We recently had the opportunity to try out BOLT’s line of One-Key Locks and must say that it exceeded our expectations in terms of both piece of mind and convenience.


BOLT locks pair with our vehicle’s ignition key so all you need is one key to operate your vehicle and BOLT’s extensive line of locks.


What sets BOLT apart is its breakthrough One-Key Lock technology. The lock permanently learns your key on the first use, minimizing the risk of a lockout due to a lost key. The automotive-grade technology not only enhances security but also adds to overall convenience.

Our favorite feature of the BOLT One-Key 5/8” Receiver Lock that we tested is its compatibility with our vehicle’s ignition key. We used it to secure the Factor 55 Hitchlink 2.0 hitch receiver shackle mount that we have on our OVR Land Cruiser 100 Series project vehicle.


BOLT One-Key 5/8” Receiver Lock


The lock’s keyhole is protected by a self-attached durable weatherproof cap.

By using a single key, the BOLT lock eliminates the need for extra lock-specific keys, simplifying our keychain and reducing the jingling bulk hanging from our belt loop. Using the same key for our Land Cruiser’s doors, ignition, and now the receiver lock has been incredibly convenient. 

Setting up the lock to pair with your vehicle’s key is a breeze. It’s as simple as inserting the key into the lock and turning it. Once set, only your vehicle’s key will be able to unlock it, adding an extra layer of security to your accessories. The auto return spring is a thoughtful addition, ensuring that the lock automatically engages when the key is removed.

Security is a top priority for BOLT, evident in the double ball bearing locking mechanism and plate tumbler sidebar of the receiver lock. These features effectively prevent picking and bumping, providing peace of mind whether you’re on rough trails or parked at the mall. The weatherproof mechanism with a stainless steel lock shutter ensures that dirt and moisture are kept at bay, maintaining the lock’s reliability in various conditions.


This BOLT One-Key 5/8” Receiver Lock is paired to our Land Cruiser’s ignition key.

The corrosion resistance of these locks is noteworthy, achieving the industry’s highest rating. The stainless steel lock shutter and rugged jacket make BOLT Locks perfect for demanding outdoor applications. For those who prioritize both security and time efficiency, BOLT’s One-Key Locks are a worthwhile investment.

BOLT has successfully combined security, convenience, and durability in its One-Key Locks. The 5/8” Receiver Lock has proven itself to be a reliable companion for securing accessories such as our Factor 55 Hitchlink 2.0, and the seamless integration with our vehicle’s key is a revelation.

BOLT’s receiver lock is available in 5/8” and 1/2” sizes and the company offers many locks for many vehicles and applications including pad locks, coupler pin locks and much more. 


BOLT offers One Key Locks in a wide variety of styles and are compatible with many different vehicles.


One Key (and Key Chain) To Rule Them All
For those wondering what kind of key we’re using for our Land Cruiser, it’s the factory key but reskinned in YotaMD’s Titanium Reinforced key fob housing. Older Toyota keys are known to disintegrate over time so the innovators over at YotaMD came to the rescue by developing a key case that uses tough polymer that is backed by grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V titanium. The housing kit uses the original key and remote parts and replaces the factory plastic key body with YotaMD’s much more robust parts. Each YotaMD key kit is customizable in an array of colors and is available for a long list of Toyota vehicles. 

OVR LC100’s upgraded key also utilizes Tuffy’s versatile Pull-Apart key chain. This key ring disconnects and splits into two separate key rings, which allows us to keep the ignition key in the Land Cruiser’s ignition while the key held by the second half of the keychain is detached and used to unlock the storage drawers that are located in the SUV’s rear cargo area. This key and key chain set up has worked out very well for us and the OVR LC100 so far.


5/8” Receiver Lock

YMD1 - Titanium Reinforced Toyota / Lexus Key Kit

Pull-Apart Key Chain 


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