Not sure if you need a snorkel? Read Snorkels For Overlanding: Essential Vehicle Upgrade, or Superfluous Trail Bling? to find out. Then come back and check out which snorkel you’ll want to fit on your rig.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about the practical application of vehicle-mounted snorkels, let’s take a look at a few manufacturers that may offer a snorkel designed specifically for your vehicle.


AlphaEquipt mades some of the sleekest snorkels that we’ve encountered.

Carbon Fiber Air Snorkel, 3rd Gen Tacoma, Short Version
Easily the sleekest design that we’ve seen so far, AlphaEquipt snorkels are made to hug the roof of your truck or SUV and clear roof-mounted racks and lights. Crafted out of carbon fiber, they are lightweight and strong too. The shortened version seen here is designed to clear full-length roof racks, while a long version is also available. This snorkel is engineered to work with the OEM air intake box and is handcrafted in Southern California.
Applications: Tacoma, 4Runner, Colorado
MSRP: from $916



ARB’s line of Safari Snorkels are trail proven and trusted by adventurers worldwide.

Safari Snorkels
Back in the ’80s, Safari invented the concept of the snorkel as a custom-molded, vehicle-specific, carefully engineered product. The fitment of a well-designed and strongly constructed snorkel protects your engine from dust while traveling along dry dirt roads. A snorkel repositions the air intake to a much higher and cleaner location to greatly reduce the amount of dust passing through to your airbox and filter. Safari snorkels utilize a UV-stable polyethylene body, which ensures a strong and robust fitting to the outside of your vehicle. High-grade stainless steel and plated hardware for corrosion resistance is included.
Applications: Wide variety available
MSRP: Varies



Ironman 4x4
Airforce Snorkels
The Ironman 4x4 Airforce Snorkel captures cleaner, cooler air during off-road adventures and can help prevent water entry during river crossings. Meticulously crafted for a perfect fit for a variety of vehicles, this snorkel ensures an unobstructed airflow design created from computational fluid dynamics simulations and real-world testing. Its angled ram-air head deflects rain, promoting superior airflow and water dispersion. Made from UV-stabilized polyethylene plastic, it withstands the harsh Australian sun, emphasizing longevity and durability.
Applications: Wide variety available
MSRP: Varies




Rugged Ridge’s snorkels are especially made for Jeeps.

Rugged Ridge
AmFib Snorkel
Unlike many other snorkel designs, Rugged Ridge’s handsome AmFib Snorkel System was designed with a cohesive look, allowing it to look like it belonged to the Jeep as much as its grille. The modular system comes as a low mount that can also accept an optional high mount as shown here. The AmFib snorkel is engineered to bring your Jeep cleaner, cooler airflow which can extend the life of your intake system and improve performance.
Applications: Jeep (various models)
MSRP: From $249; High Mount Extension from $170



TJM, an Australian company known for its tough overland accessories, offers its line of Airtec snorkels for many applications.

Airtec Snorkel Kit Black Polyethylene
TJM Airtec snorkels are well sealed for optimum air intake and all-round improved airflow for your engine. The kit is proudly designed, engineered, and molded in Australia from high-grade, UV-resistant (UV20 UV24) polyethylene for maximum strength and rigidity. A simple installation process requires minimal modifications to your vehicle’s original components. TJM’s snorkels offer greater efficiency and reduce air filter clogging by taking advantage of cooler and cleaner air at roof level compared to the air at hood level.
Applications: Wide variety available
MSRP: From $449



Made for Toyota Tacoma, the upTAKE snorkel is designed to be functional as well as aesthetically appealing.

upTOP Overland
When it comes to keeping your engine breathing, the upTAKE is a great way to go. Whether you’re crossing water or traversing a dusty desert, this fully sealed system provides your intake with a source of fresh air. Its aerodynamic design is modeled after the body lines of the vehicle, seamlessly blending with and enhancing the overall aesthetic. With the option between a forward- or side-facing snorkel head, color-matching mounting, and snorkel plates, this snorkel will look good on your truck. It is compatible with upTOP as well as Prinsu roof racks and can also be used without a roof rack.
Application: Tacoma (2016-2022)
MSRP: $999


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