Discover the ins and outs of serving diesel performance customers in a tightly regulated market by getting to know Nick Leon from Bud’s Diesel, a leading diesel shop in Southern California. Additionally, on the Centerforce Adventure Run, Holman talks about the inaugural overlanding trip for the Adventure Jeep, and the team plans to personally distribute stickers for a homemade pizza. 

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Sir, what, what kind of air do you have in these tires? Air, I just regular air, Like the kind that’s all around us. Yeah. Yeah. That’s not good, sir. We really recommend Jake’s five 40 z tire air. It’s a special kind of air. It not only keeps your tires inflated, less than likely to blow outs, but occasionally you’ll be able to fly. All right. It’s 1999. Oh No. It’s tire air. Hey Eric. How much is tire air? 1999. 29 99. Fine, Sir. When’s the last time you replaced your breather element? You already asked me though. Yes, sir. In the time we talked, it needs to be replaced again.


You Didn’t replace it the first day. It really needs to be replaced here. Also, you need to replace these hubcaps Hubcaps. They need to be replaced every four minutes or every eight yards. You know what? This is crazy. You, I, I’m just paying for all this extra crap. I just came in here for oil change. Why are you not laughing? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in weeks. You of Simple Minds Jinx Tire air. How much? 1999. 29 99. I figured that was appropriate since we’re talking to Nick Leon from Bud’s Diesel and we’re talking about repair. No, it’s not appropriate because Bud’s Diesel doesn’t do that to their customers.


I know that. I, which is why they’re one of the most successful freaking diesel shops in SoCal, which by the way is really hard to be the best diesel shop place that it’s diesels. Yeah, I know. Figure we talked to him. I just, I thought that was No, he doesn’t do that. No, I know that. I’m It’s polar opposite of this, right? That’s, that’s Spu Spuds Dopp. I am lightning. He is Holman. And we are checking in with I’m going to bed. You’re gonna bed? Yeah. Can you handle this on your own? I can. The show. I mean, I’d rather not, I enjoy your presence. I’ve only, that’s not your witty banter. I’ve only had three hours of sleep in like the last, I don’t know, day and a half. You went on some overlanding something or other 947 mile round trip sightseeing through Scenic Arizona with Centerforce on the Centerforce Adventure run 23.


They’re clutch guys. Yep. All right. And I got grandfathered in even though they don’t have a clutch, they still let me go. Did you pretend I the OGs? Can you jerk it back and forth? No. No. But I did use the paddles quite a bit. Okay. They actually were useful. I don’t really like paddle shifting and they’re actually useful on the trail in the 3 92. But I, I left Prescott yesterday evening and drove through the night and then had to sleep for what, an hour. Then went to the softball field where I prepped the softball field for today’s games. That means the little driving the tractor. I drove the tractor around and put a drying agent on and did the nail, the, what they call the nail dragger on it. 


And then we had to do the, the great drag and then we had to do Yeah, I, I Don’t care about that. Get back to your trip. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. So, so anyway, I haven’t slept at all. I did that Well, and I also don’t care about the no sleeping thing cause I got you. But no, you’re, You’re gonna care. You’re gonna care because it’s gonna be horrible episode. You’re gonna pass out. Be like half a half a host. It can’t be any worse than when I’m tired. I want to hear about, so let me ask you this, not many, there are a few of our listeners, but not a lot of them have a Jeep 392. How did it fare with your fuel economy off-road? I’m Curious. You’re you’re asking this Cause I already told you. I know, I know. Used by it. Yes I am. So it it did almost 15 miles per gallon total on the whole trip.


Which is okay. Yeah. Good. I thought you’d a little bit better. Admirable. But we also had a ton of weather and the trails were everything. Mud. We drove like for an hour down the middle of a river, which is normally a county road was a river. It was amazing. Waterfalls and rainbows and rain and just wind. And Arizona is as green as I’ve ever seen in my entire life. We started down by Wickenburg and worked our way up to Prescott and it was just unbelievable. Sloppy discu. I mean, you saw it in my driveway. It’s completely covered. Your Driveway. I, it’s hard to see the cement. It’s mostly mud. Yeah. Although this is gonna be a great test because when I finally clean it off tomorrow to see how the expel does, cuz that’s the whole reason I got it.


I think We know that the expel does pretty well. Not in this. Oh really? Oh. I mean this is some of the hardest, Just like hardened snot. Well, it’s like concrete now and then plus all the tree branches that were scraping up against the, the side of it the whole time. We’ll see what it looks like when all the mud comes off. Cause I’m really curious. It was not good. The Palo Verde’s were angry and the, was it the, the hack hackberries trees just Oh, it was ho I mean we did, were There somewhere you thought it, it went through like down through the paint of the Primer? No, no. Oh no. That’s the silly question. Why you’re not driving through metal spikes? I don’t know. I’m not driving through like some rancher’s bottle tree farm or something like that.


No, I mean, but it, it’s definitely could go through your clear code. I don’t know. I’ll be interested once I finally clean it off. What, what exists underneath that? Cuz the other good thing about mud, once you have a layer of mud on it actually acts as a protective layer because it just, it scrapes mud. And so you, I hate mud with a passion in this thing. My, you know, my new jeep, this is the first time I’ve taken on a true over landing trip. I pre ran that Nissan trip with it before we took all the, the frontiers out. And that was the first like off-road trip. Cause that was almost a couple hundred miles. This was the first one where I had it fully loaded with my fridge and my tent all my gear and like I just did all the American Venture Lab stuff in it and my radios, all that stuff. And everything worked flawlessly. It was, it was awesome.


The, the taser, this, here’s an interesting side note. I found out I was in two wheel drive for a while because I had made force rear wheel drive a hot key. And as I was turning through this rocky section crawling, I hit it and everybody’s like, you’re not in four-wheel drive. And I’m like, no, I’m not the guy who’s not in four-wheel drive. He gave me a brief amount of panic until I realized I had just hit the hot key and the taser pulled it out. Our Microphones were there. Ah No. It was more like as the rear tire spun up and down the disgusting, muddy, slick snot mud trails. I hate Are You avoiding my question? No, I’m getting there. Okay. Why just be patient. There’s storytelling going on here, sir 

The muddy ruts were so bad that we got to a point. I saw The muddy ruts last night. They played the Troupe. This is, I don’t have patience for you right now. Can I tell my story? The mud ruts were so deep that How deep were they up to my rockers. I know you’re, go for it. No, no, Keep Going. Do you want me to give you a tea and you can just keep hitting tee balls all day Anyway, we had to get through some pretty deep mud. I mean we’re talking about three feet of mud in some spots. Just we go a hole and all sort of stuff. I got yanked off the road once and basically plowed through some ruts on the side, which I was pretty worried I’d damage something cuz of all the noises and No, everything’s fine 

So anyway, in off-road plus, which is great for throttle response and the fact that you can use your lockers in four high and your sway bar in four high and all that, what I learned is it doesn’t like to shift. It wants to keep you in first gear for as long as possible, which could be 30 504,000 rpm. And when you’re doing that all day, even when you go in a manual mode, if you drop below certain rpm, it goes back to M one and sticks there until you go and, and do it. So if you’re not consciously up shifting to keep it around 2000 rpm, which is like a really good happy spot. It’s just blowing through fuel. So off-road on a very technical section that was about 35 or 40 miles long.

I was registering about 4.7 miles per gallon In between two days. We had gone 65 miles when my low fuel light went on. 65 miles. Yeah. Just swelling premium. Like a drunken sailor dude. Yeah, I know how that feels. No, Just a little bit a smidge. I’ll tell you why There were, but this is why I’m gonna disqualify that. Okay. You don’t, you haven’t calibrated your speedometer so all your mileage is off. It’s only off by 2.7 miles per hour. That’s still off.

It’s still affecting your mileage. Fine, fine. So we had some torrential rains. I’m sure you’ve heard about the river or whatever the hell the, the atmospheric river that’s been unloading on Southern California. Yeah. This is our first sunny day in like a month. And no, Californians can’t drive in any inclement weather. They just can’t. They bump into each other. They slide, they do everything that you’re not supposed to do on the way to work. The other day I just sat and waited in traffic bumper to bumper for just shy of two hours because there was multiple accidents. My average fuel economy was at 9.4 9.4. And you know why that is? You Realize they just said 4.7, right?

I I said I, I’m similar, right? Nine point. That’s the worst of any vehicle I’ve gotten. I’ve had in a long time. Okay. 9.4 and I realize we have, we have listeners with vehicles that get worse, but nine four was pretty bad and that’s because my supercharger eats about 50 horsepower off the crank shaft just to run itself. I’m always at 50 horsepower. Normally a naturally aspirated car just running is, I don’t know what one, two horsepower. Well let Me tell you what a six floor running without a supercharger does. Hmm. It’s not efficient. I got to the point where I’m like, oh we’re somebody has to pee Biore. Oh, we’re gonna stop here for five minutes. Guess what? I’m turning the engine off. Cuz I would come back and go, how did I just idle that much away?

Yeah. So that was pretty painful. Thankfully I’ve got my a V 10 and a half gallon tire fuel caddy on the back. What’s Gonna happen when you put a rooftop 10 On there? I’m not putting rooftop. You’re just not. No. Oh, I thought there was some debate that you were No, I have a shift pod. I’m shift potting it. Oh, I don’t need the extra things in the wind in the Windstream. Just not, not conducive to is Rains. Is this a Recent revelation? Because I felt like you were trying to figure out some mounting system where it would, but there isn’t one A 10 would float above your No, there Nobody makes, I’m not satisfied with what’s out there to drill through my roof again and do and deal with all that. And the, the gutters on those aren’t strong enough for any real weight. So it’s not, and and I can’t put it my garage and it needs to be in my garage 

So it is what it is. It’s, and the shift pod’s been great and I actually bought a really stupidly, stupidly freaking stupidly expensive co like dumb. Like I like. Why would you spend that much money on a cot? I have An Army co, well actually my wife bought, no, I’m gonna ask. She bought like four Army cots, the green ones that fold. They go in the little green canvas bag and I think they were 35 bucks a piece. Something like that. What was your co This is 10 times that, Excuse me. So Made from a company from ox, it’s made out of aluminum and just very high end made for backpackers and things like that.

I’ve been researching cots for like six months cuz when I went and slept in the Shift pod and being back on the floor, I’m like, I love the Shift pod. It’s dark, it’s insulated, it’s comfortable, it’s quiet. It sets up faster than a rooftop 10 or as fast and puts away just as fast as a rooftop 10. They’re great, but I don’t like being on the, on the ground. And so I researched mattresses or air mattress. So I, I settled on a mega mat, which is like the cream of the crop. Everybody, which I spent a ridiculous amount of money on. Now this Is like a memory foam. It’s Foam and air together and it’s like the gold standard. Everybody will tell you on all the forums Mega Matt one to get Mega Matt. Mega Matt. Now there’s some other stuff at Rory. I make some stuff Therma rest, make some stuff.

But I, I ended up getting the mega batt and I’m a side sleeper and the only thing I didn’t like about it was I could bottom out my shoulder a little bit and I could still feel the ground and I could air it up to where I didn’t, cuz it’s like three inches thick. But then it was too hard and I didn’t sink into it. And so that’s the worst when there’s a rock in your shoulder. And so I’m like, you know what? I just wanna be off the ground. So they started researching cots for the price of a really nice home mattress. I literally have a sleeping pad and a cot. And let me tell you, those two things together were the best night’s sleep camping I’ve ever had. It was like zen. I woke up refreshed, I could side sleep. They were perfect. They’re easy to set up and take down. What, what is the mattress made out of?


It’s memory foam and air. Okay. So if you blow it up and maybe you put it on top of the cot and the cots above the ground. But now the cot is, is really narrow or side is size like a twin bed? No, no, no. It’s, it’s a one person wide cot. You spent over $300 on a cot. I spent over $700 on sleeping comfort. Yep. That’s my sleeping arrangement. And the 3 92 in technical driving gets horrible fuel economy. Although in over landing, just, you know, like it likes to really be at 20, 30 miles per hour going down dirt roads. It’ll do like 10, that’s fine.


But in rock crawling, putting extra fuel. That’s what I’m saying. That’s funny. I don’t recall asking for A really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really rare, Silly, silly, boring story. My God. Well just wait till I have to explain how long it took me to take all the mud off of it and what the Jeep actually looks like underneath it. No idea. All right, well we need to get to the intro and then to Nick, because I can see him through our glass door. So he’s hanging outside our, the pod shed people are now, they’re like lightning. Just get over. It’s the podge, it’s the pod yet sucks. No, it doesn’t suck. Sucks for me. It has steer horns in it that you, you cooled it up. I mean it is cool in here, but I just don’t like the name.


Okay, well it’s the pod yet. It is what it is now. It sucks. Speaking of names. Yep. You didn’t like Yummy gas either. And all of a sudden you pull up to my house and Yummy Gas is the license plate on the tx. And you know the chick from AAA called? She, she’s like four times and she says, are you gonna get your plates? We have ’em here. I said, yeah, I’ll get ’em. Cuz you know what my, my other plate, the one I don’t think I’ve talked about which much, which is stupid. Which I like that one I placed at the DMV and it, it’s, it says it’s in process. I don’t know if I’ll ever get it. So I just went and got it. I got yummy gas. So Yummy Gas went on your truck, you posted on Instagram? I did 100% of people. 10 out of 10 would do it again. Everybody’s like, that’s the best plate ever. That’s rat. Oh that’s so funny. And I feel vindicated.


Yeah. I’m giving myself a bell for yummy gas cuz that is a great plate on that thing. Well it’s on there and I’m rocking it. Good until you, until you get the other the bro par. Ah, are you spoiling it? I mean you could beef it out and we talked about it. I can’t remember. I don’t remember. We you keep it out. Well yeah bro. Par I’ve already ordered it so you can’t get it. Are you gonna swap plates because you like Bro Par by the way, I think I am going to do a poll and ask what the people like. Bro Pars down. I love Bro Par cuz it makes fun of me. It makes fun of other guys. I love self-deprecating humor. I always, that’s, That’s not self-deprecating. Yeah, it is. Nah. What do you guys think of Bro Par? I think it’s funny. I think Yummy Gas is the winner for sure. Well, Yummy Gas on the tx. I’m rocking it like I’m doing it right now.


Yeah, but you’re, You’re, you’re vacillating what? I’m vaccinated whether You get taken off. We need To get to the intro. It’s like almost 20 minutes into the Sherry Nick. All right, all here we go. Alright. You guys have sent us a ton of hashtag Frontier spotting email. So we’ll get to those later in the show. Frontiers everywhere, including my driveway right now. If you are looking for a mid-size truck, you definitely want to go down to your local Nissan dealer and check out the Nissan Frontier where you can experience zero gravity seats. The Feder audio system, the util track bed tie down system Spray and Bedliner, and the Pro four x. My favorite model, you get Bill Steins and Dana 44 rear axle with a e locker as well as full skid plating. It’s a great track.


Spent almost 200 miles off road and one and was like, yep. Totally rock one of these. And if You see one on the road, take a photo of it and email that photo to us truck show podcast And your man, lightning over here is gonna send you a couple of truck show podcast stickers. By the way, I’ve already sent out almost two dozen sets to listeners who have emailed us all sorts of photos of frontiers all around the country. You Guys rock. So if you’re interested in Frontier, you can head on down your local Nissan dealer where you can participate in hashtag Frontier spotting if you want Cheat. And That’s not fair Podcast supposed be you’re supposed to take the photo from your truck out of your windshield side to side windows at the Nissan window. No, not at the Nissan. Yes. It drives them to the Nissan dealership.


One guy tried that already. I’m like, all right. Yeah, I’ll give you the stickers, but don’t, don’t do that. Smart. Don’t drive to the Nissan dealer. Smart. Unless you tend to buy one smart Or head to nissan Yeah. All right. And if you’ve, if you’re driving a truck that’s got a lot of throttle latency, it’s just, it’s pedal lag city, you need a bank’s pedal monster. It gets rid of all of that Turbo lag. Who’s the mayor of Pedal lag City? Is it pedal lag? Is it Joe Big Turbo or Joe Big Turbo? It is. It’s Mr. EcoDiesel. Was that EcoDiesel? Are I, I’ve said it before in this show. Great engines, but my God, you could grow a beard faster than you’ll get to 60 that To the Gen one one. Holy Crap. If you’ve got an EcoDiesel, you, you Should be required to get a pedal monster if Or if you drive at LM two or L Z zero, which is the three liter grain engine again.


But those three liter diesels just Woo. Well listen, the good news is banks has what you need Pedal monsters for not only trucks, but all sorts of applications. Just insert your year, make model on the website and you can fight out the availability of the pedal monster for your And to thank you to our friends over at Full Moon Digital who’ve been helping us with our SEO and our social. So if you’ve got a company and you need us some search engine optimization help, or you wanna extend your reach and talk to more new potential customers, head over to full moon where Derek and the team, we’ll take good care of you. The truck show, we’re gonna show you what we know.


We’re gonna answer what the truck cause truck runs with <unk> the truck show. We have the lifted, we have the lower net. Everything in between. We’ll talk about trucks that run on diesel and the ones that run on gasoline. The truck show. The truck show. The truck show. Whoa, whoa. It’s the truck show with your hosts Lightning and Holman. You’re gonna make him wait, bring him in. No, he has to wait till the intro’s done.


Stupid. Now he can come in. Mr. Nick Leon from Buds Diesel, welcome to the pod shed. Oh dear God, I’m calling at the pod shed. Oh my God. Wait a minute. Hold on a second. I can counteract that. Well, you have to put something in your mouth. No, Hold on. Ooh, What’s he doing? He’s Getting low. No, you don’t get a bell. Yeah, I got my own bell. I’m not a trucker. No, no, no, no. Yeah, I got a bell. Let no, you’re not taping my bell. Let me see. I’m touching my bell. You don’t get a bell and the board, that’s the deal. I get both. Okay. Okay. Yep. Stand. Okay. It’s off to the side. We’re lighting. That’s not even cool.


Fond it. Did You just see that Nick? You just UPS gotted with my, my bell. You Can’t have a Good bell. My wife got me that bell. Well, Good for your wife. It’s a good bell. It is a good bell. But that’s not the truck show podcast bell. I’m sorry. This one is, So, Nick, welcome to the studio. We’ve got a quick Andre, don’t move. It’s never used. Don’t ruin it. Well, I didn’t know you had me turned up all the way. Normally you’ve turned me down.


I always turn, wait, hold on. What? That was an Unfortunate phrasing right there. That’s Exactly right. See, look, you have, you can do that with the board. You don’t, you don’t need a bell. So Mr. Nick Leon from a Midway City’s buds Diesel, we go back, how many years would you say? Oh, I would say probably 20. No, not that long, but a long time before your Chevy we built for sema. I think we go back to my oh three Chevy. Yes. That’s 20 years. Yes. That’s the one we talked about last week. The old crew cab. Bassani Derma. No Gas truck. Yeah. Gas. Gas truck. My six liter with a vortex Supercharger. Yeah.


It’s been a while. Yeah. And so you’ve been working with all of the magazines that Holman’s been at for maybe longer, right? Yes, yes, Yes. Diesel Power and some four-wheeler stuff in there. And all the, all the magazines that don’t exist anymore. That’s true. Which is, yeah, wasn’t my fault, I promise. So now Bud’s Diesel, for those who don’t know are not in the Huntington Beach area because Midway City’s not, not a thing I would make. I wouldn’t even, I wouldn’t even say that. I would say anybody in North Orange County. I mean this is the, they’re the go-to shop. Anytime. I’ve had friends who are like, Hey, I got a diesel issue. Boom. Buds like just buds. They Are the authority. Right. So every community I think around the country has the diesel shop. Yeah. Staple. The staple. Yeah. You guys are that.


I’ve sent people from the San Fernando Valley down, which is 45 miles, 50 miles the north of LA people from south or from north San Diego, which is 60 miles down the other side of you. So you guys are well respected and like I said, there is one of these in every community and for whatever reason, and Yours is mine. Yeah. A little bit. Yeah. Yeah. It’s amazing what our reach is with such a small amount of marketing. So much word of mouth. Right. That’s 90% of our business. Nick, how did you get hooked up with Bud’s Diesel and why the hell isn’t Bud here? No, I’m just giving you a hard time. Years ago, really, my mom knew when my mom’s in the automotive industry, she has her own business, she had told me, Hey, I know this guy runs a diesel shop.


He had a service manager there and he was just stealing from him. He’s looking to open another shop and he really needs somebody that’s gonna not only have his back, but kind of know the ins and outs of the wholesale side of the business and help him grow. Him and I got hooked up and that was kind of the beginning. That was our origin story for the first couple years. It was just kind of like, Hey, stand around, do your job and listen. Were You thinking it was just gonna be a, just a side hustle gig or just a part time? Were you in school? I mean, would’ve Been finished school. I was early twenties. Just come out of doing something totally different. And it was more of like, let me help him get his feet on the ground while I figure out what, what’s next. Were you A male model?


No, but I was aspiring Okay. You know, that was the goal. And it just blossomed. It learned as much as I could and organically just kind of took over. So You didn’t know anything about diesel? Not as much. No. Automotive industry. Yes. My family’s been in the business for years. My grandpa owned a body shop. My mom’s still in the industry. So it was just kind of fitting. But diesel’s was totally new to the industry. So you didn’t understand the difference between, at, at that point, the, the mechanics behind the, the differences between a diesel and a gas engine, for example, Surface level. Yes, of course. So you knew it didn’t have spark plug. Right. Of course. Of course. You, you understand just the general diesel and gas are different.


This is kind of what makes them different. But everything in in between of six OHS to dm, access to LB seven s and every engine code and all these other things that we’ve learned over the years, I had no idea about, Well you are the expert in this area and I’ve called you from banks asking questions. Yeah. Like when we didn’t have the answer because Asking questions or asking for help. Both, I think. Both. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, for sure. I mean, we’re, we’re not, we’re not bashful. Like I’ll, if I don’t have an answer, I’ll, I’ll call whoever does. We’ll get the answer. And Nick is just around so many diesels of every ilk. Like if he doesn’t have the answer, he can find, he’s got a customer with the truck. Right, Right. He’s the gateway guy. Yeah. And it’s not, I think so, and it’s not bs.


It’s, I don’t know the answer. Let me try to find out. Yeah, right. You know, let me, let me look into it. Let me do some research, which is Totally different than how Lightning conducts himself. Let me fill in the blanks with something that sounds good. And then if I get caught, then I’ll, then I’ll backtrack. I’ll tell a new story. Yeah, that’s exactly Right. That’s the problem. Part of the problem with the industry, right? People don’t say they don’t know. I think that’s fair. I think there’s a lot of people out there. I think there’s a lot of customers, well When they, when they say, I don’t know, on Facebook, they get scolded. Well, That’s what I’m saying. Right? The problem, the problem is that social media hoses you, because if you say it, I don’t know, then people think that you’re less credible in the space, even though it might be just a question you don’t know. Not that you don’t know everything else. Right.


Right. And they’re gonna excoriate you. You know? And so you’re caught in this, like a lot of these questions are asked in public, somebody tags you and then what are you gonna, oh, I don’t know. And then all of a sudden you lose that credibility, then they’re, oh, that guy, he works at the shop and Right. He doesn’t, he he doesn’t know. But then I think it forces people to kind of talk from their butt, right. Just to fill in the, the, the space and then people catch on and call you out and be like, dude, you actually dunno what you’re talking about. Yeah. And then On the other side of it is, you, you worry, you have this anxiety of what you’re gonna say in a public space. And if you’re gonna be ridiculed for, if somebody’s gonna have a different opinion, you sit there looking at Instagram, trying to come up with a response and you’re going, oh man, I was, what if somebody says this, this and that, This and that. I was a magazine guy for 20 plus years.


There will be people attack me, I’ll answer. And there’s times where I’ll go back and edit it. Not because I didn’t think my answer was wrong, but because it wasn’t clear or could be misconstrued. I’m like, oh, I don’t, that’s not how I wanted to say that. Right. And it’s hard cuz I, I constantly second guessed my, and there’s been plenty of times where I said something somebody, well no, that blah blah blah. I’m like, oh, you’re right. Yeah. Sorry. Hey, admitting the mistake, being able to change. You never stopped learning in this industry. Ever. I agree. And, and you know, we’ve really been trying to focus on some of our blog posts on our website. And this was a big thing that came up biodiesel. Right. 20 times a day I get phone calls from customers, Hey, where can I go get regular diesel number two? Because Here in SoCal, especially Orange County, about what, a year ago or so?


Yeah. All of the pumps basically have some bio in it. 90, about 90%. Yeah. Yeah. And, and it’s so hard to find straight diesel now it’s even B 20 or more and it’ll say on their renewable diesel. Right. So there is a difference from biodiesel to renewable. Two totally different fuels. Yep. So we got the phone call all the time. So literally for I think probably three and a half weeks I did nothing but research biodiesel. Yeah. And wrote a huge blog post about it on our website to try to give customers my unbiased opinion from the research I did. This might not be the same for everybody, but this is the information I found. Yeah. These are the customers that might benefit from it and these are the people that maybe you should try not to use it or it’s not a good product to use in this or, Or by the way aspect where we live at the coast where the weather is really mild, you don’t have to worry about gelling and it’s not super hot.


You don’t have to worry about algae and you don’t have to worry about on and on and on. You might be okay with it. But yeah. We drive our trucks. Yeah. And I think people are sensitive because diesel in general over the years Yeah. Has started to get a, a reputation for being fragile For sure. And so they don’t wanna put anything they don’t know about now for sure. Person who lives up in the mountains or the person who lives out in the hot desert, they may not wanna touch the stuff. Right. But for daily driving around town here’s Right. Probably. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I, I agree. Our audience is listening along going, I don’t know the answer. So what up Nick? The answer is if you have construction equipment or a motor home, try not to use it. Don’t put it in things that are going to sit for an extended period of time Because it will grow algae.


Correct. Okay. But so can regular diesel fuel. Sure. This isn’t a new thing to the industry. If you live in cold climates, make sure you’re running a winter additive. We should be doing that anyways. Going to mammoth, you’re going to any cold climate, you should run a winter fuel additive. Even though they say most diesel fuels winterize. If you’re buying fuel there, look at your dually. How many gallons did it hold? 110 gallons. Yeah. We 99 gallons on board. Okay. Yeah. So you take that to mammoth you, you’re not getting winterized fuel. You got fuel that you got in Orange County or LA County. Exactly. For the other customers it’s running like a biocide additive, you know, diesel clean makes one. Yeah. Specifically for biodiesel. Now what about the time when I actually wanted algae and I sucked up water at a crappy US fuel station.


And then I had to, it Sounded like to me that that was mission accomplishment. You got exactly what you’re looking for. Yeah. Didn’t you? And I don’t, did you and I speak back then when it was, I, so I filled up, I was running late. Were you? No, I wasn’t, dude. I was, I think I filled up actually over by banks somewhere before, this is before I worked there and I built the rock crusher, the big dually and I sucked up water at a gas station and didn’t know it and it Oh for sure conked out on the, on the freeway starting. And I called Gail and said, here’s sorry to bother you. And cuz I didn’t know him all that well at that time. Right. And he said, my truck’s doing this. And he goes, do you think you have water in your fuel? I’m like, it’s possibly. He goes, don’t drive it. Flatbed back here. Yeah. It destroyed all eight injectors.


Yep. The high pressure fuel pump. Yep. The fuel lines. We had to drop the 65 gallon Titan tank and the six and the 33 gallon Titan tank. Yeah. The spare tire tank. The spare tire tank. Yeah. And we had to clean ’em all out and you know, we found algae really algae. So we’d been in there for, for some time And you know, that’s a big thing we, I try to tell customers in general, if you’re fueling up, go to the place where all the diesel trucks go. Yeah, exactly. Cuz A, they trust it. Yep. And b, they’re probably getting a fresh load of fuel every couple days blowing Through it. Yeah. Right. You don’t want to be getting fuel from tanks that have been sitting. Yeah. Or that the, the corner gas station where diesel super expensive and then you have like 10 miles in the empty so you risk it and you’re like, oh okay, I’ll just go with these guys.


Right. Yeah, exactly. And you’re like Uhoh, There’s a lot that goes into fuel and, and the quality of fuel and and those sort of things. Biodiesel, if you never use it and you use it, replace your fuel filter after your first tank and that’s it. That’s It. That’s it. I mean that seems pretty simple. Yeah. It’s basically like a de-greaser. It’s going to act as yeah’s gonna push Everything through. Yep. And you hope you have a good filter on there. Is that okay? Yeah, for sure. It’s Not as bad as running gasoline which will destroy everything. Right. Late, late. I know what happens. All can I guess. Can I guess of Course you can. How often it, it’s gotta be happening with the 15 hundreds because a lot of new diesel owners I find are buying the 15 hundreds cuz they’re a a little less expensive.


Right. And b, they don’t need all that truck. Right. So they’re buying something that’s 15, $20,000 less. They’re getting a three a three liter, whether it’s the Ram or the Duramax or maybe it’s the smaller little two eights. Right. Or the Colorado. Right. Or or the Ford that didn’t go anywhere for a minute. Right, right. Unfortunately. Yeah. Are Those the people that are coming or is it happening everyone? No, I Think it’s happening to everyone. I was gonna say it’s the, the SUVs, the German cars. Right. Where you swapped over from a Mercedes to a diesel Mercedes or something like that and boom. Cause I’ve seen that a ton. Yeah. That’s not really the market we service. Yeah. So I can’t speak to that. We do get gasoline contamination probably two or three times a month and it’s Probably the guy who loaned his truck out to a buddy.


Right. Or a worker that wasn’t paying attention or somebody that just has a lot going on in their life. Yeah. But the most common lately has been d f fluid in the I’ve heard that. Oh. Especially with Chevy. You know, for years Chevy had the DF fluid in the under, Under the hood. People Complained. Yeah, I hate this. Right. So they moved it to the door And now guess what everybody’s putting. But You really have to try because the DF opening is, it’s so tiny ti in a little cap on it. They do it anyway. And every, every time. Literally last week I had one the week before that I had one. So is it Worse than gasoline? What does it do when it’s in there? Yes. It’s gotta crystallize. That’s, that’s what I’m getting at. Yeah. Fluids exposed to oxygen, it crystals. Boom. So your tank was full.


Once we start to, if you’re the customer that’s like, I’m not gonna take it to the shop, I’m gonna try to do it myself. They suck it out. Oh, all that’s all over the sending unit inside the tank. Yeah. Oh, Crystallizes Quick, quickly. I was, you know, I drive cross country a few times a year and the last time I had a diesel truck and I did that, pulled up to the pilot and I’m like, you know, all the consumer spots were taken. So I just pulled up with the truckers and go to fill up and I pulled out the d e f because I had like, you know, oh, you guys starting to get the warnings a hundred miles until your engine shuts down. Which is that means you were low. Well It was really low and I pulled out in the, it looked like the entire hose for the df cuz it wasn’t the blue def in a, in a box I wanted to do it was a pump.


It was looked like an ice storm had frozen it the whole thing over. Yeah. It was everywhere. It was on the ground. It was dripping all over the outside. It’s like that at all of ’em. Oh, it’s so bad. I go across the country. Yeah. It’s so Bad. It’s, it’s Definitely, is it safe to assume that every one of our listeners understands diesel exhaust fluid? What it is? I would hope so. It’s, it’s urea, it’s pigs basically, right? Yeah. Well isn’t it? No, A lot of it is real pig urine that they’re capturing. I don’t know that it’s pig it’s urea. It’s urea, but it’s, Yeah, I think they’ve kind Of synthesized it. Yes. Now, okay. Yeah. Before in the early stages for sure it was so df fluid contamination, probably the most common type of contamination we’re seeing in some of these trucks that have, you know, CP four pumps, the super duties and the powers and the derm maxes.


It’s even worse for ’em. Ugh, You’re bad. So you’re running it through a CP four And the CP four is already having Property. It’s, It’s The time bomb. Yeah. Yeah. Dodges put ’em in their new trucks. Go figure. Mm. Well well I heard they were taking ’em out on some of the recalled ones. We’re getting CP three s in there now. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. And then we gotta talk to the guys at SNS Diesel because they’ve, they’ve got their bulletproof kits. Oh yeah. Yeah. Are doing, it’s funny, it reminds me of the time that I was at the Cummins factory and there was a like pallet rack on the ground next to where the, the fuel pump insulation part was. And blocks are coming down, they’re grabbing the pumps and they’re bolting ’em on. And it was hundreds in like a big cube right in front of me. And I’m going, if I could just take that home and just leave it in the garage.


Yeah. I would be rich in a few years. That’s True. Yeah. SNS diesel, first thing I did when I got my Ford 67, literally the first day put a bypass kit on, I wasn’t taking any chance. Brand new what year? No, 2016. Okay. 16. Yeah. So I got it years ago. Okay. But it was still the first thing I did. And I tell customers that. Now let me ask you this. So being inside, and this is great because I was gonna ask you some of the things like what the main question I wanted to ask you was like, what are the most common problems? But we’re getting to all these, which is great. So with the CP four, the CP four in like the EcoDiesel, the lift pump was really fragile, right. From what I understand, I could be wrong, but I believe that the lift pump was fragile and the lift pump would die.


Right. And then send air up the line. Right. Create a fuel starvation. Right. Fuel starvation. Yeah. And the CP four pump relied on the fuel to lubricate it. Correct? Right. Correct. Okay. So as soon as it goes, I, I don’t know how long, A couple of seconds. Half a minute and whatever. Yeah, It can, it can be that fast. Fast. And it’s running out of, it’s not able to lubricate itself. Right. It, it grenades from the inside out. Yep. And it sends shrapnel into the rest of the fuel system. Yep. Yeah. Plugs the injectors inflow, metal And I mean it’s everything downstream. Yep. So like when you have a pump failure, so the Jeeps had it, the EcoDiesel and the Rams had it, it would like to lightings point grenade and send shrapnel, but it wasn’t like it diesels sticky and metal particles like to stay suspended in it.


Yeah. And there’s nothing you can do. It goes down the fuel rail, the injectors, it goes everywhere Back in the tank. I, I had a friend who had one go in a gladiator. They have to take the whole cab off of the truck just like a super duty because it’s, I think it’s a hot V on that. Right. It’s on the backside of the engine. Yep. And they had to do everything downstream of the pump, which included all the high pressure fuel rails, the injectors. He said that the bill, if he would’ve been charged, was like $21,000 from the dealer for the warranty work. That’s crazy. I mean that’s, that’s like in, that’s that’s a nice new, you know, used car truck. I agree. Yeah. For the derm maxes and power strokes, we see anywhere from 10 to 14,000 for the repair as the truck comes in.


But we do it different than the dealer does than even other repair shops do. We have a different process and the one thing I see them consistently miss is fuel sending units. They never replaced them, they never cleaned them. I had a customer with a dmax that was going through a lemon law lawsuit against Chevy, had the fuel system replaced three times in 14,000 miles. Two of the times the truck never left the dealer finally after being at the dealer for a year and a half, he towed it over. He’s like, Hey, I need help pulled a fuel sample. There’s metal in your fuel. He goes, they just did it. I said, I don’t know what to tell you but I can’t go off of what they did.


Yeah. I can go off of what I see what, you know. Yeah. There’s Metal in the fuel and we have to do it our way. Pull the fuel sending unit out and you know, if you ever seen a fuel sending unit, if you look at the top view. Yeah. Just there’s so many cracks and crevices. Sure. If you don’t replace it, how are you gonna get the metal out? Yeah. It’s impossible. I wonder are they’re just being Laz or it’s just part not part of the protocol. So is that from, that’s probably just not part of their protocol. Is that from the return pump? Yeah. Sending basically contaminated fuel right back into the fuel tank. Yep. Because I guess you don’t even think about that. Right. And They’ve all got returns, right? Yeah. I mean every single, it’s, it’s for Those people. If you’re not using it, it goes right back the tank. I Think for a lot of people that don’t wrench on cars, cuz I gotta be honest, when I started I didn’t know that much about engines and how they, and how they truly worked. And I didn’t know that they all had returns.


Right. I just assumed all the fuel got pushed into the, into the, into the cylinder and that’s where it burnt up and came out as exhaust. I didn’t realize that it, it made a, you know, a full circle back to the tank again. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. You know, call me an idiot, but I didn’t know. No, no, no. And, and yeah that makes perfect sense that that metals, that shrapnel is any right. Back in the tank And then you start all over again. Yep. So all that labor and all that work, just So now I don’t hear it happening in the DAXs as much because they were they held out Compared to, Compared to the Rams, The lighter duty ones, like the 15 hundreds you mean? Yeah. So I started talking about the 15 hundreds, but you’re seeing it in, in the 25 and 35 hundreds the most. Yes. Right. Right. All The hds And obviously Chevy did the best going L five P and completely ditching bo with the fuel system.


So Right. You know, that’s not a concern for Chevy anymore, but we don’t see it very much in the 15 hundreds. And our customer base for light duty diesels is, is very small. So I have a question I’m reading up on the forums. I’m in Facebook groups, especially in the Jeep groups, the RAM groups, so all the eco-diesel stuff. Yeah. And the big question is, do I put additives in my fuel system? There’s like people doing impromptu poles where they’re like 50 people, so-and-so has this many miles and so-and-so has this many miles and this is where this failure is. This is where Trying to alleviate the CP four pump Failure. Well, trying to figure out. Yeah, exactly. So trying to figure out is there a hotspot in the country? What’s, what’s the, you know, is it low sulfur diesel?


Is it, well, what’s causing it Right? When it’s the pump design itself and all these people are saying, well I’ve been using x, y, Z diesel additive and mine is I’m at 80,000 miles. Right. And I’m fine. Yeah. But what people don’t realize is A, the, the design’s bad of course and b, somebody at 80,000 miles and everybody else has 30 probably means there’s steady state on the freeway. Yep. And that pump isn’t going through variable start stop. Correct. Of loading and setting fuel to the engine. Right. So somebody with 30 miles or 30,000 miles who’s been commuting, who is doing 20 miles a day, if that Yeah. There’s a lot more wear on that pump than somebody’s doing 80,000. So they’re trying to extrapolate out of that. Oh well the mileage is the different, but it’s not Honestly, why even have the conversation?


You know, it’s a problem. There’s lots of information out there. Right. Bosch released scar ratings in ultra low sulfurs, too low for the CP four pump. This pump will not work in a North America market. Oh. Manufacturers, We don’t care. Hmm. We’re gonna use it. Is that why, I guess Lanis went back to CP three on some of the warranty stuff? Or is that just cuz that was available? I don’t know. I’m not sure. I would imagine because I, I, that was my understanding is some of the trucks were being replaced in warranty within with the old CP three style. Right. So you, You, so Eddie’s life, he’s one of our friends down in north east San Diego. He bought a brand new, this was in 20, 21, 22.


Soon as he bought it, he got the recall notice. A ram. A ram, sorry. Yes. Hundred 3500 2500. Okay. Yep. Actually no, it’s a 3,500. Okay. Well same thing. Like, So anyway, yes, Cummins versus he bought himself the CP three, put it in himself right away and then charged RAM for Oh wow. And They’re like, and they’ll put you back and they did Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Paid him back for that’s, they said as part of the recall there’s that, and there’s another recall that happened, maybe the heater grid where they said, if, if you can document that you had the dealer do this deal and that’s what got you on the road, blah blah, blah, we’ll reimburse you send it to these people. So Yeah. Fuel additives help, you know, increasing CTA is increasing lubrication.


Yes. It’s gonna help but every moving part fails. Yeah. It’s only a matter of time. Yeah. So when did you start doing the CP four to CP three conversions? As soon as it became carb legal. So was that really a carb issue? Yeah, it’s a fuel system. Oh, Don’t get me started. That’s crazy. All it is is a pump that’s pushing fuel down the line heat. It’s amazing that that’s an issue. If We’re gonna talk about one of the biggest problems right now, it’s that Oh for sure I’ve Carb California Air Resource board Because there’s no spirit of the law. There’s only letter of the law. Right. So they enforce stupid things that don’t. Okay. For perfect example, for those of you who don’t live in California, and this will be our, our section of the podcast for California Pomp business. If you put in a, There’s one of the reason number 994 why you guys hate California, right?


Yeah, exactly. Let’s say you have a 2005 whatever Yeah. And you put in a 1999 whatever engine swap and that engine is cleaner than what you took out. It is still illegal in California. You have to do what the same year or newer with whatever emissions equipment that engine had on it. Right. You can’t take a cleaner older engine and do the swap and you’re going, but I thought the whole point of this was to lower my emissions. Yeah. And this is Oh no, no, you can’t do that. And that’s where I get into this thing where it’s, it’s asinine. I agree. And some of the rules, they’re so stupid. I agree. I wish we could sit down and come up with something that that is actually beneficial for. But everybody, you could have, And, and correct me if I’m wrong, you could have two identical Cummins engines.


Yep. So you could have, let’s, let’s just call it for, you know, the sake of argument. You had a 2011 cums truck came in and it blew the engine and you’ve got a perfectly good 2010 donor and you can’t swap those in California. You can probably do the block. Right. But you can the whole system Buy it depends. I guess it depends if you’re going used Yeah. Before buying like a new remanufactured long block, they’re gonna cover five years. Yeah. So there’s, there’s not much say in that. And thankfully, thankfully, yeah. I haven’t seen a car being enforced for engine replacements yet. Yeah. But something so simple, right. Direct Replacement. No, they have not been. But if You’re go into a junkyard, they Don’t police that And you’re gonna go pull something, it’s gotta be the same year or, or new can’t get used.


Used. Don’t, can’t get used, cats can’t get used dps, those sort of things. Yeah. They don’t Like swaps. Yeah. So they don’t like just a swap for The six. Unless, unless it’s EV then, then they let true. The latest thing I’ve been coming across is for six os. Right. When we do bulletproofing, you know, a term I’m sure Alex Right. Power stroke tech from a couple episodes ago. Arod, Arod, Arod. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You know, he even said it like, oh, I’d rather have a six oh than a six four. Right. So when we do six oh bulletproofing, most of the time we’re doing an engine reseal and replacing the lifters. If the six oh’s gonna have a catastrophic failure, most of the time it’s coming from the lifters. Now most of the companies that made lifters we’re talking mall.


We’re talking like Good companies Powerstroke Products. Yeah. These companies are known providing you an oem quality OEM like part or better. Or better. Oh, you’re about to tell me that they don’t have carb Eos, I can’t get ’em. Oh, Literally. So We’ve talked about it before. So it’s called, it’s an EO executive order. And this means that carb, they don’t certify anything carb, they just say it meets our emissions standards, our minimum standards that we have set in the state. And so they, they do their testing and they hand you a certificate and a carb EO number. Yep. And that’s associated with par. Right. And that might take as much as $25,000 to get that. Right. And, and I think that’s where, so there’s a lot of these problem is there’s A lot of companies out there who have engineered their part to be carb compliant, but don’t have the money for the testing and therefore can’t sell it.


Yep. Now if magically the, you know, the, the revenue ferry came and sprinkled some carb benjamins on them and they could go do it, their part would pass. Right. But because they don’t have the extortion money, I mean, they don’t have the fee that it would take to get it certified. Even though that part being in there has nothing to do with emissions. Doesn’t change emissions if it’s not owed. Yeah. You’re, you’re outta luck. And I think the thing is, if it’s a cash grab for carb, just add the tax to our registration, all of us will gladly pay It. See, I don’t think it’s a cash grab. I I gotta be honest, guys being on this side of it, I don’t see it as a cash grab. I see it as they, they just are in no hurry to help the industry No. To help the aftermarket. Right. Not even that to help the industry.


No, I Disagree Because No, they’re not, they, they, CARB doesn’t have it. Carb doesn’t, other than whatever California emissions are for the vehicle rolling off the assembly line. Yeah. They, they don’t really have the focus on the thing that stymies all of us is all the aftermarket parts, not the, not the OE parts. Right. They’re the No, they’re, they’re almost, it’s almost to a point right now we’re gonna go back to that 49 state thing. You remember that when we were kids, you could buy a 49 federal Trucks. Yeah. You can Buy 49 state vehicle or California Right. Emissions compliant vehicle, which still I had a motorcycle that was, that was 49 state. I had to buy it in Arizona and bring it in with an Arizona plane on. Yeah. And as, as so many people did back then. You sure you want to say that out loud?


It’s statute limitations over. Right. Are you Hope I would just like part that aren’t affecting the emissions of the truck to be available. Yeah. I’m just trying to give the customer the best repair I can give them. Exactly. To help them have their money go the furthest let me help the customer. I’m not trying to do DPF deletes. I’m not trying to do EGR cooler deletes. I’m not trying to do any of these things. I’m just trying to fix their truck, Get back on the road and Pay the crazy price that Ford charges for a set of lifters. Yeah. And that way it protects the, the oe. Yeah. And, and it eliminates the like, bar in the aftermarket. I Don’t think they’re trying to protect the oe. I don’t, I don’t think That’s, but that’s, they’re to Protect the oe.


But I, that’s not what I said, number one. Number two, I don’t think the, whether they are the art that’s the unintended co you know, consequence of it. I think the people at CARB are doing what they believe is good. I believe that they’re trying to keep our skies blue. Oh no, no. I’m Nobody’s arguing that lighting. I Agree with you 100%. But think that they’re the, they’re, they would be okay. There was a time that there were motor sports enthusiasts at carb. There really were back in the eighties. Right. In early nineties from, well Now they’re working with sema, where’s, And so sema And now I think that there are a lot of people that are just there that are trying to clean up the environment and they’d be okay if everyone rode a bicycle and had electric cars.


Well, we can’t Do that here Unless you wanna get run over. I, I, I don’t. So I, I don’t know. How did it get to where it is now? Like every, it’s, it’s so hard to make parts legally, You know, I heard a story once Bulletproof Diesel was trying to get their cumin six 70 JAR coolers passed. Right. Part of the thing was you had to test their product up against two OE products, the same product. And that’s how they did the testing. This was 2011 or 12 when this happened. Okay. The story I heard was during the testing, the Bulletproof Diesel EGR cooler outperformed the two OE Mopar EEG R coolers.


One of the EG r coolers didn’t even pass. I’m not surprised. Where’s the accountability from Mopar during that? So I’m sure there wasn’t, anyway, I don’t know if this is a secret or not, but in It won’t be. Now, when you receive, When you receive an eo, part of the agreement that you have, as you publicize that EO number for your part as an aftermarket parts manufacturer, is you may not use the phrase exceeds or is better than Right.


Than we. So if we make a part at banks, that is, that is better at, at preventing emissions. It’s cleaner than an oe. Right. We are not permitted to say that. Yeah. That states it’s like in writing. Right. Which I understand, but that goes back. But why Sean was Saying, I don’t know that I understand. That goes back To what Sean’s saying is protecting the oe. Right? Yeah. Lightning just proved your point. Hit the be I, I don’t know. Hold On. He, he caught himself in his own trap and now lightning himself out of it. I don’t know. I don’t think it’s protecting the OE i’s protecting the people at CARB who set the standard for the oes. Because if we are able to beat that standard, it makes carb look bad for setting a standard that could be beaten.


Well, or they could look at it and go, wow, everybody should have this part. Cause it’s actually better than what we survive. But was it CARB that set the standard or was it the EPA that’s at the standard? If it’s in California, that’s an EGR cooler. If It’s in California, then it’s carb. Yeah. Yeah. Dude, it’s, they carry a lot of weight, my Friends. Oh, I know. Oh, I know. Way too much. I Mean, that’s, again, that’s why everyone points Finger our friendly visits from the epa. I’m, let’s, Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk, so everyone talks about the epa because the EPA will go out with Department of Justice. Right. And they don’t, they go like to a person, an officer of the epa.


It’s not really an officer. So it’s an EPA personnel official. Official, Yeah. And then because they don’t really have the authority to police shops and such, they have to go out with a DOJ person. Is that correct? I’ve Never had, I’ve recently had, let’s say, two EPA visits. Right. Okay. It was multiple representatives from the EPA that showed up both times. I think it was the first time it was four. And the last time it was three. Did they look like EPA folk or were they wearing flip flops? Because I Kind of unassuming. I, I mean, Did they pull up in a truck and go, Hey bro, no. How can get deleted? No. No. So check it out.


Like I have had, I’ve heard of herd accounts where they roll up with two dudes in flip flops with a deleted truck rolling coal. And they ask, you know, where, where can we get a delete done or where can we get a turbo system? Whatever. And then they come back later and they show the badge, Honestly. So they show up, what happens. Hi, we’re from the epa, can we speak to your manager please? And you the Manager. I’m like, hold on one second. And Then you turn your hat around and you spin back around. Right, right, right. And you know, it’s pretty simple. Really. They’re, they’re looking for us actively deleting trucks. Right. Which of course we’re not doing. You guys aren’t doing. And you’re like, no, you’re like, we don’t even have a container of old ones back there.


No. Right. Like, we have nothing. Right, Right. Walk, Walk around. Yeah. Because you know how it is here. Oh, dude. You get hundred thousand bucks each time. Well, it’s, It’s one thing if you get caught in Utah Right. And you get a big fine or get caught tuning in Louisiana. Well, dude, you are a shop actively doing that. That has a business license in Southern California under one of the A Q M D. And so car’s done, dude. Yeah. Done. Nick, you and I know a shop in Merck Field that was notoriously deleting hundreds And Hundreds of trucks. They were Right. Was they had the main shop that they were doing all the repairs. Right. You come in with your, you know, farm, truck, whatever. Yeah. Yeah. And then they had a sh another unit, a 1200 square foot unit or something around the corner where a dino with a dino where you wanted to get your stuff done.


It was no, no address, no sign. And that’s where they did Yeah. Yeah. That practice. Yeah. And they got hammered. Yeah, they got hammered. Now, they didn’t fully get busted because they, the shop shut down and the owner passed away. Oof. Well, the same thing happened thing, look at Idaho, Rob, right? Yeah. Revolutionary for EFI live. Change the game of tuning for diesel trucks. EPA went after him. He’s like, I’ve made enough money. Yep. I’m out. Goodbye. And in Idaho. Yeah. I’m like, see you later. And Couple of those guys have done that. That’s been the thing is that I think as they’re selling, well, You’re selling air. You’re, they’re selling air, right? Yeah. They’re selling someone else’s tune or who knows what, how they Got Yeah. They set that Rob, he was meth.


He did, He he was legit. But a lot of the guys were selling other people’s tunes and stuff like that, making a ton of money. Drug money. Like crazy Drug money. Right. 600 bucks, seven bucks. And so, and they’re putting half of that off as legal funds. Right. If they’re smart. Right. They’re going, I’m gonna get busted and when I do, this is how I’m gonna pay my attorney. Right, right. I think a lot of guys were doing that, or are doing that now. Yeah. And, and for us, the luck, it’s easy. Right. Most tuning right now, you have to get outta the country. Most of the places are in Canada. Right. That’s inevitable. That’s what you can see right now. EPA comes in, they go through your shop. We have, let’s say four deleted trucks in the parking lot. We didn’t delete them. Yeah. They’re a customer. We talk to ’em and they, we say, what’s the rule?


We’re doing a tranny on a 2014 Ram 68 RF e They all die, don’t they? Yeah. Yeah. It’s only a matter, Especially when they’re tuned. Oh, for sure. Yeah. And they just blow head gaskets too, because left and right. The trainers just don’t know what they’re doing. Which is a joke because there’s only one Anyway, Head gaskets. Sorry. Their answer is, if you had to take the exhaust off to get the transmission out and you put the deleted exhaust back in, you are just as guilty as deleting the emissions from the truck and you would be fine. Interesting. The e p agent pulled out, that’s Rough. Pulls out his laptop, goes to plug it into the truck. I go, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Can they do that without a warrant? I said, are you left to do that without a warrant?


And they go, yeah. So, so, so he go, hold on, let me call, let me call Her lawyer. Yeah, no kidding. I’d be like, get the F off my property right now. Right, right. Lawyer goes, it’s a federal agency. I don’t think they would risk breaking their own law. I don’t know. So what they did, here’s what I, here’s what I asked. So He went, that’s what happens. So he went to go plug his laptop into the OBD port. Right. Plugged it in. Okay. And they tried to take a copy of the ECM profile. Right. Which is locked. You’re, you’re not gonna see anything. You know, any good tuner locks their tunes out. Yeah. You can’t see anything. I said, so what happens? Their answer was C H P will eventually catch them. So why? Because they’re gonna flag their VIN and their license plate in the system.


That was unclear. Yeah. I get that is unclear. I guarantee without shad, Without plugging in, I mean, any of us can walk by any car, take a picture of a license plate, type it into Google, we can get the VIN number. That’s, you know, And they can do the VIN decoding is easy. Right. So that’s, but that’s what I thought. Hey, is this going into some CHP database? So where they’re gonna go, this truck is deleted. I’ve heard a lot of customers, especially driving on the 10 Right. By Blithe getting stopped. Yep. Yep. And their truck gets impounded. And At that point, I just don’t think it’s worth it. Right. No Blame. I’ve been telling people forever. I’m like, just even some of our friends who are tuning the fact that they are doing emissions on Yeah.


Really good, really drivable tunes. Right? The trucks are coming from the factory with a thousand pound feet of to I know. I mean, What more do you want? I’m not gonna say Better, better, better. Throttle response, lightning. No, no, no. You Know what they want. They don’t wanna put depth, they don’t wanna get their crystallized crap over. That’s What they want. I’m not, I’m not gonna say there’s too much horsepower and too much torque. Right. But the stuff that you’re getting, like for me, I would wanna swap out hard parts to make it more reliable. For sure. It’s not about power for me anymore. Trust, you know, maybe drivability from, you know, a pedal monster, something like that. Tipping and things like that. That’s the, the number One with Vgt. Turbos with the amount of power that’s coming with the house out the trannies are these days. Yeah. All that stuff. It’s just like, look, dude, are you risk gonna risk having your a hundred thousand dollars truck taken from you and then you’re guilty of a felony?


Yeah. Because you wanted a hundred more horsepower. Yeah. Okay. I gotta run my straight pipe sound. I gotta run my idea Pass. You though, Nick, I, here’s why I think it happened or why it’s happening today. Why so many guys on all the groups are like, delete, delete, delete. You know, they have that little, that Mexico, that meme was, it’s the finger. You could do a button. Right? Right. Delete, delete, delete, delete. Okay. You see it all the diesel groups, I believe that those guys had lml and lms. Right? All the first gin. Yes. And all the first gin of the Fords, the DAX axis, and the Rams in the teens, when those engines were just banded, they had to put emissions equipment on them.


And they didn’t really have any other solutions. And those engines weren’t designed for them, nor was the truck. Right. Right. They were like, I mean, there’s a particular year, like oh eight and a half somewhere they added in the lmm an EGR cooler line. And you can see where GM actually drilled and tapped into the oil cooler. Yeah. A line that wasn’t there six months prior. And eventually they, like a year later, they cast it into the oil cooler. Like you can tell that they were in a rush to apply a lot of these emissions equipments, emission standards. Right. So what what I’m getting at is that you have tens of thousands, so maybe hundreds of thousands of American men, they got, they got hosed by these failing systems Yeah.


In the teens. Yeah. So here they are. They get some more money. Yeah. It’s now 20 20 17. 1820. Well, this goes Back to my point of people having the perception that diesels are fragile. Right. Well, so, so now they buy a brand new truck and they immediately want to delete it because they think that death is the devil is awful. Right. They think it’s the devil. They think that the, the dpf, the diesel particular filter is the devil. Right. And they, it might never break on them. Right. They might get to 250,000 miles. Yeah. Or sell the truck. Right. Wouldn’t would be it problem free. Yeah. But they, they don’t like the feeling because they had such an awful experience back in 2012. Right. With their derm or something. Well, especially with the ones with e you know, egr cooler bypass valves at 16 hours labor to replace.


Oh. So what else is a round there that you would replace? You’re like, because I, I know how shops are. You’re like, listen, this is gonna be 16 hours, but while we’re in there and it’s an up sale for you, but if there’s something that you can do preventative to swap a bar, what’s, what’s in there? I wanted him to answer my question first. Do you think that that’s the, the guy, do you think that that guy who got burned is now the guy with the 2022 truck that immediately wants to do I think it’s a mix. I think it’s that guy. And I think it’s the guy that’s been taught that’s what you need to do to have the best performing truck. And that’s not the case. Yeah. I think It’s complicated. I don’t think it’s a simple guy. I don’t think you can put the same guy in one box, but spend $2,500 when your DPF goes bad or spend 7,000 on your training that you blew it from bad tunes.


Who’s the winner? Yeah. Right. I mean, honestly. All Right, so you’re going to 16 hours labor to do a oil check valve Off It off. Okay. So what else is in there that you would replace? If you’re going by the book, you’re pulling the tranny out, you’re doing a rear remain seal, you’re doing all this for us. We’re not charging the customer 16 hours. Yeah. You know, that’s not how we built the name that. Yeah. Yeah. And all the things that Leny described when introduced me long, it’s A long time on a lift. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. EGR coolers, things like that. You know, if it’s in the area and it’s known to fail, you should be replacing it every time. 100% of the time. You know how many stories I’ve heard? Huntington Beach Ford, I had a lady, you know, mid sixties come into the shop in tears.


She had a 6.4, just left the dealer getting EGR coolers, literally from Huntington Beach Ford, one and a half miles to my shop wrench Light came back on and it went into reduced power mode. She’s like, I just literally picked it up. I’m like, well, we’re really busy, but let me just scan it. Let me see what it is. Right. Let me tell you if you should be going at least going back there or not. If it’s under warranty at least. Yeah, Sure. Oil cooler was restricted, went into reduced power mode. Cause oil temps, literally, how did Ford had the cab up to gain access to this EGR coolers, the horizontal vertical on the six four. And didn’t bother to do that.


And unfor, I’m not trying to say that they ripped people off on purpose, but how do you not see that when you’re diagnosing? Because an oil cooler doesn’t just go bad overnight. Well, part of it, those are the things we want to change the narrative on. The Difference between a lot of dealerships and an independent shop like yours these days is you still have mechanics for sure. And a lot of the dealerships have parts replacers. Yeah. We don’t have a one 800 number to call for help either And Right. Exactly. The tech line, My phone number. Yeah. And the, and the techs or the parts replacers, they’re, they scan it, they go through a list and it’s a flow chart. It says, yeah, did this happen? Yes. Did this happen? No. Go to the next step. Right. And at the end of it, it says, here’s the part numbers that replace. Right. And then you go to the parts department and on your, you know, ro you add those numbers and they hand ’em to you and you don’t think about anything else because the machine didn’t spit out anything else to do.


Right. Right. Like, where’s the common sense? There’s no, Not even common sense. Where’s the critical thinking skills? Yeah, Totally. That’s something I think a big thing we’re missing. Well, but does it, when you’re at a dealership, and I haven’t worked at one, when you’re at a dealership, do critical thinking skills pay off? Is there a, I would imagine that. So when I has to be critical thinking sales payoff in our Industry, when I worked at Honda, Honda Accords and civics, the four cylinders interfering engine, which means that if your timing belt breaks and the engine free wheels, valves, and pistons are coming together. Yeah. Because that’s, whether it was 60,000, 90,000, a hundred, 10,000 depending on the year, whatever, when it would go for a water pump replacement or a timing belt. You do water pump, you do timing belt. Right. And everything’s part of the job.


Cause you’re already in there. Yeah. And it was like, hey, it may cost you a hundred dollars more to have this done now. Yeah. But it’s gonna cost you a thousand or 1200 later. Right. If, if the water pump goes bad. Yeah. And you were just in there changing your timing belt. Yeah. Right. So I mean, we would always do that kind of stuff. When I worked at the Honda dealership, I may have worked at a certain Ford dealership and saw different things, but I mean, this was 30 years ago. Right. But Times are different. But I saw some stuff. Yeah. And I think let’s change the narrative of, of the perception of mechanic. Right? Yeah. How often do people think of the word mechanic as a dirty shady? Yeah. No, that’s why it’s tech Tech Because we’re, we’re using a a, a clean room and we’re in, we’re in white coats and all that.


Well, the first, Before they even work on their, on your vehicle, they plugged in a laptop that is more techy than it is mck. And by the way, I’ll, I’ll say this, I don’t, I’m not bashing Linex at a dealer. No. Because we’ve got plenty listening to the show. Yeah. Who are very good techs for sure. There are great people out there, but it’s not always, And if you’re looking to move, gimme a call or an email, You’ve gotta be burning through ’em. Oh, Right. It’s hard. It’s hard Because how many guys work for Buds and then go on to someplace else in the country and start their own shop? It’s happened of them. Right. All Luckily, that’s literally all I can remember is a lot Of graduates Oh, was one, Is one person good? Yeah. Okay. Oh, really? And he didn’t even open it in the same space as us.


So he bought a one le Camaro years ago when they first came out, and he got into racing and Camaro stuff. All right. Other than that, you know, most of our techs have, have been with us for a while. Finding new ones is difficult. Why is it is because you think that when kids are going, young men or, or women are going to school, they feel like they have to go into the tech sector now that they don’t want to, they don’t wanna get dirty or they, they’ll, they’ll, they’ll never get, it’s just like wealthy or No, dude, is it copy? It’s just like the trades. Yeah. We’ve, we’ve told kids that the trades are bad. Right. And that you should go to college and get your, you know, thing in Byzantine studies and go be a docent at one of the, you know, four history museums that have that job.


And then they get out there and go, well, I thought I was gonna be rich. And you’re like, yeah, yeah. That job doesn’t exist. All right. And we have linemen making it quarter million a year. Totally. You know, our Priorities are wrong in this country. We got, And that starts in the education system a hundred percent. So let’s not, you know, we forgot To tell people we’re gonna go To a rabbit Hole. We forgot to tell people that there were other options other than a four year university For sure. You Know what’s funny is that’s the problem. I, I, I was watching, so I’m on the TX groups, as you can imagine. And every once in a while, I would say once a week, actually now I think about it, once a week, someone will, will go on there and say, how does everyone afford these trucks? Like, seriously, like this is for sure. Every penny I have have, it’s like I am, and the guy, the last one said something about like, I do hard drive such and such.


Like, he was actually in the tech space, but he was in Silicon Valley. Like Yeah. Who knows what he did. Right? The guy started coming in, like, I’m in Texas, I work on oil derricks. Yeah. Da da da. And like I’m doing just shy of seven figures in the oil industry. Yeah. And the guy’s like, oh, you know, and just, and he’s like, I’m 27 years old making, you know, 400 grand a year. Yeah. In oil. Yeah. Some of them are. Yep. For us, I think there’s no, there’s no training path for light duty diesel technicians. Right. We have uti. Yep. But their diesel program isn’t for light duty. Their diesel programs for heavy duty. Heavy duty. Right. If you want to go through one of the OE sponsored programs, guess what?


You have to get hired at Ford first, and then they’re gonna take you for two years on contract to go through asset, right? Yep. Assets at Cerritos College locally to us. And then you have to work out a Ford dealership or four Ford to pay basically back that education in my due space. Right? Yeah. Two years. So I think we’re not, kids aren’t getting exposed to the diesel industry. So my advice to anybody listening that wants to, if you’re passionate, go to your local shop and say, look, this is what I want to do. How can you help me? If a kid walked in today and said that I would give him every single piece of reference and training material that I have access to Ford, Chevy Dodge here, read this, learn this Also, here’s a bucket and a mop.


Come back and show me that this is what you’re passionate about, and I’ll give you a job on the spot. You plug an IDs into a Ford and you can work your way around it. You’ve been 100% of the people that are graduating from UT’s diesel program, and you didn’t waste $65,000 to go through the program. Oh. And that’s the hard part. Even automotive programs in high schools and college. Yeah. Right. Golden West has one. Some of the high schools have one. Santa Anaca, they’re all Over the country. Huntington Used to have one. Yeah. And then not so much. But still, we have no focus on light duty diesels. And if it is, it’s one class, you know, I was, It’s like an introductory course. Yeah. Yeah. This is diesel. Here’s the difference. All right. Now back to everything else we were gonna talk about, Right?


Yeah. How many customers come in and chat you up about the future of diesel? Hmm. The future of diesel are asking me, am I not gonna be able to register my truck in the state of California Anymore? Right. I mean, the every, you know the, what was the last one? It was like a Ford F five 50 or something, right? Where Yeah. The California said, as of this year, you’ve gotta get rid of your truck. The Rule does not matter to anyone’s personal trucks. Okay. Just, And at no point is that something that we know of they’re looking to do. It is strictly for vehicles over a 14 and a half thousand gvr w and is used commercially. Yep. And if people would’ve read that letter years ago, they could’ve got a free truck out of it.


How so? There was, there’s a Program, Right? There was, I think there was like 10 different thing, 10 different groups had contributed something like 700 million to a fund to repurpose everybody’s fleet. And there was time limits to apply for. Yeah. A lot of these people Like Grant money. Yeah. It was grant money. Basically. All these people, if they wouldn’t have just thrown those letters away, they kept getting until it said, Hey, you can’t register your car anymore. They could have had a brand. Right. Wow. Yeah. Interest. So that’s the call I get all the time. People panicked. I have a F two 50 and my friend says, I can’t register it anymore. Not true. No, not true. Okay. Also, your friend’s a dick.


Yeah. All right. Biodiesel bad. Yeah. That’s The other one too. Yeah. Emissions bad. Dpf bad. Yeah, biodiesel bad. It’s all bad. Clean air bad. Just give A living. Give your truck buds. Diesel good. Yes. Buds diesel Good. Right? If you guys are in the Orange County area or somewhere around Buds, if you want to get the info, you guys are at 15, 1 35 Jackson Street in Midway City, which Midway City’s an interesting spot. It’s midway between somewhere and somewhere Else. Westin Street. And it, It actually is incorporated, isn’t it? Unincorporated, unincorporated, Incorporated. No, it’s part county. One square mile. It’s Weird.


So, dude, thanks for hanging out. The Thanks For having me. Yeah, it’s nice. Kind of A freewheeling normally. Good job. Normally we have a list of questions, but it was just very conversational. No, That’s, those are the best, the best ones with no structure. Yeah, I agree at all. Like my life. I agree. Seriously, guys, I appreciate it. Yeah, for sure. Number Two, you’re our Only, our second person To be sitting in here with Us should have been number one. But that’s okay. Well, you know, no, I don’t take it personal. You should. We talked about, okay, I will. Let’s blame Lightning Again. Yeah. Here comes home in the Fox News of Truck News. What’s new in trucks? We need what’s new in trucks.


We need to know what’s new in trucks. We need To know Lifted, lowered and everything in between. What’s happening in the world Of trucks? What? Ah, Fox News of Truck Mean? I don’t know. Doesn’t Make sense. Well, I was gonna say CNN then night, you, I know you hate cnn, so I had the very last second CNN News swapped it up and cnn. I know. It’s Just opinions. Well, I mean, the problem is, fuck this as well. You know, like that’s, But they’re, but they’re not pretending to be what they are. CNN still thinks they’re a genuine like news site with real journalists, which it’s not True. If you want real news, it’s all about cnbc. All right. What you got?


No, no, It’s definitely not right. You try to alienate all of our audience. Listen, I’m clearly joking. Listen, if you’re left or right, it doesn’t matter. You all hate the b c. That’s, that’s Damn right. All right. Hey, lightning. Did you hear I Don’t watch the news because I’m A kid. No, I have no idea. That’s the one that’s funny. You like the thing you played in the beginning and you’re like, did Barry play the thing? And it never gets old. Fine. Your thing in the be the, I don’t want the nude. That’s my, that’s my thing. That’s never, that never gets old. So I love, I love Tire Air. Jake’s Tire Air. Hey Eric, how much is tire air? 1999. 29 99. Toyota has published a teaser image of the upcoming Tacoma pickup truck, and we’ve seen more and more of them out in public, in, in the spy shots and things like that.


And as a journalist, still in good standing within the automotive media community, I can tell you that there is a chance that sometime in May there’ll be some more information. So What you’re saying is that you have news that’s under Yeah. I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to discuss it, but there is stuff on the way. The teaser they dropped is a silhouette of the truck. So of course there’s hardly any details. Did anyone Brighten it up in Photoshop? Like when she GM dropped the Hummer? I, I think, I think this one is a little too low res and I, I haven’t seen, I think people have learned, I think Toyota learned, but the, the, there’s a lot of information.


They already had to put in a design pattern, which has the design already. We’ve already talked about it. So I think people know what it’s gonna look like. The things that are kind of interesting is the engine choice. It probably won’t have a V6 anymore. There’ll probably be, be a couple of four cylinder options. Turbo plus maybe a hybrid version. It’ll be interesting to see will the new Tacoma live up to the hype of the current Tacoma, which is a crap ass truck. I mean, how do you feel about it? I’m just saying it’s like in 2005 Rad. Yeah, in, in 2015. Competitive.


Yeah. Today Not so much. Get You a freaking new truck already. I’m moving right along. Hey lighting, did you hear? No. Nope. That one hasn’t aged. Well, No. You want me to get rid of that one? I don’t know. Just it’s, Do you like this one? It’s long. What are you talking about? And it ends with a car crash. I don’t know why. So apparently the Ford F-150 Lightning recall nitsa, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has published some documents that revealed the, the root cause of the fire that stopped production.


And apparently the defect was noticed when a F-150 lighting caught fire in a holding lot at Ford’s factory. Oh, That was on February 4th. And that caused obviously Ford to say, oh, hold on. Hit the pause button. I think this is a third sad trombone I’ve had in this episode Production resume more than a month later on March 13th. And Ford did say that it was related to the high voltage battery, but they didn’t really say anything about specific details. The recall was just for 18 units, so it was like really small. They, they, I don’t know if they caught it in time. So there just weren’t a lot of vehicles out there, whatever.


But apparently, according to the Nitsa documents, when the vehicle’s high voltage battery is at a high state of charge, the vehicle could experience an internal short circuit in the battery, which could result in a fire and then continues on due to production process deviations at the supplier. The cathode aluminum tabs may contact the anode electrode material in the turbo calculator. No, I’m just kidding. Causing an internal short circuit when the high voltage battery cells are at a high state of charge. So these battery packs were made in Georgia by SK Battery America, and they were manufactured and into lightings being assembled between January 20th and January 26th.


So the affected 18 owners will be notified by Ford and sent to a nearby dealer where the entire battery pack will be replaced free of charge. So anyway, kind of, kind of interesting there to, to know what the issue was. I still don’t have any idea of what the problem was other than bad battery maintenance. Sounds Like it’s shorting out in the anode and cathode touch. That’s bad. Makes smoke. You ever hear about the famous smoke test? No. That’s When you’re working on electrical and the smoke comes out, the test is complete. Got it. Hey lighting, did you hear? No. Nope. The next generation Toyota 4runner is expected in 2025 and will likely have an all electric model, which is of no surprise to anyone, and will probably share the same hybrid powertrain that’s going to be in the new Tacoma.


Okay. So I don’t think anybody would be surprised at any of that. So if you’re waiting for a next generation 4runner, that’s what you’re gonna get. If you don’t like that, go buy the current one, which was also available back in 2010. Moving right along. Yeah. Hey, lighting, did you hear? Nah. No. The Jeep Cherokee is officially dead. Oh yeah. Well we knew that was coming, right? I think so. I mean, we, we owned one of the, the second gen of the newer body style, and it was a good family car. My wife actually really liked it. But it says any potential next generation will be announced in due course.


So what’s interesting is Jeep has decided to put its Belvedere Illinois plant on idle status and will probably close the plant altogether, which doesn’t bode well for vehicles. However, here’s what I’m thinking. Everybody’s talking about. Obviously Lanis moving hardcore into EVs. Jeep is making a big push in the EVs. They recently showed that Minus, hold on a second. Minus the Dodge Demonn one 70. We’ll get There. Okay, we’ll get there. That’s not truck news, but we’ll get there. So what I’m thinking is, you know, with this big EV push, they announced the recon Jeep Electric vehicle that was kind of like Wrangler inspired panels came off.


If we think about kind of not really that far off from what a Cherokee could be. So does the production recon become the new Cherokee? I’m gonna say yes. I don’t know anything about it, but I’m gonna say yes. Hey, lighting, did you hear? Nope. So there was a report that the dealers for RAM have been shown. Are you ready? Mm. Hold on a second. Ram dealers have been shown a, the new straight six? No. Oh, A concept vehicle of what could be a new Dakota mid-size pickup truck.


Is that the closed door Ram dealership meeting in Las Vegas this past week? No images were allowed, but what we’re hearing is that not Dakota’s not being confirmed as a name, but it’s slots there. It’s supposedly an all electric truck. And apparently the dealers have gone mad crazy for it, saying it’s incredibly good. But So this is a, an Electric maverick fighter, Something like that. Ah, They should call it the goose no’s maverick and Goose. Goose remember, because It’s probably midsize and not small though. Hmm. Maverick’s more compact. This is more like Ranger Chevy Colorado. Anyway, according to a, a dealership representative, a RAM is getting back in the midsize game.


People seem to think that the concept truck that was shown as more than just a show vehicle that it was, it’s further along in development, but we are hearing across multiple sources that it is an electrified pickup. Now, we’re not sure if it’s a hybrid or fully electric, but the direction that they’re going over there, our guests would probably be electric only. Dammit. Well, we Don’t know. We don’t know. We’re just, we’re sur we’re surmising at this point. Okay. The, the report from the dealership meeting, it was basically really good. It said it would look similar to the Ram revolution that was shown earlier this year. The concept, not the actual production one, but I mean, would you guys be excited to see a ev midsize pickup?


So like something a little smaller than Rivian? Yes. A little bit. Yeah. A little bit after 9.1 miles per gallon on the fast lane And You’re 4.7 or whatever you got. Yeah, But that was, what was it again? Really Specific circumstances, but it’s Gonna happen to you again. That’s the problem. Well, that’s why I have extra 10 gallons on board. Because Your gas tank is how 21.5 21. Hmm. And you’re running super Correct. 91 octane Premium. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, Lighting. Did you hear? Try again. So along with the midsize pickup truck concept, apparently there was a another vehicle that was shown to dealers.


So apparently tucked away in the corner of the same meeting was the what could be described as a next generation Dodge Durango concept that previews the, the upcoming SUV replacement. Will this one piss off all the, all the guys that got upset about the last Durango release Mean suing them because there’s more Yes. Silly people Just be happy. Like, just stop. Just Stop being, be Happy. Be happy. The current Durango’s been around all the way since 2011. It’s kind hard to believe. I, I would say the thing has aged really well. Do you think so? It’s still a great looking Vehicle. I don’t think it’s aged well. I think it’s aged fantastically well. The, the new, the newest body style a with the interior update and the headlight taillight update, I think looks great.


Still looks Great. So 2021? No, 2021 was two years ago. So what do you think ev or hybrid? Hybrid. Well, if, if it’s still gonna be based on a Jeep Grand Cherokee or still share Jeep Grand Cherokee platform, that’ll probably hint at what the engine and drive train and all that is. If it’s not, I’m guessing it’s gonna be all ev because everybody just seems to be like, so ev like there’s a place for it. I get it, but kind of enough already. Like, oh, did you hear they want to take away our fricking air conditioners now? No. Why? Why, why? Yeah. So it was gas stoves a few weeks ago. Now they’re moving to ac, first it was gas stoves. And they’re like, no, no, no, we’re not going to gas stoves Now. New York’s like, oh no more gas stoves in new buildings.


I think they’re trying to pass that law right now. So it’s like they are, see they say they’re gonna do it. They floated, then everybody gets mad. They go, no, no, no, no, it’s not like that. And then they go do it anyway. And now it’s gonna be freaking ac Dude, they’re taking your gasoline powered cars. They’re taking your freaking gas stove. And now they want you to be uncomfortable. Like stop, You know what’s gonna happen? People are gonna revolt. You know what’s gonna happen with all its natural gas and then fossil fuels in the ground. The world is gonna have a pimple. Yeah. And it’s gonna explode. Yeah. It’s called volcanoes. Yeah. And then we’re all gonna die in the world’s Puss. It’ll be a reverse meteor. Yes. Hey, lighting, did you hear? No.


No. Uhuh m I don’t think so. If you were in the market for a new Ford Bronco, I might be. You’re Not? No, I’m not at all. I just was saying that yeah, Ford is hitting the pause button on manual Bronco production. But why? Because they hate you. But that’s the coolest one of all of them. Well, I mean, it is pretty cool, although you can’t get it with the v6, only the four cylinder. But it’s fine. It’s, it’s got the seven speed with that Granny Low Was our man Jerry from Can His was auto, wasn’t it? Yes. Okay. Do you see He just bought a Harley. He sells his company to MagnaFlow and he Does everything. He’s buying a big house in Newport Beach. Wait, he is, he’s, you haven’t seen his posts? I’ve been, I haven’t had cell service in four days.


This’s Just been going on for about a month. He, he does these walkthroughs. No, I’ve Seen, I’ve seen him doing the walkthroughs, but that, What do you think that’s about? I think, I think he’s just, No, being Jared, he’s buying a house. No, he Has a nice house here in Huntington. He’s got, nah, he’s gonna ball up. Yeah, it’s, he’s, He’s balling up. I Don’t know. Well, he lives in a nice neighborhood. They’ve got a great house. I’ve Been there like, you know what? He doesn’t have a Newport Beach zip code. Who Cares? Got a Huntington Beach zip code. Ah, It’s Not, it’s nine, it’s nine tens And all of a sudden he’s a, he’s a millionaire. That must be weird. I wonder what that’s like. It’s like Kit in The lottery of life. You and I will never know Anyway. No, I, I know, I know. Because my house is now worth 1.4 and I bought it five years ago for agents. You were not liquid. No, I’m not.


But I can, but I’m like, dude. Yep. Oh my neighborhoods, huh? Up It’s po. I never thought I would have, that’s that expensive. Our man Jerry might be liquid to that. I Could not buy my house today, nor could I rent my house today. Just got it at the right time. All right, so back to the Ford story. Apparently they have curtailed production of the manual Bronco along with the base model and the everglade trim level. And the reason is because they have to refit the plant because the new generation Ford Ranger, which put shares the platform with Bronco, is coming online. So they are basically pausing it because they wanna maximize commonality on the assembly line according to Ford. And Ranger, I guess is not coming with the manual. So why add that complexity when you don’t have to?


That being said, they’re not saying that it’s gone forever. It’s just a pause while they ramp up the, the new, the new plant. It’s, it’s certainly not the end of the Bronco manual. So if you want one, you should probably find one on a dealer lot. A S A P. Are There any on dealer lots? I don’t Know. I don’t think so. Now’s The time to find one. Hey lighting, did you hear? No. Nope. Remember when Tesla did the really dumb, like we’re gonna put a video game yolk in your car? Yes. And then, and some people bought it. I passed a woman the other day who had it and yeah, it’s dumb.


Apparently Tesla made a retrofit kit where you could buy a steering wheel and take your yolk out, put a wheel back in. They launched that this month in March. Can I guess how much? Sure. I’m gonna say it is $2,100 for a steering wheel? No, the retrofit went live on March 15th, about a week later went outta stock. That’s how popular The, that’s How popular is. Do we know how much it was? $700. Okay, That’s which Which includes the price of installation. Oh, okay. That’s reasonable ish. Yeah, I mean it’s, it’s, you would think it would be more, they didn’t say how many wheels they made available to retrofit for the vehicles, but it’s Tesla, so who knows.


Hey, lighting to chair. You Have more news. Yeah, there’s so much news. Wow. Well, I mean now, now I’ve not heard. So remember we were talking about the Z D B Desert Boss special edition package for the 2023 Chevy Colorado. Z R two that added the black nameplate, the bed mounted sports bar with the zero two sale panel, the off-road front bumper at looking thing 17 inch BLO capable wheels. A 40 inch off-road light bar, underbody camera, auxiliary power distribution box, front Feder decal package, tailgate decal package, body side decal package. Well, apparently it’s not gonna be around in 2024. I wonder Why. I think it’s because the new AV bison is coming in. Oh, that would make sense.


And by the way, the, the photos of the bison factory bison on 30 fives of the spy photos looks like a freaking mini Tonka truck. Like you just wanna grab a thing like It’s that much wider Is so it’s just awesome. Like the proportions look like a concept. It is so cool. Are they taking orders on the bison Yet? Yeah, I think so. Okay. But this is your last chance. Get it for 23 if you like the desert box cuz it ain’t gonna be around very long, so No, don’t get it. Wait, wait for the, the bison Or get it and then you have a, a vehicle that’s No, don’t get it. Or, Or get it. Then you have something. No, don’t get it Or get or get it. No four get it is what he means. Or get it. Hey lighting, did you hear?


No, no. Nope. Forbes teasing a second generation electric truck, which will be built in blue Oval City, Tennessee called Project t3. It’s the follow on to the F-150 lightning and it’ll be 20, 25 or so. The new plant will have nearly 6,000 jobs. So not a lot of information, but it, is it the second generation lightning? Is it something different? Is it smaller track? Don’t know, but project T3 keep your, your eyes peeled on. I wonder why they’re calling it the t3. Do you want to keep making the news longer? No, but I’m just saying I didn’t Cares. That’s just their internal coding. Didn’t know if it was like Terminator.


You know, that’s, we called that not T 1 23. All Right and last but not least I know you No, no, You heard about this. Oh, you heard about this? Oh, I know you’ve heard about this one. There’s some epicness that was announced from the Dodge side of the STIs fence. This is not truck news, dammit, but a freaking last call. Ode to everything you love internal combustion in the new s r t Demonn one 70. Yes. Why might you ask? Because it does a quarter mile in, Does the quarter mile in an N H R A certified 8.91 seconds at 151.17 miles per hour?


Yes. Oh my God. It’s evil and awesome in every way. You would need to be on a prep drag strip. And the the caveat is you can’t be on a prep drag strip because N HRA rules don’t allow anything under nine seconds without a roll cage and a pair of chute. So that’s, you’ll Never, You can never really do it. I love the fact That it, it doesn’t come with a passenger seat. You can buy one for a dollar. Yep. And it’s running E 85, which Is one 70 is why that’s in the name cuz that’s the alcohol proof if you were to drink it. And it also comes with an amazing whiskey set with a decanter and angry demonn looking. I like Demonn has yellow in his eyes. You know why?


Yes. Corn. Corn, yeah. Yeah. It’s got a corn kernel in his Anyway, 6.2 liter v8, 1025 horsepower at 6,500 RPM and 945 pound feet torque even on E 10 gasoline. The output still 908 10, it can hit zero to 60 miles an hour in 1.66 seconds, which I think means it’s faster than a Tesla plaid and a and a Bugatti Beron? No, the new one. Oh, what’s the new one? The sh sheron that Yeah. I believe it’s faster than that. Zero to 60, which is incredible. So it’s not just a, a hellcat plus the camshaft is the only thing that carries over from the engine.


The supercharge grows to three liters from 2.7 in the demon throttle body is 1 0 5 millimeter instead of 92, which basically means you can put your fist through it. And boost is now 21.3 psi in comparison to 15.3 psi. And then I believe it also uses studs instead of head bolts because of the pressures inside that engine. It gets a new trans brake 2.0, which allows the, the driver to map the throttle and then do a shift paddle the launch of the strip. You can tune the torque output in 10th of a second increments. I mean, all sorts of crazy stuff. A set of 3 15 50 17, Mickey Thompson et street are drag radials are at the rear. And then you get skinny 2 45, 55 18 rubber up front.


And then the wheels are on a believe it’s like carbon fiber and aluminum hybrid wheel. I mean, the thing’s just stupid. The presentation was pretty cool. They did it out at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on the drag strip and they had a, a crowd, a grandstand full of people and they helicoptered the car in Yeah. And set it down. And they had Jay Leno there and our friend Chris Jacobs. Yep. Who, by the way, I was with Chris Jacobs and I saw Your post and he said he would come back on any time and he told Me that he would as well. And Greg did you? So Yeah, I saw your post with, with Greg Rick Grundberg. Dude, that was awesome. Can he come on? Yes. Will he come on. Do you Know he owns a Bronco with a five? Yeah. Yeah. Well, when’s he Coming? They’re both coming on. All right, let’s do it. As a matter of fact, they invited us to their spot. All right, Let’s, let’s trade.


Wait till You see his club slash bar slash recording studio. Yeah, but he does have a pot shed. Yes, he does not like this. Yes he does. Nope. This is better. More intimate. Did you tell him this was intimate? He’s also rich. This, I put this together in a shoe street. He is a big Hollywood actor. Yes. Yes, dude. He was in two Star Wars. I know he was, but he needs to be hanging out with us. Both those guys said that he’d be on the podcast. I know Chris did from Sema. We go there. Let’s do it. We can go there. Well, We could do a phoner with them Or we could go there. You would, you’d like it. No, I’d, I’d like to see it. You’ll Like their studio. But you know, it’s cool podcast. Our podcast is Worth They do, they’re on Speed Vision. It’s a new show called Zero to 60 Z E R O T O and then number 60 zero to 60.


Hard to find right now. But it’s, it’s a pretty cool show. I brought Gail Banks up there to be a, a guest. All right, Well, we’ll make sure that happens. I will, I actually have great Greenberg’s cell phone. All right. I saw did something really cool for your kid, which was, which was awesome. Well, if you wanna know the story, go to Lightning’s Instagram at LVC Lightning and he’s got a, a post up, which is super cool. He’s a, I’ve heard Greg’s a real cool dude. It’s so nice. So, and obviously We’ve, we, we’ve had Chris on the show, so I didn’t know He was a drummer. So the deal with Chris is he was supposed to be with us at SEMA and he had a sick, a plane travel issue and had to miss our interview. And he said, just let me know. And so I’ll, he texted me maybe a month and a half ago and he is like, Hey, I’m, let me know I’m, I’m back anytime. So I was gonna bring him up a pet monster for his gladiator.


He’s like, ah, I just sold it cuz I, he had a kid. Oh, he says God had so, but, but you know, he’s got a hell cat redeye edition. So does I need a pet monster? Probably not. Well, I brought him one in case the name Chris Jacobs Doesn’t ring a bell. He was the guy on overhauling, overhauling that always play and hundred other things. But he’s a consummate automotive host. He is. But that was the longest wedding series and he played the cop. He was always like, your car’s been stolen. And we found it. That’s Christian. Anyway, he’s been on the show before. We will have him back. It’s awesome. All right, so the Demonn one 70 s available in 14 colors. But here’s the kicker. This is the thing that I couldn’t believe retail price. Oh, oh, oh, oh oh. Is it in this? I feel like it’s in the eighties, isn’t it?


96? 6 66, which is Oh yeah, that’s right. This is Cheeky. But dude under a hundred grand for that is amazing. They wanna make 3000, 300 of them, 3000 for the US 300 for Canada. But they don’t know if they’ll be able to reach it in the window. They have to finish the build out. So it’s Like, is that because of emissions or what? It’s just because they’re only making them until December 31st, 2023. So whatever they can fit in that window, that’s it. They’re gonna start taking orders on March 27th. So that’s the day that you hear this podcast. So you better call if you want one of those bad boys. Wow. I wonder how many people will order and won’t get it. This is the other cool thing beyond the Demonn badge coasters and whiskey cube in rock glasses and decanter owners of an original 2018 Challenger SRT demon.


You will, if you are able to order your new car, you can request that the VIN number matches your previous car. So if you have the 47th Demonn, you can also get the 47th one 70. That’s pretty rad for collectors to go like this is number and this is number. That’s Pretty neat. That’s a cool matching set. I think the neat thing about that is it’s not the rarity of a 0 0 1 vin, it’s the rarity of having the set. So Dodge made a way for the higher number of cars to have some sort of cache to them. I think that’s really neat. So anyway, plenty more news where that came from, but we’ll have to save it for the next show. Before we start this next segment, I want to thank you guys for emailing us.


It’s been a deluge of email. We had a drought and now you guys are on fire. You rule truck show podcast Lightning truck show and holman truck show You email? Yeah, I email Do it. We email. That’s right. Everybody email type it up. You email proofread. I email send it. We email. Click it every email. You gotta tell me that you’re gonna scream over the music and I’ll I’ll bring you down. I don’t tell you anything. No, you Don’t. No. Can I go first Go or it?


All right. This first one, Nissan is the subject line from Eric. Does this count a picture of the back of a new frontier from the driver’s seat of my 23 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel? Oh, that’s the exact truck that we said needs a pedal monster, didn’t We? There you go. Holy Nikes. You Guys send him a pedal monster and a sticker. I Jay. After the sticker shock from buying the truck wears off, I’ll be contacting you for the hookup on a derringer. Ah, okay. I’d love a TSP sticker as well. Here’s my address and there’s the photo of the Nissan hashtag frontier spotting And I will put that right there because I’m sending new stickers. All Right. And Travis Bulls says, Hey guys, is listening to the podcast this morning while stuck in traffic and happened to be behind a frontier.


So I figured I’d play along. Thanks Travis. Hashtag Frontier Spot. He says, if you’re actually sending stickers, here’s my address. So I’ll put that in your send pile line. Well, I’m waiting for the emails to come in where guys who I’ve sent stickers to are plastering them on things. That’ll be hashtag Truck show podcast sticker spotting. No, don’t do that. Yeah. Nissan Frontier of the Wild. Hey, lightning and Holman. My name is Marco writing from SoCal. Big fan of the podcast. Sorry, fell a little behind on the last couple weeks on the new episodes, but when I heard I could potentially get one of your new stickers just for spotting, one of the really cool Nissan Frontiers, I figured I’d had to try. They really aren’t that hard to spot here in Southern California cuz they’re getting so much more popular.


Great job guys for getting the word out. Anyway, I took two photos of the new Frontier, one from my 2020 Ford Raptor and, and the other one from inside my pizza shop in San Pedro. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Here’s A pizza shop. Whoa, whoa, whoa. We have a listener. Has a pizza shop nearby. Yeah, that’s me stopping in front of Bon’s New York pizzeria. Wait, save that address. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Look, look at me. I know you’re looking at the paper Lock eyes with me right now. Yeah, yeah. Screw Sending him stickers. Let’s hand deliver them and see if he’ll give us a pie in return. You tell me when you want to go Now. See you guys later.


We’ll gotta finish the show. Oh, you want to finish? You think he’ll, you think he’ll hook us up with some pizza if we brought him him some stickers in person? I think you would. And one of our old shirts that are now Gray do I’ll drive. All right. The Thomas Bridge to San Pedro. We go, We know I can’t afford it right now after my last trip and my next one. So anyway, he says they really are a great looking midsize truck. Keep up the great work and thanks for the awesome content. Hopefully future sticker. I look forward to listening to your show every week and the old episodes in between. And here are the photos and Sure. Enough’s New York Pizzeria. How do you spell it right there? It is spelled B o N e Double L. Got it. O So again, ban’s New York Pizza. Ooh. He’s got some pretty good reviews on Yelp Pier.


Okay. And oh, there’s something called a happy roll. So he’s New York. So he’s, he’s he’s thin crust, which Which by the way is the correct pizza. Oh, did I tell you about You don’t like Chicago pizza? You mean tomato bread? I love both. Disgusting. If I had to choose, I’m disgusting. New York. No, no, no, no. Listen to Detroit. Detroit, which by the way, Detroit, which commandeered pizza from both of those places is still better than Chicago. Every time we go to I’ve had ’em all. I’ve had Geno’s, I’ve had whatever. That’s the best. That’s the best. It’s always freaking tomato cake, dude. It is. So it’s like, let’s have a big piece of bread and then just slather tomatoes and ingredient. No, that’s not pizza. Pizza is a proper New York slice that you can fold over.


It has a crispy crust and it’s delicious. And those cheese is just right. I was at Hot Rods handguns one night and in the corner is a bunch of guys who are having conversation and there’s a younger guy with them that turns out one of the dudes was a extra on the Sopranos. And there’s a bunch of New York guys in the corner and they’re talking about pizza. And I hear the one guy talking about Chicago pizza and I’m over in the other corner smoking my cigar and he go, Hey, Chicago Pizza. Huh? And the guy’s like, yeah, you get it. This dude gets it. You’re gonna back me up. You’re trying to Cause a fight. And so he’s like, this dude. Yeah. Tell him how Chicago pizza is. And I’ve been listening for a little while. It’s all New Yorkers and this one kid who swears by Chicago Pizza. And I’m like, yeah, that’s, that’s tomato cake.


Dude. The New Yorkers were like, bought me drinks the rest of the night. They’re like, oh, burn. It was awesome. Listen, Chicago sucks for a lot of reasons. Pizza’s just one of ’em. Listen, I love almost any pizza. You wanna talk about bad politics A second. Wait, hold on a second. No, I’m, I don’t wanna live there. Hell no. No, but why can’t I just like all pizza If I told you It’s pizza, it is pizza. It’s not pizza. It’s a pizza of bread that has tomatoes put on. They put in the oven. Again, It depends what you get put on. It’s just done just tomatoes. I get like meat lovers and blah blah blah. I get artichoke hearts and all, all kind of great Stuff. Okay, so go to your, go to your thing, your pantry or whatever and just pull out dough and then just put things on top and then you slide it in.


That’s pizza. No, I get its is my favorite. Yes. New. But Listen, we’re we’re going there, But I’m not opposed, If it was vanilla Chicago pizza, I would be like, send him the stickers. We’re not Going there. You’re up next. All right. I got this one from Peter t. Says, I was driving down the San Louis Obispo. That’s funny. He was driving down the San Louis Obispo and he spotted these two last gen Frontiers still being used for work. I know they are new, but I hope it counts. I’m gonna go ahead and say yes, here’s an address for you. I got it. And shh, the wife don’t know yet. Subject line from Carl Fuchs, congratulations on your new show’s Independence and looking forward to each episode from you guys as you turn them out. It’s one of my favorites. So I need some help making a decision on what to do with my wife’s truck.


Hmm. Okay. 2008 Dakota four by four with a 4.7 liter V8 little background Holman. I think he, he knew you were gonna thumb your nose at him. It’s been a super dependable truck since we’ve owned at 40,000 miles. It now has over 200,000 miles and all I’ve ever done is regular maintenance. It’s gotten good fuel mileage, it averages about 50 miles per gallon, but it’s dependable. I recently was changing oil in the front of rear diffs and the rear had some surprises lurking in the bottom of the housing. Lots of metal shavings and semi-circular pieces of what looks to be parts of the limited slip thingy. He says thingy.


Yeah, that would be your clutch pack disintegrating. He says We had the pinion bearing changed at the dealer roughly seven years ago at a dealer in Kentucky. No idea. Well Clearly they did it wrong. Damn. Yeah. No idea when this damage has occurred, although it had some vibrations at higher speed. So I wanna get the tires rotated and balanced to see if that helps with the vibrations. I went ahead and cleaned out all the metal I could and filled it back up with new oil. Should I be worried about further damage? And yes, before lightning moves on, without answering your question, you should be worried about dam. If you’re seeing metal particles and things like that in your oil, it’s, it’s, the process has already started. That’s Like blood in your stool. Just go to the doctor.


Oh, you know what I’m saying? That’s, That’s aggressive. Now here’s the part the wife doesn’t know, by the way. She’s a total truck lady and does not want a car. Even though I’ve tried to convince her numerous times, I’ve been secretly thinking, by the way, that’s a keeper. If your, if your truck, if your girl is a truck girl, she’s a keeper. I’ve been recently thinking that once we buy her a new truck of turning this Dakota into a light off rotor. So if the current rear axle might be bad, maybe I could just put on some Dana 44 s and do a solid axle swap with 33 s. Could this work? Thanks for your answer, Holman Lightning. I like you too. Lol. O P s, she’s a great wife.


Instead of buying a new or newish duramax, she’s letting me rebuild my 315,000 mile L b seven duramax. I mean a total frame off. I know I’ll probably spend about $50,000 over the next couple years, but it’s cheaper than a new truck. We have lots of memories in this truck and I don’t think I can ever get rid of it. That’s a great email. Thank you very much Carl. So Holman, what do you think about the Dana 40 fours on 30 threes? I think that’s a lot of work to run a 33 inch tire. I think if you’re gonna do solid axle swap, you should do at least 30 fives and yeah, you could do it, but you could probably fit 30 threes without going through all that and still have a mild overland vehicle. So it’s a, it’s a lot of work. You gotta decide which, which way to go and then commit.


All right, got one last one here from Robert McKee. He says shocking. He says, Hey, you guys talk shocks quite a bit, but I don’t remember seeing steering dampers being mentioned. I have a 2019 F 2 54 by four gas that would wanna change lanes when I hit a bump going down the road. I changed the damper first and drove around and no lanes changed for every bump. I eventually changed the rest of the shocks, but nothing made as much difference than a damper. All shocks and dampers were shot five stars. And that’s from Robert McKee. Five Review, five stars And yeah, absolutely. Steering damper is part of your damping system. It’s part of your steering system and they have about the same service life as your shocks do. And if your shocks are bad, chancellor dampers bad can lead to death wobble and you know, things like that.


So You do not want death wobble, You do not want death wobble, especially on the solid axle vehicles. Go Back to our interview with Dr. Death wobble. Yes sir. For further Proof, my friend Ken. So yeah, I if, if that’s definitely something you should check. If you’ve got an older truck that is starting to shake over bumps or have those secondary motions and things like that, then yeah, absolutely. You should be looking at your steering damper before you move on to anything else. It’s a simple, easy fix. 15 minutes in your driveway and you can know whether or not that’s an issue and they’re not that expensive. Truck show podcast That’s our address. Or you can send me one The truck show.


The truck show. The truck show. Whoa. All right. He’s at LBC Lighting. I’m at Sean P. Holman. We are at Truck Show Podcast. You can reach us on the five star hotline, 6 5 7 2 0 5 61 0 5. We want to hear from you, whether that’s in your email, in your voicemails, send us some luck. We want to hear. And if you’re spotting Frontiers lately, hashtag Frontier spotting posted up and send us an email. We’ll send you some truck show podcast stickers. We love you guys. We appreciate all the support for the show over the years and this, the start of this year’s been solid for Truck famous llc. So we appreciate you guys for continuing to listen and hanging on while we sort of, I don’t know, grow into our new home.


We’re also smelling it up. Do you notice that? I did not. Maybe it’s just you. It’s not. That might be me. I was in the desert camping for four days. So You don’t look, you look like you’ve showered, but you still look beat up. Yeah, that’s that’s exactly how I feel. Yeah. Your eyes are still watering as if there’s still sand In them. Yeah, No, you’re right Eye. You notice that you’re, it’s tearing And it’s because the show so bad and I know what our future’s gonna be like. Do you Now it’s depressing. Yeah. Hey, listen, we would appreciate some five star reviews and while you’re at it, make it funny. Give us something we could read on the show, but That really would help us get out to more and more listeners. It is the number one Truck enthusiast podcast, but we’re greedy and we wanna grow.


All right, Nissan, thank you for sponsoring the show for the last five years. We appreciate you and you guys should show your appreciation return by going out and buying a Nissan Frontier or a Nissan Titan or Nissan Titan Xd. So head on down to your local dealer, put in order, pick one up that’s on the lot, find the one that’s the the right color for you if you don’t know what the options are, and tell ’em the Truck show podcast sent you. And if you’re like our listener that has an EcoDiesel and you’ve got Throttle Leg City, is he still waiting for the turbo to spool up now? Yeah. If it takes, if you can grow a five o’clock shadow faster than you get to 60, then you’ve got throttle leg. Look no further than banks Type in your year, make and model and get the pedal monster for your car or truck.


And lastly, we gotta thank our friends If you have a need for SEO help or social help, you’ll wanna talk to Derek and the team over at Full Moon Digital. If they can help us, they can certainly help. You bet. That’s what all the kids say. Bet you’re 51. Yeah. No, I’m a kid at heart though. You know what? I just got. You’ll never get it. A big wheel. No jams close Oakley razor blades. No, you got a 29 inch big wheel. What? What do they call those big? The one three wheel tracks for adults? I don’t know. I didn’t get that. No, you said close. Mm. Well I bought a four GT Lego Technic set.


Cool. I’m gonna build me some Legos. That’s nothing wrong with that. Nah, it’s kind of a kid thing to do. No, it’s not. Not a technic set. Well, that’s what I did. Well good. I’m going home and I’m gonna build some Legos. Yeah, well right after I eat this Twitch, you want have word? Yeah. Would you want the right or the left? Right ones always taste better to me. Okay, here you go. I don’t like anything on the left. The Truck Show Podcast is a production of Truck Famous llc. This podcast was created by Sean Homan and j Tillis with production elements by DJ Omar Kahn. If you like what you’ve heard, please open your Apple Podcast or Spotify app and give us a five star rating.


And if you’re a fan, there’s no better way to show your support than by patronizing our sponsors. Some vehicles may have been harmed during the making of this podcast. Sir, when’s the last time you replaced your breather element? You already asked me that. Yes, sir. And the time we talked, it needs to be replaced again. You didn’t replace it the first. It really needs to be replaced here. Also, you need to replace these hubcaps hubcaps. They need to be replaced every four minutes or every eight yards.