As part of what you’re

Lightning (1h 25m 18s):

Getting. You can still get the mini maxes. They’re still out there. Okay. And you can get the tunes to load in it because they’re stolen from guys like Corey. They’re old.

Holman (1h 25m 30s):

Yeah. I I think you guys are playing with fire if you go down this road. You, you absolutely are. I’m just, I’m just saying, but

Lightning (1h 25m 36s):

I don’t believe this is the EPA fishing. I believe there’s guys that are putting these sites up. They keep ’em up there for about 90 days, sometimes more. They sell as many as they can and they pull it down. I think the government is aware who these guys are that are behind this. And when I say these guys, it’s like, it’s, you count ’em on one hand. Like the people in the industry know who these guys are that are running this site and a couple others like it.

Holman (1h 26m 1s):

Explosive diesels.com, tinners and Exhaust systems at an affordable price. We only sell top quality lasting products. And let’s see where the contact info leads to. What state are

Lightning (1h 26m 13s):

They? That’s gonna be

Holman (1h 26m 14s):

A form. Please tell me. It’s California. Just

Lightning (1h 26m 16s):

4 0 3 area code. Whoa. Hold on. There you go. 4 0 3 is gonna be, we

Holman (1h 26m 19s):

Ship anywhere to USA or Canada. Oh,

Lightning (1h 26m 21s):

They’re a Canadian.

Holman (1h 26m 24s):


Lightning (1h 26m 25s):

This is gonna be Canadian.

Holman (1h 26m 26s):

Yep. There you go.

Lightning (1h 26m 27s):

The Canadians. There’s some guys up there that don’t mind, they don’t think that the EPA can stretch over the border.

Holman (1h 26m 35s):


Lightning (1h 26m 36s):

I They’re gonna be rudely awakened.

Holman (1h 26m 38s):

Yeah, I’m just saying. I I’m just saying, listen, maybe it’s legit. I think it’s scammy. I think our, our listener thought it was scammy. Don’t just don’t do it. Don’t do it. You guys are playing with fire. I know you guys love it, but

Lightning (1h 26m 52s):

I just, you know what’s crazy, dude? Not worth it is how many guys are deleting every single day?

Holman (1h 26m 58s):


Lightning (1h 26m 59s):

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Yep. After we record this, they’re gonna be a hundred trucks deleted across the us.

Holman (1h 27m 5s):

Oh, I’m sure. Bonkers. Anyway, it’s bonkers. He says keep up the, he says keep up the work and then Mounter mounter the parameters and Yeah, buddy, buddy.

Lightning (1h 27m 23s):

And as a bonus, I’m gonna give you Dave from work. Yeah buddy. That’s

Holman (1h 27m 28s):

Seem seemingly super random.

Lightning (1h 27m 30s):


Holman (1h 27m 30s):

Dave, our electrician. Okay. Thanks Dave. He was

Lightning (1h 27m 33s):

Saying it, he was like, every time I, so Dave is up on the scaffolding doing some high voltage stuff at work and I’m like, Dave, you need anything? And he is like, nah. I’m like, you got this? Yeah buddy. And he said it like three or four times in a day. I’m like, I gotta record one. So there it is. Oh, guys says, Sam, I’ve got an event for you if you don’t mind. Of course we don’t mind. So bring ’em on. Email your events to us by the way, truck show podcast gmail.com and we will add them to our event calendar, which is filling out nicely. Have you seen I had a See more. I have. Okay. I have

Holman (1h 28m 3s):

September. Seen it.

Lightning (1h 28m 3s):

20 Dough. You did not. September 21st through the 24th will be the eighth annual Land Cruiser meet and greet at Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. This event was started by three guys of whom I am one on I hate mud.com. It’s I h eight m u d.com. Who owns 70 series Land Cruisers who wanted to put faces to names on the forum. Eight years later we’ve grown significantly. And this year, we’ll mark, the first year we’re making it a paying event. Love to have you guys attend. If you feel like seeing some rare trucks in the us at least go to truck show podcast.com. Go to the events tab. You’ll find out more about this 70 series Land Cruiser event in Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, Tennessee.

Lightning (1h 28m 49s):

Thanks Sam for giving us the tip.

Holman (1h 28m 52s):

Anyway, hey Lightning. This one you’re gonna love this week. The suckage meter broke from John Gregg. You can hear it Sucking. Hello. I’ve been a long time listener and it’s been a while, a while, but I’ve emailed a few times. I used to have the Murano that was a truck trade-in stuff happens and now have a Chevy Equinox. Just glad to hear lightning got a truck. Long story short, COVID new job or three, wasn’t able to listen for like a year. Been caught up since November. Congrats on the new second, Jen of the show. Speaking to that, this week’s show was the worst one yet. Probably the worst podcast I have listened to this week. So lighting your job is safe. Instead of the crap you did, maybe you should have interviewed or tried talking trucks to temp, co-host Mike Rice instead of your drink. No eight. And I believe skip the info and thanks to the people paying your way, unless it was an upload problem, I’m probably being too hard, been up 15 hours.

Holman (1h 29m 38s):

But this show is a waste of time to me. Maybe it’s just me, but keep that up and I can see it being a a remember the truck show podcast Lightning. It’s your fault without you there Sean. Drop the ball. Maybe next he goes live and ask people to call him and ask him questions. Last show minus five stars. But for now, I’ll still give you five Emmy stars

14 (1h 30m 0s):


Holman (1h 30m 4s):

Buy for now. John. Greg, you know what? Buy forever. John, Greg.

Lightning (1h 30m 6s):

Oh no, I love John. Put a

Holman (1h 30m 8s):

Dick. No, see, listen Mike Phil, in the way that, the

Lightning (1h 30m 11s):

Way that you read it was like, rah

Holman (1h 30m 12s):

Rah rah. No, that was the tone. So John, screw you.

Lightning (1h 30m 15s):

That was the John I. Love you. That was brothers from another mother. That was

Holman (1h 30m 18s):

Literally, literally the only bad email we got. Lots of people thought Mike was funny and the podcast was good. And it’s nice to just, you know, be lightning free for a little bit. No. Wow.

Lightning (1h 30m 30s):

You sound like a douche

Holman (1h 30m 32s):

Right there. Oh man, that sucks. Yeah. Listen, Mike did a good job. You guys have to realize on la what day did you call and tell me that you were dying like Tuesday?

Lightning (1h 30m 39s):

I don’t know. You didn’t have much notice if that’s what you’re getting at.

Holman (1h 30m 42s):

Yeah. And I, and it’s like, well let’s get Mike in there so that we can at least do a show this week. I

Lightning (1h 30m 46s):

Felt fine, but I’m not tested. No, no. I tested positive. So obviously I’m not gonna come down affect you and your family. Thank

Holman (1h 30m 53s):

You. Right. You know, I mean, you tried to that day cuz you had a serious case of

Lightning (1h 30m 55s):

Commo. I almost did. I

Holman (1h 30m 57s):

I got my negative test. I’m coming down. It’s like, yeah, no, yeah, no.

Lightning (1h 31m 1s):

I was like, test

Holman (1h 31m 2s):

A couple days and if you’re good, you’re

Lightning (1h 31m 3s):

Good. But it’s like I got hiv, you know what I’m saying?

Holman (1h 31m 6s):

It’d be better if you had HIV because True. I couldn’t get it.

Lightning (1h 31m 9s):

Well, you, you could. It depends.

Holman (1h 31m 10s):

You start bleeding on me or something. Yeah. Well you’re easy sitting

Lightning (1h 31m 13s):

A little far away from me. You know what I’m saying? Anyway, I, I can reach anyway. I’m, I’m willing down.

Holman (1h 31m 17s):

I don’t One, two, listen, Mike filled in. I think you did a good job without Mike, you guys wouldn’t have had a podcast that week and we like giving you guys podcasts. I

Lightning (1h 31m 26s):

Think it’s what he’s saying. He would rather have gone dark. Well

Holman (1h 31m 30s):

He didn’t have to listen and yet he listened to the whole thing cuz he’s like, I have to, I have to watch the training wreck. Yeah. I think Mike did a great job. Thanks Mike Rice U Rule. Thanks for filling in for Lightning on short notice so that we could continue delivering a free quality podcast to our listeners week after week without fail,

Lightning (1h 31m 48s):

Lord, than the suck. We can’t

Holman (1h 31m 52s):

Stop possible even once we add new people, it still sucks. Yeah, can what can

Lightning (1h 31m 56s):

I tell you? This one’s coming in from Matt. How would you pronounce this? We

Holman (1h 31m 60s):

Wesh, we, we already talked about that. Okay. He’s written, he’s written in before me. Argued about his name. So,

Lightning (1h 32m 4s):

Okay, I’m just gonna say Matt from now. I’m all right. Hey guys, update from my last email. Looks like the same day I sent this email, the new bank gauge pods were released. I ordered a double and it arrived the next Saturday and I installed it last night. This is an amazing piece. I had to decide whether to leave it black or painted and decided to paint it. It looks like O e m. So I purchased a defrost vent style gauge pod and he’s talking about a pod for his ID ashes for a different vehicle a few years ago.

Holman (1h 32m 36s):

Although in theory you could buy a bank’s gauge GBO and use other gauges in it. If you had them,

Lightning (1h 32m 41s):

You could. Yeah. Yeah

Holman (1h 32m 43s):

You could. Those guys who might be looking for just a gauge pod solution and you have that as well.

Lightning (1h 32m 46s):

Well, I’m gonna do a little wrap up after I read this thing just in just a second. So he says, I had purchased the defrost vent style gauge pod for a different vehicle a few years ago, but I didn’t have the best experience. The fit and finish were not on par with the cost and plus it didn’t fit and it just wouldn’t snap in and neither the manufacturer or the seller would stand behind it. So after that, I didn’t want to go down the same road with the truck and I’ve been waiting for something worthwhile to come out and this is it. The pod turned out so much better than the rough 3D printed pods. Here’s some befores and afters. And then he says parameters mounter up

15 (1h 33m 24s):

Mounted parameters.

Lightning (1h 33m 26s):

So what Matt is talking about is the new ID dash stealth pods that we have on banks power.com. And they’re originally designed to house the ID dash, the ID dash super gauge and the ID dash data monster 52 millimeter round gage that we’ve talked a lot about on the show. We really weren’t happy with the suction mount. It works, you know, it’s universal fits everything, but like guys wanted something to integrated. It feels temporary. It feels temporary. Exactly. So we designed a line of these pods to integrate into your factory a pillar and allows you to keep your grab handle, not like a lot of the old school ones, like your old GMT eight hundreds. Right. Were the guys who replaced the entire A pillar. Put like four gauges in there and stuff. You don’t have to get rid of the whole A pillar.

Lightning (1h 34m 7s):

This just integrates right into your factory, a pillar and you can paint it to match and it looks, it looks

Holman (1h 34m 13s):

Stock or

Lightning (1h 34m 13s):

It’s black. Yeah. Or which is black. Well, cause a lot of the new ones have a black interior. Yeah, you’ve got kind of that charcoal gray paint it to match. We’ve got banks power.com/paint where you can buy all the paints as well. Anyway, they’re up there and they’re up for grabs. We don’t have a lot of it in stock. I’m trying to get more in right now, but they look bitching.

Holman (1h 34m 30s):

All right, one last email. This one from Ben Jones. He says, Hey, light sticking. Holy man. After having to scold one of the guys I work with today, I had thought for a segment that y’all could do, which would be very informative for the normal at-home mechanics out there today, caught one of our guys struggling with a four cylinder Cummins with a high pressure common rail injection system cracking injection lines in attempt to get the air blood from the system. As I would assume you are aware, this is a huge no-no. Being that the common rail system can produce upwards of 30,000 psi, this guy could have very easily injected himself with diesel or chewed off a healthy section of his flesh. Gross, yeah. Thought 30,000 psi. Yep. Thought it would be nice if you could get someone on to talk about the differences in mechanical injection versus common rail systems and the dangers related to both.

Holman (1h 35m 14s):

From a mechanic’s perspective. I think that’s pretty cool. Hm. I think it would be valuable to anyone who works on their own diesel stuff or even the novice professional diesel mechanic. Thanks guys. Five stars. Congratulations. You have earned five stars and hashtag the jilin PS I’m not Trucker Jones pps. As a side note, I also thought it would be neat if you had Colton on from Certified Wrench podcast. He’s really more into the construction side of the wrench world, but I think he could give some interesting perspective on what life is like for someone who works on diesel equipment out of a service truck, which is also great idea. So yeah. Okay. Done for now. And that was from Ben Jones. So Ben, thanks. Yeah, I don’t know, like some diesel service truck guy where you’re, you’re wrenching on heavy equipment out of the back of something like that.

Holman (1h 35m 57s):

Won a bar. A guy that’s on Gold Rush and some of this shows something like that. There’s gotta be some dudes out there who have like, you know, other fixing stuff at Gold Mines or, or oil fields and Big Diesel. I, I mean, it’s truck adjacent. I think it would be cool. I think everything we do is truck adjacent on the show. You mean on the truck Adjacent show podcast. Yes. Truck show podcast gmail.com. Email us won’t you? The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. There’s so many different emails. Truck show podcast gmail.com for anything General Holman truck show podcast.com. lightning@truckshowpodcast.com. You can even call us.

Holman (1h 36m 37s):

We wanna hear from you. 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. Nope. No, that’s right. That’s right. Yeah, that was right. Wow. Seven. I tricked myself in 61 0 5. Yeah. And then I had a second thought. Yeah, call us there. Do that thing. You know what, you don’t, you don’t have to give that number out really anymore. You know why? Because you go to Instagram or you can go on Instagram or you go to churchill podcast.com and click on the page. All right. Well, you can hit us up there. You can also find us at LBC Lightning. Ashaw p Holman or at Truck Show podcast. And dude, we wanna hear from you guys. Give us a, give us a message, give us a call, give us a shout. Leave us something, DM us, slide into lightning’s dms for some banks discounts, whatever. Just we want you to be part of the show because we love you.

Holman (1h 37m 17s):

So Holman, I want you to go to truck show podcast.com. All right. And then I want you to click on Project Trucks. Yeah, I was there earlier in the week. Good job. Oh, you saw, I saw the 3 92 up there. Oh, there you go. What’d you think? I, that was good, but I, it took all the spare time that I had this week. Yeah. I was looking for the F1 hundred to make. It’ll go up there. Well, the years you should just, I know what you should do. Take a picture of it under the tarp with all the dust and crap on top of it, and just post it. And then when you click on it, nothing happens. It’s just a dead photo. That way people can see it exists. I should do that. And I, it’ll be like a museum. I’ll just go in and click in it every once in a while. Yeah. I’m hoping that this podcast makes govs of money so I I can get that thing done and on the road to get,

Lightning (1h 37m 57s):

Did does it have a, does it have an Instagram? It doesn’t. Nope.

Holman (1h 38m 2s):

We’ll see, it has a Facebook page.

Lightning (1h 38m 4s):

I where I, I don’t have any information about it.

Holman (1h 38m 7s):

I, that’s why I said you should just take a picture and have it like just all cob webbed Dover sitting in the dusty. Seriously, it looks like the Warehouse at the end of Indiana Jones where there’s just dusty boxes. One of those boxes is my truck at banks, I think is the best way to, to put that. Yeah,

Lightning (1h 38m 24s):

It is. It’s sad.

Holman (1h 38m 27s):

All right. I don’t, I don’t wanna belabor that point. So listen, you guys need to head over to Truck show podcast.com. Click on the events tab, and you’ll find out that March 24th through 26th, you got the Prospectors four by four crawl up in Calico Ghosttown here in Barstow, California. From March 31st to April 2nd, you got the Florida truck meet in the Homestead, Miami Speedway from March 31st. April 1st, you got the Hemmings tailgate Throwdown down in Nola Motorsports Park in Louisiana. And then of course coming up Easter Jeep Safari from April 1st through April 9th in beautiful Moab, Utah. So Lightning will be at Florida Truck Meet, I will be at Easter Jeep Safari and keep those events coming.

Holman (1h 39m 9s):

But you guys can check out, we’ve got all sorts of stuff populated through

Lightning (1h 39m 12s):

Here. You didn’t get close. Look at how many more they’re Rhino.

Holman (1h 39m 14s):

I know, but I’m just doing the ones that are within the next month or so. Oh, I gotcha. So if you wanna know more and plan your your week or add your event to our calendar, just shoot us an email and we’ll get that up there for you.

Lightning (1h 39m 24s):

Truck show podcast g mail com. How’d you like that? Read? That was,

Holman (1h 39m 32s):

I’m not sure what you were doing. I was like just walking. I don’t

Lightning (1h 39m 35s):

Know where I over

Holman (1h 39m 36s):

There. Hey, cliff. And, and I was wondering if you were gonna jump off or not. I did. No, you’re still here. No. All right. We have to thank Nissan. Thank you Nissan for supporting the Truck Show podcast for five years. Oh, dude, you know what this is? This show’s our anniversary Five years. We

Lightning (1h 39m 51s):

Made it you. Thank you Nissan.

Holman (1h 39m 59s):

All right. Seriously, if you guys are looking for a truck, you want something rugged, dependable, reliable, good looking, quiet, just all the good stuff, head over to nissan usa.com or your local Nissan dealer. You wanna check out the frontier. If you need a bigger truck, the Nissan Titan or Titan xd, they come with the industry’s best five-year, 100,000 mile warranty. And you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you, you might be pleasantly

Lightning (1h 40m 23s):

Surprised, not might be, will be, will be banks pedal monster.

Holman (1h 40m 29s):

Normally there’s a lead in. You’re not doing that now.

Lightning (1h 40m 30s):

I’m just saying. Banks pedal Monster. If you hate your awful throttle response banks pedal monster banks power.com.

Holman (1h 40m 37s):

Are you saying banks Pedal Monster speaks for itself?

Lightning (1h 40m 40s):


Holman (1h 40m 41s):

Unless you’re in reverse, then it doesn’t speak at all because it has active reverse safety. Boom,

Lightning (1h 40m 45s):

Boom. Yeah. You see how I worked that in there? That was strong.

Holman (1h 40m 48s):

Yeah. Banks power.com, throw in your year make model. And you might be shocked to see that, that not only does bakes cover a lineup of trucks, but they also work on a bunch of cars.

Lightning (1h 40m 57s):

A lot of

Holman (1h 40m 58s):

Cars. So if you’ve got a vehicle, car, or

Lightning (1h 40m 60s):

Truck, it’s, it’s stunning how many guys who have bought them for their truck. Yeah. And they put ’em in their wife’s

Holman (1h 41m 4s):

Cars. Yeah. Because they’re sick of pedal latency and lag and turbo lag and like artificial, like blah, blah, blah.

Lightning (1h 41m 10s):

We, I need one on this. This Ford, the edge, escape edge, or whatever the hell it is. I’m driving out here. Oh my God, there’s so much lag.

Holman (1h 41m 17s):

Well, let’s be honest. The reason you’re, the reason you need that is cuz you wanna outrun people who are seeing you in it. Just,

Lightning (1h 41m 22s):

Just, no, I actually really enjoy people seeing me in it. I rolled down the windows there because Brian’s got ’em all like dark tints. Of course I rolled ’em down. I’m like, Hey, look at me. Yeah,

Holman (1h 41m 31s):

He did take a picture with your clown hat on or whatever.

Lightning (1h 41m 34s):

I’m ordered. I ordered

Holman (1h 41m 36s):

A clown with I know you get the nose too, right? No, no,

Lightning (1h 41m 38s):

No. I’m showing off my, my ugly mug.

Holman (1h 41m 41s):

Okay. Well if you need to show off and be seen by people and it’s in relation to your website or your social, you gotta check out the guys over@fullmoondigital.com. Talk to Derek and the team. They can help you get out in front of so many more customers. They’ve helped the Truck Show podcast. We highly recommend him, Derek, and team@fullmoondigital.com.

Lightning (1h 41m 57s):

But one thing Derek and his team won’t do is where the clown knows,

Holman (1h 42m 0s):

I’m sure he would do it for Clicks.

Lightning (1h 42m 2s):

Guess Right. True. The Truck Show podcast is a production of Truck Famous llc. This podcast was created by Sean Homan and j Tillis with production elements by DJ Omar Kahn. If you like what you’ve heard, please open your Apple Podcast or Spotify app and give us a five star rating. And if you’re a fan, there’s no better way to show your support than by patronizing our sponsors. Some vehicles may have been harmed during the making of this podcast.