Woodinville, Washington — Mammoth Overland reveals the Extinction Level Event (ELE), the first off-road trailer designed to survive the apocalypse or anything campers might encounter. Built to aircraft standards, ELE features an onboard air purification system, water filtration system, gas-powered generator, and solar-power systems, enabling overlanders to explore fearlessly.

  • Six months of purified air: ELE’s sealed cabin features a medical-grade air filtration system so sophisticated it can even filter out odors.
  • Bear-Spray Defense System engulfs ELE’s exterior in a 25- by 10-foot-wide cloud of bear spray, keeping bears and bandits at bay with the push of a button.
  • Drone-launch and night-vision camera systems plus exterior flood and underbody lights help occupants keep a watchful eye over camp — day or night.
  • Weapons storage, front armor, underbody skid-plating, and optional Level 3 bullet-proofing allows owners to defend themselves no matter where they take ELE.

Mammoth Overland, subsidiary of Vashon Aircraft, was created when company President Scott Taylor combined his love of overlanding with his decades of aircraft manufacturing expertise. ELE (pronounced “Ellie”), short for Extinction-Level Event, is the latest creation to roll out of the company’s Woodinville, WA production facility.

It incorporates aircraft-level engineering, safety, and refinement and adds features normally reserved for armored vehicles and safe rooms to the brand’s already rugged line off-road trailers.


“People ask me all the time if our trailers are bear-proof — and they are, technically. That got me thinking what if we made a trailer that’s truly bear- as well as apocalypse-proof? I grew up in Montana, and Montanans know a thing or two about bear-proofing and self-reliance. We designed ELE to aircraft standards. It can handle whatever campers might encounter, from bears to wildfires to social unrest, so overlanders can explore fearlessly.” said Scott Taylor, Mammoth Overland President.


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No matter whether campers are looking for a bear-proof off-road trailer, prepping for societal upheaval or natural disaster, or simply want the strongest and safest overland trailer on the market, ELE has something for everyone — including a six-bottle wine rack.

“One of the best things about Mammoth Overland is the team that designs and builds these trailers, ELE is an example of how this team works. They are tough and determined. They can take on any environment and they have fun while they do it — just like ELE.” MammothOverland President Scott Taylor added.

ELE is essentially a safe room on wheels. Like all Mammoth Overland trailers, ELE’s exterior structure is shaped from double-walled, aerospace-grade aluminum sheeting and high-density foam insulation, including optional ballistics rating Level 3 bullet-proofing. Engineers then added submarine-style pressure doors, each featuring four pins that extend into the walls with the turn of a lever. The result is a king-size interior living space capable of sustaining 0.25 PSI. It’s this positive pressure that keeps harmful particles from entering the cabin.

The pressurized cabin can be completely purged and refilled with purified air in less than three minutes through an integrated, medical-grade E.L. Foust air filtration system, providing up to six months of purified air. The system is so sophisticated in fact that it’s capable of filtering out odors — something consumer-grade purification systems can’t. In addition to filtering the air supply, ELE can refill and filter its onboard 22-gallon water tank in just 10 minutes.


ELE’s pressurized cabin enables the trailer’s most distinctive feature, the Bear-Spray Defense System. Replaceable bear-spray canisters on either side of the trailer are activated with the push of a button, enclosed inside of a protective cover to prevent accidental operation. Within seconds, ELE’s exterior is engulfed in a 25- by10-foot-wide cloud of bear spray potent enough to repel even the largest bears or most desperate bandits. Lockable weapons storage for handguns and rifles is standard, in case additional self-defense is required.

Should occupants need to protect themselves, ELE provides options. A top hatch leads to a rooftop observation platform from which owners can operate the roof-mounted Drone Launch System. Alternatively, if they wish to stay put, a gimbal-mounted, boom-operated night-vision camera connects to the onboard computer system for further exterior monitoring. From the 32-inch TV, occupants can monitor the drone and night-vision camera footage as well as the weather and radiological conditions, thanks to the onboard weather station and geiger counter.

Steel armoring forms the front end of ELE, to protect against tree and rock strikes and other projectiles, while the underbody is steel skid-plated. This additional chassis plating creates R20-level insulation. For reference, most trailers are insulated from R0 to R5 and the average home is R25.

Standard air conditioning, ICOM dual-band radio communications system, Starlink Internet, and 32-inch television screen ensure campers remain cool, connected, and entertained.

Up to 20 hours of electricity comes from four Renogy 100-amp-hour smart lithium-ion-phosphate batteries with self-heating technology. The batteries can be recharged while driving or by two 100-Watt lightweight flexible solar panels, which rest atop the exterior ROAM awning. Additional power is generated by a WEN portable gasoline generator.

Pricing for the fully loaded Mammoth Overland ELE trailer starts at $67,000. The only optional extra is Level 3 bullet-proofing for an additional $25,000. Like all Mammoth Overland trailers, ELE is built to order. ELE will made its public debut at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona May 19-21.

Mammoth Overland is taking deposits now for ELE’s limited production run. Deliveries will begin in the fourth quarter of 2023. Buyers can learn more about ELE on the Mammoth Overland website: https://mammothoverland.com/

About Mammoth Overland

Based in Woodinville, Washington, Mammoth Overland is a subsidiary of the U.S.-based aircraft manufacturer Vashon Aircraft — a company that loves the outdoors so much that it created its very own off-road camper. Made in the USA using the same precision and care it builds its airplanes, Mammoth Overland manufactures trailers unlike any other on the market today.