In this video Marco shares his “Carne Deshebrada Burritos” recipe, a #supereasytomake meal with lots of flavor!



Slowly cooked beef in the pressure cooker, just a add a few ingredients and cook on the Tembo Tusk skottle and enjoy savory burritos around the fire pit!

Make extra, roll them in foil paper and put them in the engine bay of your vehicle for an awesome warm burrito lunch on the trail!! Support Marco Hernandez by purchasing his Cookbook “ The Overland Cook - Food on the Trail with OVRLNDX “   Follow His Instagram @OVRLNDX


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Transcription of the Video:

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0:08 Hi, I’m Marco from OVRLNDX, author of the cookbook the overland cook. Food on the trail. On today’s episode I’m gonna show you how to make burritos the carne Deshebrada.

0:37 Carne deShebrada is a shredded beef burrito. It’s a very popular dish in northern Mexico and you can do it with chicken you can do it with pork, you can do it with beef. We’re using flank beef steak. I’m going to be using burrito size flour tortillas and the recipe is really simple. I prepared the meat yesterday on my mangrails. That way I save time when I’m at camp. Now it’s already made, all we have to do is just prepare the burritos.

1:08 The preparation of the meat is really simple in the pressure cooker. I added chunks of the meat, one whole onion, one whole garlic, I added water, salt, and I cooked it for about an hour and a half until the meat was soft and tender. I’m gonna use anaheim chilis, I’m gonna use onions, I’m gonna use jalapeno peppers and tomato and we’re gonna cook it on the skottle first for the burritos.

1:35 I’m gonna make a salsa the salsa roasted as I like. I’m going to use tomatoes jalapenos garlic and onion and I’m going to use guajillo peppers and chili they are for that flavor and that spiciness.

1:48 After preparing the ingredients for the salsa, we will add oil to the skottle we will put in the oil, three cloves of garlic half an onion, one jalapeno, one tomato, one guajillo pepper, and three to four chile de arbo. We will let the ingredients cook in the hot oil but we gotta be really careful not to burn the dried chilis the wahiyu and the chili at the arbol. If they burn they will make your salsa bitter.

2:22 When the rest of the ingredients are cooked to the desired temperature, we will remove them and put them in the blender. We will add salt pepper and a pinch of cumin for flavor, we’ll add about half a cup of water and we will blend until we get the desired consistency of the salsa.

2:42 Once the salsa is ready in the blender you can add salt and pepper if needed and now we will get the ingredients that are going to be mixed with the Carne deShebrada ready. We’re going to start by chopping a half white onion. I use the white onion because of flavor. Most of the Mexican dishes uses white onion as a base ingredient. You can cut and prepare the onion at home and bring it in a container. I suggest that if you do this just put a little bit of water in it so it’ll keep it fresh.

3:18 Set the chopped onions aside and prepare the rest of the ingredients. Now I will proceed to prepare the chilies that are going to be mixed with the carne deShebrada on the skottle. I cut the chilis in juliennes. I think it gives a better presentation and it mixes better with the rest of the ingredients.

3:35 You can cut them in small squares, you can chop them, you can even prepare this at home and bring it to your camp spot. But I rather do it at camp because it keeps the ingredients fresh and you know you get all that fun that camp cooking brings. Once the greens have been clean and cut, set them aside with the already chopped onions and proceed to prepare the next ingredient. Now, for the last ingredient that we’re going to be using to mix with the carne deShebrada.

4:09 Along with the green chili and onions, we are going to be using tomato. I like to cut it this way because I don’t want to use the seeds. The seeds will make the dish a little bit more watery. But don’t let those seeds go to waste, put them in your fridge and use them later for a tomato soup, or some stew, or maybe for your next salsa.

4:31 I am going to cut the tomato small squares and set it aside along the green chili and the onions to be used when we cook the carne deShebrada on the skottle.

5:00 I also prepared some refried beans last night using my camping stove and my cast iron pan a little bit of olive oil. I will reheat the beans and I will use them as an add-on for the Carne deShebrada burritos.

5:14 In my opinion, refried beans go well with any Mexican dish. This dish is usually served with pinto beans. At least that’s how I know it uh but I didn’t have pinto beans last night so I prepared it with black beans. I just used oil salt and I dropped a couple of chili apple to give it a little spicy note to it. Now that I have all the ingredients ready, using some cooking oil, I will give the green chile, the onion, and the tomato a quick sear.

5:46 I will spice up the vegetables with salt and pepper. Once the vegetables are cooked the way I like I will add the shredded beef since the Carne deShebrada is pre-cooked, it shouldn’t take long before it is ready to start assembling the burritos.

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6:14 The beef is done now, let’s get ready to enjoy an awesome Carne deShebrada burrito at camp. I will heat the tortillas on the skottle, and assemble the burritos. I will get those burritos a little crispy serve them on a plate add beans some of the salsa roja and enjoy one of the best easy to make food on the trail.

6:34 All right Brad, have you had burritos of carne deShebrada?

6:38 I have not. I have had many of your burritos but I have not had this dude. I am so excited because I got to tell you the whole time we’re filming this, oh the aroma buddy it’s been so delicious I’m I’m gonna go with the burrito first.

6:52 The crunchiness of the tortilla is the way to go too. Mmmm that meat is so tender so tender. oh now what’s in that meat?